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Nintendo 3DS: 3DS Details Show Up On Chinese Blog Site

Respected technology publication Wired and gaming publication Kotaku are reporting that details of Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS console have been leaked on a Chinese bloggers website.

“The effect of the [3D] screen is amazing,” the blogger wrote, as translated by Kotaku.

The details come from someone who claims to have access to the 3DS development kit, Kotaku says. According to the report, the lower screen is the same size as the current Nintendo DS, but the upper screen is much bigger (and in 3-D, naturally).


Chinese bloggers sketch


  1. I dunno if I like this look or not. My biggest concern is that “they” said that the 3DS’ screens would be closer together to encourage games treating them as 1 big screen. These screens have a pretty big gap between them.

  2. seems kinda interesting. I think the different sized screens is unique, but it bugs me at the same time. Also, if this is “real” or in any way close to what the finished product will look like, it appears there isn’t a inside camera anymore, or LED’s for charge, connection, and battery life. Unless that rectangular gray object does all of that somehow. O_o

    1. Its just a mockup- a general idea.
      I think the main focus of this mockup is to quickly show what the screens look like, as this is obviously the main point of the 3DS… the screens!
      I doubt the makers of this image where worrying about little details like LED indicators when they made this.

  3. There would have to be a camera, though, wouldn’t there? This may be an old theory, but I believe I’ve heard that for the 3D to work, an inside camera would be required.

    Anyway, I don’t know if I like the idea of the upper screen being bigger. It could be very useful, but if could also be, well, not. It depends on the game, I suppose.

    1. No you dont need a camera.
      Stereoscopy (‘3D-ness’) is created by sending a separate image to each eye (just like in the real world)
      Your brain then automatically turns this into a 3D image, like it does all the time.
      Thats how 3D glasses work, they block one image from each eye and allow the other through.
      The 3DS will have a special screen that can show a different image to each eye.

      You’re probably thinking of a japanese DSiWare game that used the camera to detect when you tilted the DS and adjusted the viewpoint in the game accordingly to give a (false) sense of depth.

  4. I thought the labeled 3DS is supposed to be a completely different handheld from the DS and not just an updated DS–because if this mock up is anything to go on for what the next handheld in line looks like then it’s an updated DS.

  5. I really don’t know what to say about the 3DS, besides that it was AWESOME!

    From the Kid Icarus game they showed off, I would say that it has at least Gamecube level graphics.

    It can play 3D movies, and Miyamoto (I think that’s who it was. I kinda forgot, lol) hinted at a movie service, so I’m sure it will have Netflix.

    It has two cameras on the outside of the lid. Why two cameras, you ask? Well, the two cameras are used to take 3D pictures.

    The upper screen is a half-inch, maybe more, wider than the bottom screen. Only the top screen is in 3D, and the bottom is touchscreen, of course. The reason why the bottom screen isn’t also 3D is because, being a touchscreen, fingerprints and other debris take away from the 3D effect.

    The 3DS has a sleep-mode, kind of like the Wii. It communicates with other 3DS’ during this sleep, and downloads new information for your games via the internet or those other 3DS’. From what I understand, this works regardless of what game you have in the slot, meaning that updates for the other games you have played on it will be downloaded as well.

    Miyamoto (again, I can’t remember if that’s who it was) mentioned that the 3DS includes an accelerometer (?), and also a gyroscopic sensor (?).

    The analog stick is where the D-Pad is in the mock-up above, and the D-Pad is directly below it. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. I know I didn’t. I expected the D-Pad to be on top.

    Now that I think about it, I did not notice a microphone. I had hoped that the 3DS may eventually be Skype compatible, but without a microphone, that’s not gonna happen.

    1. Of course it has a microphone, its backwards compatible with DS games remember? So the 3DS must have at least everything the DSi does.
      I think its on the top right, where the power indicator was on the DSi (but the other side)
      Besides Nintendogs+Cats is coming for the 3DS and they wouldnt be much fun without being able to yell SIT!
      (not sure how thats gonna work with cats though)

      1. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about the BC. I can’t wait until high-res pics of 3DS show up so we can really get a good look at it.

        I forgot to mention the reasoning I had behind the whole “3DS could be a phone” prediction of mine. Remember when Nintendo “Declared War” on Apple? I would think that that supports the idea of Nintendo adding Skype in order to compete with their new enemies, don’t you?

      2. I think so. No reason to declare war if you can’t at least match your foe in everything. Falling short in something (this case having phone-like communication abilities) would be foolish.

        …especially since at its roots, the iPhone is…well a phone. It’s there in the name.

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