Nintendo DS: Pokémon Sets DS Hardware Sales On Fire In Japan

Sales figures released for the week ending September 19 show that the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo DSi LL have had an immediate sales boost from the release of the well received Pokémon Black & White in Japan.

  1. DSi – 47,379 (16,345)
  2. DSi LL – 31,254 (19,076)
  3. PSP – 29,866 (30,761)
  4. PS3 – 21,096 (19,907)
  5. Wii – 14,833 (15,031)
  6. DS Lite – 7,137 (4,328)
  7. Xbox 360 – 5,804 (2,915)
  8. PS2 – 1,390 (1,363)
  9. PSPgo – 863 (809)



  1. LOL at the 863 that bought PSP Go, so small a number. I was actually going to buy one, but $250 for a WORSE version ofthe PSP? No thank you.
    And DS Lite sales didn’t go up as much as I thought they would…

  2. And they’ll keep going up, Pokemon makes Japanese go into a DS craze. I’d say it will be the same here, but that’ll depend on when the 3DS comes out…

  3. The spike in dsi and the dsi xl sales are due to the video chat mode for the game. it’ll also work on the 3ds as well. 4 pepole can chat locally and 2 can chat online

  4. I’ll never understand how Pokemon’s success works.
    I guess it’s just another “It prints money!” reasoning anyway.

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