Nintendo Wii: Sega Unveil Sonic 4 For The Nintendo Wii

Sega have officially announced that its highly anticipated Project Needlemouse is in fact Sonic 4 – Episode 1.

The company announced that the new 2D Sonic title will be available for download via WiiWare during the summer and will also be available for download on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.





  1. It makes me wish Nintendo had actually called New Super Mario Bros. “Super Mario World 3”.

    Now I fan finally forgive Sega for making Sonic Labyrinth.

    This game better not have any characters in it other than Sonic and Dr. Robotnik, with tails as an optional NPC tagalong and Knuckles as a miniboss.

  2. Really hope they can bring Sonic to his peak.
    Things have been getting worse since Sonic & Knuckles.
    That was 16 years ago!
    The 2-3 seconds I’ve seen of it made the run animation look poor, but I am hoping it is an early build

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