Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveal Metroid Info

Yoshio Sakamoto, Metroid’s co-creator, has spoken openly to Japanese gaming publication Famitsu regarding the next iteration of the Metroid franchise on the Nintendo Wii, Metroid: Other M.

“This time we’re strongly depicting the human side of Samus through such things as movies. She’s a strong woman, but she also has a fragile side. We want to make a game whose charms can be felt from the story areas and these human touches as well. It’s an action game, but it’s capable of having a clear emotional side. This Metroid is being developed with the aim of the ideal form of the old Metroid.”

– Metroid co-creator, Yoshio Sakamoto



  1. I am so looking forward to this game! I freakin’ love Metroid, and I think this game is going to be awesome! I cannot wait for it!

  2. They better not make this a game about Samus’s “womanly side”, the whole thing that made the original metroids so awesome is that it DIDNT MATTER that Samus was a woman, it was all about the mission.

    Take Super Metroid, the sole objective was to find the baby metroid, not finding a bunch of silly trinkets to unlock portals and gates like in the Prime games

    1. Actually, I read an article that stressed about all the feminine issues in Super Metroid. The objective WAS to find a baby metroid, but this was a baby to which Samus was a mother, clearly a feminine issue.

      Also, the lack of emphasis on the action in the game, as most enemies can be ignored and not fought, leaving more focus on the exploration, diverts away from the more masculine aspects of the game, again, accentuating the feminine issues of Metroid, and Samus as a female.

      1. All very good observations, but my point is, the game wasn’t about “OH ITS SO HARD TO BE A GIRL MY OVARIES HURT”, it was part of the story, but samus being a woman wasnt the point or focus of the story.

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