Nintendo Wii: UK Games Publication Claims Sonic Stars In Super Mario Galaxy 2

British gaming publication, NGamer, is claiming that Sega’s speedy mascot Sonic The Hedgehog is appearing in Nintendo’s highly anticipated Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Although the Nintendo publication is renowned for its sense of humour, it was one of the first gaming publications to announce that Nintendo was bringing Zelda: Twilight Princess across to the Nintendo Wii.



  1. that’s fake for sure! You get the same image of Mario riding on a Yoshi, at the exact same position as this picture. And come on: why would Mario ride on Sonic’s back!? It doesn’t make sense! o_o

  2. Hmm if it did, it would be interesting actually. Whatever happens, I’m sure this game is gonna be awesome

    1. HA HA. funny seriously, but sonic has been in some good games, but not really good games. Now i know i’m going to get crap for this but i don’t care, that was funny

  3. If this actually happens, I honestly don’t think it’d be so bad. It’s like another staple to Nintendo and Sega’s evolving relationship. It sounds very interesting.

  4. This would be really cool, love both characters and I think it should happen because they are both icons, which fits quite well.

  5. Seeing as he’s already been in the very popular Brawl, this wouldn’t really surprise me.

    Maybe we can expect Mario in a future Sonic 4 episode this summer… Who knows?

  6. If you look at the shadow, it is yoshi’s shadow not a sonic shadow. Can’t believe I was the first to notice that!

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