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Nintendo: Retro Studios Working On New Donkey Kong Says IGN

According to online gaming publication IGN acclaimed Nintendo developer Retro Studios are working on reinvigorating the Donkey Kong franchise for Nintendo.

‘The Nintendo-funded studio that created Metroid Prime and its two sequels — is now working its magic on a Wii game starring Donkey Kong.’


11 thoughts on “Nintendo: Retro Studios Working On New Donkey Kong Says IGN”

  1. Wow, interesting! The only Donkey Kong games I ever got to play was one of the Donkey Kong Country games a long time ago (Pre-N64). It was a rental, so I never got to beat it, but, from what I can remember of it, it was a great game. I wonder if it will return to that graphical style, or if it will be 3rd person 3D somehow?

  2. Great news. I just recently bought the first Donkey Kong Country game on VC and played through and beat the game after 3 days. It was awesome gameplay I’ve had in awhile and I’m amped to see some new stuff from that universe that doesn’t pertain to Donkey Konga.

  3. It’s kind of disappointing that it’s not being made by Rare. I am always hoping for a new Donkey Kong Country.

  4. This looked awesome! For those of you who didn’t catch the Press Conference, It’s Official name is Donkey Kong Country Returns. It looked exactly how I imagined it would! This is definitely a must-buy!

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