Nintendo 3DS: Miyamoto Hints That The Nintendo 3DS Could Be Used As Nintendo Wii 2 Controller

Shigeru Miyamoto has told online gaming publication Gamekyo that there’s a possibility that the Nintendo 3DS could be used as a controller for Nintendo’s successor to the Nintendo Wii.

Speaking at a Nintendo 3DS event in Paris Shigeru Miyamoto explained that Nintendo have been looking at the possibility of connecting its next home video games system with the recently released Nintendo 3DS.

[He] did say that one possibility was for the 3DS to be used as a controller for the machine.

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  1. Some people are thinking that the controller may be 3D itself, since it has its own screen and 3D can only work on special screens. That would be expensive though, so using a 3DS is cool for those that already own one.

    1. NO!!!, IF they do that people need to buy the 3DS and the Wii HD. Making it optional is the best way

  2. If that is the case, then I’m predicting that the 3DS will just be an optional controller. Would be cruel and irrational of Nintendo to make it the default.

    1. ha yeh, and the GBA was meant to be a gamecube controller…mind you technology has come pretty far, they might actually pull it off this generation

  3. This system keeps sounding more and more complicated… Doesn’t the 3DS battery last like 3 hours with all settings on high? How’s it going to handle synching to the console, streaming the game at a decent rate, using wireless, and keeping the backlight at least a bit on all at once?

    With all these rumours of over the top controllers and only slightly more power than the current generation systems, I can’t help thinking that this system is going to be a complete mess… please prove me wrong Nintendo!

      1. Thought we was in the age of wireless controllers. I don’t want a lead going across my living room for people to trip over, mate!

        1. Yeah we are, but doesn’t mean you run you cord from where the console is, surely you have more than 1 electrical socket in your room… mate.

          1. Yes I have mate, but also kids running about. Also, I don’t fancy using the 3DS’s battery like that, running it down so it has to be replaced sooner than if it was used as normal, pal!

  4. Not surprising really. DS can be used as a Wii controller too but seriously look at which games even support it. For that matter what games do even use the storage on a wiimote besides monster hunter tri (best use of it actually).

    Remember functionality does not mean frequent usage, if this is true there probably wont be that many games that support it really. Maybe a nintendo release here and there.

  5. I’m liking that Nintendo are going back to this kind of interaction between their handhelds and consoles. I really enjoyed using the GBA on Four Swords Adventures, and bringing that concept to the controller itself only increases my interest.

    I will clarify this for people who are slow or like to jump to conclusions: The 3DS will not be THE controller. It would be a separate option for some games, but the communication between the two devices would allow for some interesting concepts.

  6. I’m just hoping they’ll have the Nintendo Channel give away 3DS demos like the Wii gives DS demos. This would be fine too.

  7. I have a strong feeling it somehow would. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play the DS on a big screen?! I would love that, even the 3DS.

  8. i wouldnt mind a wired connection to the wii2 so you dont need to rely on the 3ds battery life unless the 3ds has charge and play

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