Nintendo Wii: New Zelda Wii Details Have Leaked Online

Information regarding the next iteration of the Zelda series for Nintendo Wii has leaked onto the popular Japanese message board, 2chan.

The Japanese message board 2Chan, has reportedly been the source of some infamous gaming leeks with accurate information given during the development stages of Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear 4, Resident Evil 4 and 5, and every Square Enix RPG.

Here’s the full list of information regarding Zelda Wii gathered from the source:

• The game will diverge from the established dungeon-field-dungeon gameplay style (confirmed by Aonuma)

• You can select whether you’re right or left-handed, and Link will have the same handedness as you

• The basic mechanics and gameplay elements are done, and they’re currently working on the story, dungeons and developing characters. Among them are an innkeeper in the town where Link lives and her young son, who looks up to him

• The Mastersword girl is not the master sword, and as of now there are no plans for Link to get the Master Sword in the game. Her name is Aderu (maybe Adelle, but I think might be Adella; Rough translation, can’t be sure), and she’s not your typical companion like Ezlo or Midna, in that she’s rarely there with you. What you see in the piece of concept/promotional art isn’t her real face (this isn’t elaborated on)

• Link’s main weapon is a sword with different unlockable abilities, which Aderu communicates with you through

• Horseback combat is back, with a more intelligent Epona that is better at avoiding obstacles

• The character models for Link, Epona, and the Gorons have all been modified and touched up, but they’re the only ones, suggesting no Zelda or Ganon (or entirely new models for them, it is also possible they just weren’t mentioned for whatever reason..)

• This Link is the Hero of Time (presumably grown up after MM, but he didn’t say)

• There is time travel (again, he didn’t delve into it)

• The game does NOT take place in Hyrule



      1. Actually, Majora’s Mask DID take place in Hyrule because it was all a dream. And depending on the translation you read, it might say something like “It does not take place exclusively in Hyrule” or something on those lines.

      2. There are quite a few. Spirit Tracks, Wind Waker, Majora’s Mask, Phantom Hourglass, are all I can think of off the top of my head.

    1. Remember in The Windwaker. There they said that after the events of Ocarina of Time, the hero of time left Hyrule (also, remember Majora’s Mask, Hero of Time not in Hyrule).

      1. They said he did not appear. Not that he left hyrule. Could mean he was too old to fight ganon.

  1. If 2chan is anything like… THAT site, then I would probably leave it to die. However, the story seems plausible enough to ignore until more confirmation is put up somewhere.

  2. you got almost ALL of those wrong and who the fuck is steve? u do get the mastersword in that game and it says it will not only take place in hyrule

    1. This information didn’t originate from me. I’ve posted what a poster on 2chan has wrote which in turn has been translated into English by a reader on IGN. Therefore there are likely to be translation errors.

  3. So, a sequel to Majora’s Mask (assuming these rumors are true)? Sounds interesting. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how true these rumors are though…..

  4. Whaaaat? This is gonna be awesome! I can’t wait till this game will be finally released, no matter what.

  5. I was totally right, its Kingdom The Elder Zelda Scrolls! MY HYPE METER IS FULL O_O. I’m not guying it if you can’t use a whip tho. Whips are the bomb.

    1. oh yeah and Cris Slate has to kiss an Octorock. If you get Nintendo Power you know what im talking about.

  6. Cool. Seems legitimate, but the website…….2chan? If it’s related to 4chan, then it’s probably a hoax

  7. Oh my! Zelda is getting closer and I’ve yet to get a WiiMotion Plus =(

    I’m okay with everything that’s rumoured here, but I’m curious with departure of the Zelda formula (so far the only thing confirmed here).

  8. I’m glad to know this Link is the OoT one (if the information is true, of course). I’ve been wanting him to be on more games than just the other two.

  9. Wow I bought the reservation for my bro but I think I’ll keep it myself and NO HYRULE maybe termina’s back YAY something to look forward to no gamers have seen any of that in a qhile

  10. Wind waker technically does take place in Hyrule it’s just flooded.
    I don’t know if phantom hourglass is in the flooded Hyrule but maybe phantom hourglass is over a flooded termina lol.

    Spirit tracks is a land like faraway from Hyrule that tetra discovers…

    Would be cool if link finds navi not so sure about this new girl person…..
    Unlockable sword techniques would be cool like in TP. (not toilet paper, twilight princess)
    If anyone has read the MM manga at the end link says “lets go find Navi!” maybe he traveled into another plae beyond termina.

    Would be cool if you could travel between Hyrule and Termina : )

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