Nintendo Wii 2: Nintendo Confirms Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Will Launch 2012 Playable At E3

Nintendo have officially confirmed that its successor to the immensely popular Nintendo Wii will launch during 2012.

The console which is currently referred to as Project Cafe will be playable at this years E3 event in June. Nintendo have also announced that the specifications for the console will also be revealed at the event. No more information has been announced.



  1. finally!:):) can’t wait for the e3 this year, and last year i already thought it couldn’t get better :) <3

    It’s awesome news
    It’s ok that I (21 years old) have started jumping around for excitement?

  3. I hate all these announcements of announcements :|

    Whatever happened to go ol’ surprise?

  4. I am actually writing this on my Wii. Also, the graphical improvement to handle full HD can not be the only thing to make the Wii2 successful in the long run and be able to effectively compete with Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming consoles. And besides, people act like there’s no limit to how good CGI can get, and there is. Pretty soon CGI will have advanced so much that the only distinction between the game and real life will be the outline of the Tv screen. What will really make the Wii2 great are the games. I’m talking about lots of awesome exclusives (with a few casual titles to keep the audience the original Wii had) and a lot more third-party support. The Wii didn’t do so well with the hardcore crowd simply because of it’s lack of hardcore titles. The Wii2 should focus more on them and include backwards compatibility for the casual games on the Wii. Everyone’s happy?

  5. I’ll only be happy if they build an actual online network without friend codes. The old controllers need to be compatible too. I bought 4 sets and don’t want to have to update them again!

  6. I kind of want it to be released near the end of next year. (If they release it earlier, then I won’t mind)

    I just got a 3DS and still playing my Wii and 360. I don’t want to be tempted to buy this so soon. :X

    lol, or well, GO NINTENDO! :D

  7. STUPID!!!!! NOW I have to sell my Wii because i barely bought a Wii this year!!! I’m so pissed off!!! i better start saving up right now!

  8. This next console will have nothing to do with touch screen technology.
    More specifically, it’ll handle the graphics update of the Nintendo Universe.

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