Nintendo Wii: Zelda Skyward Sword Storyline Is Partially Revealed

Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma has spoken to online gaming publication CVG and informed them of the mysterious storyline that players will encounter once they play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

“The final scene of our E3 trailer saw Link diving off a cliff into clouds – a very memorable scene,” he said. “That’s a very important point in the story this time around. Link is a young man who’s born and raised in this floating land – Skyloft. It may sound an interesting place to live, but Link doesn’t think about it like that.

“However, one day an incident reveals there is a land beneath the clouds. This other world is ruled by evil forces. It’s very dangerous. But Link is forced to go into it.

“One of the driving parts of the story is that Link has to travel back and forth between Skyloft and this other land. The thing that leads Link down is the subtitle, the Skyward Sword. The mysterious figure in the artwork we released last year is the Skyward Sword. When it’s leading Link or advising him it will take on this appearance.

“You’ve probably realised this already, but the Master Sword is very important. What exactly is it? That’s something you can maybe imagine for yourselves. Actually, I’ll go and tell you right out: The Skyward Sword becomes the Master Sword. Sorry about that.

“Sky or skies is also very important to the game. These clouds that surround these beautiful vistas is very powerful and that’s one of the reason we’ve implement the graphics style that we have. I really like this art style a lot. It only took one step in the approval process to get the okay from Mr Miyamoto!

“There’s still some work to do, a lot of polish, and when we’re finished we’ll find a nice harmony between graphics and gameplay.”

– Eiji Aonuma



  1. Damn, just went out in the open like that and ruined what the skyward sword was to be.. i never wanted to know that!

  2. @ Will – As Anouma said, it’s fairly obvious. In the shot about, the sword looks like the Master Sword, however we’re told it’s the Skyward Sword. Therefore, they are one in the same.

  3. I cant believe that you are using the same graphics as wind waker,
    That its so bad, what the heck with this guys?

    its ok, the graphics are made to seem like children game, but man
    you can do it better, all we want its to see Link with perfect graphics as the
    twilight or better, but you keep using that children graphics.
    that is not fair.

    The wii has no enough power to render good graphics?
    if that is the deal so go ahead but i think that the wii has the power
    to deliver a good graphics, anyway it has the same Video Card as Game Cube.
    and the Game Cube has a lot of games with Great Graphics.

    so, why dont use it.?

    1. You’re saying that as if the graphics aren’t good at all though when in fact these are quite some awesome graphics. Quite a few folk are saying that it’s “childish” but how so? If anything, this compliments the game even more. C’mon now, Nintendo knows what they’re doing.

      Just as TWW and TP were awesome games with great gameplay and a great storyline, you can expect to believe without a doubt that SS is going to follow in the same vein.

  4. the graphics are made that way to tie in with the storyline. Twilight Princess was allowed epic realistic-ish graphics because it was a dark story with a lot of details needed. With that said, this game doesn’t sound like it’s going to be peachy, but considering the sky element, the crossover of TP and WW graphics seems to suit it well, and does not make it kiddish at all.

  5. @enmanuel
    The graphics style isn’t as “childish” – as some call it – as the graphics in the Wind Waker.
    It’s something between Twilight Princess and Wind Waker.

  6. Yes, I quite like the graphics of SS. I’ll give you and example of why I liked them so much: the bombs. In WW, the explosions of said bombs just looked more epic than the realistic explosions from TP. With a blended WW/TP art-style, this allows for a much improved look to the explosions.

    Anyway, it’s time to get back on topic. So, since this is set before the Master Sword’s creation, would this Link be the first Link in the timeline?

  7. You graphic whores make me lol. Realistic GTA 3D is bland…and boring.

    “Good graphics” don’t make a better game. It’s the gameplay that matters, stupid.

    And they say Sonic fans are terrible, Zelda fans won’t shut up about graphics.

  8. @JDE – actually, this isn’t set before the master sword’s creation. In the description, Aounma states that the Master sword turns into the Skyward Sword. It already exists. From what I know so far, this game is set between the events of OoT and TP.

    1. But you’ve got that backwards.

      “The Skyward Sword becomes the Master Sword.”

      I just thought of something else. What if this game is, like you said, set between OOT/MM and TP? The Master Sword from Wind Waker (which is placed after MM in the timeline, correct?) is at the bottom of the ocean, stuck in Ganondorfs head, right? So, could the Skyward Sword be the NEW Master Sword? In other words, could it be the Master Sword in TP, and not the original?

    1. @mario64mario
      Ah, yes. Split-Time-Line Theory. I don’t usually think much about time-lines, but I have read about them, and after yesterday, I’ve started to think about it quite a bit. On your image, there shouldn’t be a “100 years later” written between WW and PH, should there? PH was immediately after WW, as far as I know. Anyway, according to your diagram, SS would go after Spirit Tracks, or would it indeed be before OOT? I suppose it could fit in either spot (this sword becoming either the original Master Sword, or a replacement to the one “lost” in WW). I think the most logical spot for it to be would be before OOT. Another thing I find interesting is the fact that this city is in the sky. Remember City in the Sky in TP? Could it be the same city?

      1. *hardy laugh* Well, it’s about time someone considered the possibility of that last bit about the City in the Sky!

  9. Actually, the grapichs aren’t full-on Wind Waker, but partly. It’s a mixture of Twilight Princess and WW.

  10. It makes me curious. If the Skyward Sword is eventually what becomes the Master Sword, doesn’t that mean this one would have to take place before Ocarina of Time? The Master Sword doesn’t even exist until after this game from the way Eiji’s revealed. And I think he’s revealed too much too soon, honestly. But it’s definitely worked us all up! Can’t say we’re not all curious!

    1. Check out my reply to mario64mario’s post (#14). I came to that same conclusion, but there is also another place where, I think, this game could fit in the timeline.

  11. I was rushing to make the image, so I added the extra 100 years by accident XD

    The only reason I say SS goes after OoT, is because Aonuma said so. “The game takes place after Ocarina of Time.” Whether it’s right after, or FAR after, it doesn’t come before.

    In regards to the Sky Temple, I doubt they would use the same land. Remember, even though it was in the sky, it was still a part of Hyrule.

  12. Oh, really? I wondered why everyone had been saying that it came after OOT. Well, like I said, it makes sense in either position, right?

  13. well, I couldn’t say so myself, as I haven’t finished ST yet, but I trust you XD

  14. I liked it. It was much improved over PH. Also, have you just not finished it yet, or have you not had the chance to play it yet?

    This is a little off-topic, but what time-zone are you in Sickr? I noticed my last post was WAY ahead of what time it actually is for me. As I finish writing this, the time here is 11:25 pm, and if I guess correctly, the time on this post will say about….5 am?

  15. I’ve gotten through the first two temples.

    Sickr lives in England, so his time zone is way off from ours XD

  16. does that mean they might change the graphics a bit? would be cool if it would be a bit less colourful

  17. Lol, it took me FOREVER to actually beat it, because I could never find the time to actually play it! I need to go back and do the side-quests, actually.

    I hope that they won’t change the art style. It seemed to me like the perfect balance between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. The combined art style allows for special effects that TP’s did not. Like I said earlier, the little bit of Wind Waker mixed in allows for more epic looking bomb explosions. Lol, remember when Mr. Miyamoto blew himself up in the demo?

  18. Who ever said the graphics were the same as Wind Waker?The part they showed was just brighter than areas in Twilight Princess…

  19. The Wii is certainly capable of great graphics. Just look at the Super Mario Galaxy series. I also though Smash Bros. Brawl had some impressive graphics at times. I hate it when games are made without fulfilling their graphical potential.

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