Nintendo Wii: French Site Says New Wii Codenamed Hi-Fi For E3

A French gaming website is claiming it’s been informed that Nintendo will be debuting a new version of the Wii at next weeks E3 event in Los Angeles.

Apparently the new system, which is currently known as Wii Hi-Fi, will have similar graphical capability’s to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 along with a strong focus on community and online gaming.



  1. I’m gonna mark this as a “probably not.” I just can’t see Nintendo unveiling the 3DS and then adding “also there’s an entirely new version of the Wii in HD that has online capabilities” to their conference.

  2. Didn’t they say REPEATEDLY that Wii HD wasn’t going to happen? Why would they have a change of heart?

    I doubt this is real as well.

    1. Like the 3DS, that is only a CODE NAME. That IS NOT the actual name. It will probably be a lot different than the Wii.

      1. Yeah I realize that, but it still holds the same concept…the name doesn’t really matter.

  3. Prob not but I can dream! Mario galaxy 2 looked amaIng… Imagine that in HD, nintendo said this would be better then their last 3 E3s combined so…

  4. This definitely isn’t true. I wish people would shut up about Wii HD. It would be awesome if Nintendo announced its actual next console at E3 though.

  5. That’s actually sort of what I’m predicting. I think they’ll tease it somehow, and then actually show it off next E3 so it can be released Christmas 2011.

    I really don’t see the point of releasing a Wii HD. Releasing a new console that is backwards-compatible, though, I could understand that.

  6. well put JDE.

    As for everyone still wondering, this is 100% false. Nintendo clearly stated that there are no alternate Wiis, or succesors to the Wii in the works.

    1. That’s what Nintendo always say it could be TRUE u never know plus I love to see the PS360 execs crape a chicken because of it.

  7. Just like the 3DS is a codename, it’s not a new version of the DS like DSi is, so Wii Hi-Fi isn’t neccessarily Wii HD, it might be the next console from nintendo. The next gen. But it’s unlikely they would announce two consoles at one Conference, but if they do, i think they could “win” E3

  8. I can not agree less with the lot of you. Because I am a Nintendo fan as well as being an Apple fan, I believe that this is a deliberate deflection tactic.

    Whenever Steve Jobs has said “No”, as in “We’ll never see a video iPod” or “We’ll never do a tablet” or “People don’t read anymore”, I have begun to read into that as saying, in a roundabout way, “Yes”.

    Because they have come right out and flat out denied that they are doing a Wii HD, or anything of that sort, I see the deliberate deflection tactic at work again. And since the Nintendo presser is two full hours, my bet is we will see what Nintendo has been denying for the past six months or more.

    This totally seems legit to me, but then again I see similarities with Apple, which Nintendo has definitely been positioning themselves as for the last several years, first with the DS line of products, and then with the Wii.


  9. The proof you’ve given only shows that Steve Jobs is a liar. Nintendo has never employed this quality. Ever.

  10. So what, that means:
    -Zelda Wii
    -Metroid: Other M
    -New console
    -Black & White

    Jesus, this will rule.

    1. Also, they just released the Black Wii a month or so ago here in the States, didn’t they? One more reason why they won’t simply release an HD version of Wii. Like I said earlier, I think they’re going to tease a backwards compatible system that will definitely be HD, and perhaps even use BD’s.

      1. They also just released the DSiXL over there in the States, but that didn’t stop them announcing the 3DS.

      2. True, but I thought they only announced it because it was about to be leaked by journalists, and Nintendo wanted us to hear about it from them and not the journalists?

  11. Also like Nintendo have said before, after they release a new console the IMMEDIATELY begin working on it’s successor so the question isn’t if they are working on the ‘Wii 2’, but when will they announce that it’s finished/ready to be released.

    I think they’ll give it some time though as the Wii isn’t even 4 yet, E3 2011 announcement i think ready to be sold in late 2011/early 2012.

    And I doubt the new console will have 360 level graphics, if its going to be a next-gen console why would it have previous-gen graphics, Nintendo didn’t even do that with the Wii.

  12. To those of you saying the 3DS is just a codename. I have a hard time believing, because only a week after they claimed the 3DS wasn’t the official name, Nintendo filed trademarks for a bunch of 3DS related things, such as 3DSware. Why would they do that, if the official name wasn’t 3DS?

  13. I hate hearing about Wii HD (or Hi-Fi, etc) Games make the console, not graphics. Graphics are usually a plus. An HD Wii is just pointless to me considering they’ll need a new console in a about 2 years to compete with Sony and Microsoft.

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