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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Reiterate Nintendo 3DS For E3 2010

Nintendo have reiterated that they’re still on course to show off their 3D handheld games console, the Nintendo 3DS, at this years E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles next month.

“We’ve mentioned that this coming E3, in June, we’ll be showcasing a new 3DS with 3D capability in a handheld product. We think the consumer is going to be very interested in that news.”

– Reggie Fils-Aime, talking to CNBC



    1. You’d be right. It’s some mock-up someone made. I really hope it doesn’t look anything like that though @_@

  1. I can’t wait to see it! If the rumors are true, this sounds like it’s going to be a really awesome device :D

    1. And all that plus the 3d is just a bonus, the fact that its a new nintendo console at all is freakin awesome.

    2. that’s just hype. I can almost assure you 3DS won’t have graphics that good. with all the rumors out, really nothing has been confirmed other than it’s made by Nintendo and has 3D

  2. I can’t wait to see what it looks like. I wonder if anyones mock-up is even close to what it really looks like?

  3. I probably won’t get it until there is a price cut… unless some really awesome games for it are released…

  4. So whose bright idea was it to put a fake 3DS picture on the page with legitimate E3 news?

    1. I’ve stated it in the comments section ; ) The reason this particular mock-up is being used is because I needed a suitable picture to go with the post : )

  5. Why they don’t change the buttons ABXY. It’s so small. My hands hurt after 1 hour playing.

  6. hi there nintendo has already anounced realy cool games for the 3DS 3D zelda 3DS final fantasy 5 and 6 and a few others i dont remeber what they are but i google the search and report back later when i have the full list of 3DS games but right know i know nintendo leaked a few goog 3DS games

  7. hi there i found out that japan nintendo released more pitures and you are right this one one top is it i wont mind this console or other mock ups there is one that has a opical disk slot on you tube if nintendo has a hand held useing wii like disk games 3D movies on the 3DS

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