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Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Continues To Be Immensely Popular In Japan

Reports tracking firm Media Create have announced that the Nintendo 3DS  sold 209,623 units during its first full week since launch.

Sales for the Nintendo 3DS have been ridiculously strong with the console successfully fending of the competition by a country mile. The Nintendo 3DS’ closest competitor was Sony’s PlayStation Portable which sold a mere 76,246 units.



  1. I don’t know what the ds sales were at launch but honestly this doesn’t sound that impressive. A mere 76,000 seems like a lot for a system that has been out for over 6 YEARS

    Figured a new nintendo system should be 10x that

    1. @Derrick this wasn’t launch genius. It sold 374,764 units at launch week, which started Feb. 26th

  2. don’t forget: there are no more 3ds avaible than the number of sold consoles. if nintendo had produced million 3ds, then one million would have been sold.

  3. thats probably the reason for the massive amount of sold psp: what do you do, if you enter every gaming shop in japan and there is no 3ds avaible anymore: buy another handheld!

  4. Well this is the following week. If you look at the source it shows last weeks figures at 374,764. So the 209,623 is in addition to the launch figures released.

    Still not too bad considering they can’t supply enough machines so the sell through is probably what stock they have.

  5. This very website most certainly reported that the 3DS sold 400,000 units the first day. Inconsistency? Yes.

    1. Read it again, bro. During its first full week SINCE launch. This is in addition to the previous week’s numbers.

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