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Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Launches With Mario, Zelda and Pikmin Augmented Reality Cards

British gaming emporium Game have posted the first shots of the six Augmented Reality Cards that will come pre-bundled with the Nintendo 3DS when it launches in the United Kingdom, March 25th and the United States, March 27th.

The six Augmented Reality Cards feature Mario, Link, Pikmin, Kirby and Samus Aran and the blank yellow question mark. The cards are used by placing a them down on a table and pointing the Nintendo 3DS camera at them which in turn transforms the static card into a 3D image which can then be manipulated.


22 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Launches With Mario, Zelda and Pikmin Augmented Reality Cards”

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  3. that is kind of awesome. i don’t mean to name drop, but when i had my psp, i bought a game ‘invisimals’ and it used a card to help augment the reality around where the psp’s camera was shooting @. i thought, “with built in cameras…. why hasn’t nintendo done anything LIKE THIS!!!!”…. i am happy my mental note finally made it to someone who could make it a reality. YOU ARE WELCOME 3DS PURCHASERS!

  4. They should make a NEW Star Fox game (not counting about the Star Fox 64 remake).
    They also need to make a new Kirby game. Epic yarn was an epic fail.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think they have a high quality studio to produce such content at the moment. The creator of the series wants nothing to do with it anymore.

  5. Just went down to my local GAME today and to my surprise, they had a 3DS in the shop. They kindly let me have a go and I tested the AR Cards. The character ones basically have a statue of the character that you can change its pose with A. You can also take pictures while in AR aswell with L/R.

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  7. The ? Box is a shooting game. You have to fight a dragon by hitting targets. I played it at a secret 3ds event. I reckon nintendo have alot more in store with the augmented reality they are enforcing.

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