Nintendo: Rayman Is The Top Selling Ubisoft Franchise

Ubisoft have revealed that their limbless protagonist Rayman is currently their best selling franchise.

Rayman has beaten critically acclaimed titles such as Assassins Creed and the Prince of Persia games to become Ubisoft’s best selling franchise with over 29 million copies sold.



    1. What are you talking about? No, it’s Rayman. Rabbids contributed (see source), but not by much…. the Rabbids isn’t exactly Ubisoft’s best-selling franchise. The first Rayman was a pretty epic game, and I hope we see a lot more titles like it (although I don’t want it to get milked to death. like what’s happening to the “Rabbids” franchise).

  1. That’s interesting, but really cool. According to NintendoLife, it looks like we’ll be getting another Rayman title on the 3DS :D

  2. Ubisoft has given quite a few 3D games to us now and my expectation is quite high from this one…Rayman 3D game is actually their seventh in the market.

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