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Nintendo Wii: Infinity Ward Doesn’t Think Wii Can Provide Their Multi-Platform Experience


It appears as though Infinity Ward, the developers behind the Modern Warfare franchise, aren’t particularly interested on working on the Wii.

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s community manager,  believes there’s just too much difference between the Wii and other competing platforms when it comes to delivering a spectacular cinematic experience.

“If we felt like we could deliver the cinematic experience we were going for on other platforms, then we would gladly move to that platform. Right now, we don’t think the Wii can deliver the exact experience that we’re doing. We like to be very equal across all platforms, and if it’s not equal then we won’t do it.”

– Infinity Ward community manager, Robert Bowling


17 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Infinity Ward Doesn’t Think Wii Can Provide Their Multi-Platform Experience”

  1. Graphics, gameplay, lack of content, online all play a roll with Call of Duty games. And for the wii it would just be pure shit like CoD World at War was on it.

    You wii players just need to buy a ps3 or a 360.
    Or keep playing shit games like The Conduit.

    When I’ll be enjoying games like Socom,Killzone2, Halo3, resistance 2, MW2 etc.

      1. The Wii may not have the top graphics, but it is a lot more interactive than the other two competing systems because of the Wiimote and other similar devices.

        The Wii also has the most system sales.

      2. I think cjasko94 is rude but half true. There is no way were going to see a game like Killzone 2 or Uncharted on the current Wii unless they release a expansion pack like they did with the N64 for DK64 and Perfect Dark. I haven’t seen a game on Wii that my Dreamcast couldn’t handle. Its the same reason TMNT Smash up was released on PS2.

        @ handnf the Wii may not be the king of motion controls for long. Sony’s going to launch there motion controller soon and so far It works with Resident Evil 5 Directors cut and plays very similar to RE4 on Wii.

        What is Nintendo going to do after everything they’ve come up with (Mii’s), (Motion Control) is on other consoles? If they don’t release some killer games soon or a Wii HD upgrade then they could be heading toward the Dreamcast route and nobody would want to see that.

        1. You are wrong particually about your dreamcast comparison. Dreamcast never made sale that warented it’s survival. The launch of PS2 killed any momentum it could have had. There is nothing coming anytime soon that will kill the Wii momentum.

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  3. They are just being lazy, oh well, that’s their loss. If they don’t want to tap into the money mine that is the Wii, then they don’t get any of the money.

  4. I think the sales records of each system sum it up quiet nicely. Sony and Microsoft can try all they want to make the perfect motion sensing device and the coolest avatars (that are just Mii ripoffs), but in the end, they’ll always be one step behind Nintendo. You can’t beat a company that’s been around for twice as long as you have. Just like how Wendy’s will never overcome McDonald’s, Pepsi will never overcome Coke, and Mac will never overcome PC, Microsoft and Sony will always be behind Nintendo. Period. You can make fun of them all you want but that’s the truth.

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