Nintendo Wii: Great Multiplayer Video Of GoldenEye 007 For Wii

GameSpot have a great video direct from this years Comic Con event of the highly anticipated GoldenEye 007 for Wii.

The video showcases the mayhem that ensues from the multiplayer mode of the game which includes all the original characters and the fabled one-shot-kill Golden Gun.



  1. What is THIS diarrhea dickwaffle and how dare they try to pass it off as even a homage to the N64 classic?

    – Dedicated one-hit kill melee button, not slappers
    – Dedicated grenade button
    – Iron sights
    – Activision/Eurocom (shoddy license shovelware dev), not Rare
    – Daniel Craig, not Pierce Brosnan
    – Red surrounding screen when hurt


    + Reload animations

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