Nintendo 3DS: New Flipnote Studio Title For The Nintendo 3DS

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has quietly revealed that Nintendo are hard at work creating a brand new Flipnote Studio title for the Nintendo 3DS.

Whilst no time frame has been announced, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the superb animation application launch alongside the Nintendo 3DS eShop which is set to arrive some time during May.



      1. Man i was wondering when they were going to do this………… i have been searching the eshop hundreds of times for the studeo

    1. I agree with u Charzard guy CANT WAIT FOR TEH WEB ON MAH 3DS (I do NOT have a DSi)

      1. 1 problem we dont know when it will come out D: and if its one of those suspicious release dates it could be months after what they say

  1. And I thought Flipnote Hatena couldn’t get any better. I can only imagine the new features they will add to the 3D version.

  2. AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I have been wanting to get Flipbook Studio off of DSiWare and now they announce this!? YES!!!!!!!!! :D

    I am glad I have a 3DS!

  3. yes finally it’s announced! I just hope the Hatena company can make flipnote 3ds be even more cooler and epicer. just Imagine the stick fights people will make! what now sony fan trolls! >:D

    the new flipnote studio with new tools will be awesome (though i dont have dsi) But I have requests:
    2. I really hope it can STILL be connected 2 Hatena, since i want like HEAPS of flips from there. I ALREADY MADE AN ACCOUNT ON HATENA ALTHOUGH LIKE I SAID I DONT HAVE A DSI! So please nintendo I dont want to give up all my fav creators and flips ;(

    …omg it got too long sorry

        1. AFTER WiiU official comes out it will have better HD graphics then Ps3 and ZombiU will be one of nintendos game they can say no one else without WiiU can have just like the Legend of Zelda series

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      1. ok Alexander Carter my friend code is: 3136-6855-2678 and my name is: Thor so add me now Alexander Carter and i’ll add you!! [ p.s. I posted this on my 3ds ]

  5. OMG FINALY!with the 3ds’s copy sound feature, i will be able to make REMIXES ON THE 3DS!also i wunder what new tools r gona be der. probably when you post a flip w/ 3d, there will be a small ‘3d’ sighn on the flipnote’s image.

  6. Go to the orange square smiley face on the top of the touch screen and tap ”register friend”. Punch in my friend code and it should pop up. What’s Your friend code?

  7. I doubt they’ll be 3D too. To make 3D drawings you have to have two images at slightly different angles. That would be too much work for most. They may do the thing they do in print and just have three images, one in center, one shifted to the left and one shifted to the right.

    They may surprise us though and add 3D in some way. I just hope it’s free when it comes about.

  8. The new 3ds i got i was looking for flipnote studio
    but on the eshop im looking foward to the new one in may now
    well i hope i t stil is free and me having my account in flipnote hatena.

  9. hopefully, they’ll add more colors (i.e. tan for skin, green, yellow) more layers. i hope the pictures will be less pixelly too…

  10. I heard on another site 3DS flipnote makers are afraid of adult content spilling into all flipnotes/showing nude pics and innapropreate showings

  11. bull!!!!!!!!!!shit!!!!!!!!!!!! no fucking way!!!$!$!$$$$$!$ those mother fuckers can’t do nothin’

  12. OMG!!! dis is so unfair the 3DS has soooooooo many really cool features and I want one so bad I have a DSI and I thought that was cool but compared to the 3DS NO MATCH! they would try to add all theese nice features to the 3DS after i bought as dsi

  13. I cant beleive they dont have flipnotes for the 3DS its stupid. DSi has it but 3DS dosent and 3DS has more features they should at least keep the old freinds mad too.

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  15. I’ve got some of the games now from the Eshop. They were set to come out September 1 anyway. At first I thought there was a problem, and that it was delayed, which actually didn’t surprise me considering all the other nintendo 3ds delays. but anyway, I found them ^^
    1. Go to the Eshop
    2. Go to ‘settings/others’
    3. go to ‘titles you’ve downloaded’
    4. You’ll find the titles of the games there, just click ‘redownload’
    5. Click download
    6. Press continue to browse through more
    and there ya go! :D Games are on!

  16. Well there is an animation application called “inchworm animation” but you just draw and no sound, online, or menu features. but the cool thing is it has a lot of textures and colors.

    1. i have that inchworm studio but im rlly hoping 4 a flipnote studio though… i was number 12 in the world and i want my spot back…

    2. i searched up inchworm animation, inchworm studio and inchworm but every time it came up with no resuslts :/

  17. I have a cell phone called the “Palm Pre” if anyone remembers that phone. When and if you bought it in 2009, you would be promised that flash player would be coming to it in the “coming months”. long story short, they gave up on it and i never got flash player for my phone.

    This promise of flipnotes for the 3DS sounds similar to flash player on my Palm pre

  18. yah I dont think they’re making it. On nintendo e shop i was watching winners of make a zelda flipnote when it said this at beginning, “Flipnote Studio is available only for Nintendo Dsi and Nintendo Dsi XL” Can you believe it!?!?

  19. im confused… to make your animation 3d… is there gunna be like… 3 different layers (one popping out the screen, a normal one, and one like… burried in the screen) for each page?

  20. I bet there’ll be as many layers as you want, and you adjust how much depth you want for each one. Think about it, have a box, and on each slide turn the depth up a bit and it flies out of the screen!

  21. I’m soooo excited for flipnote to come out on the 3DS! I just got a 3ds yesterday but was sad 2 see it didn’t have it D: I’m surprised a ds as amazing as this wouldn’t have it! Btw my FC is 4940-5820-8902 & anyone can add me :3

  22. When will flipnote studio come out for 3ds????????!!!!!!!!! It’s bullshit that it hasn’t been released due to little kid issues. Xbox is way better.

  23. Why does Nintendo have to worry about little children??Why can’t they just make a “Mature Content” button or something?

  24. YES FINALLY IVE BEEN WAITING EVER SENCE IVE BEEN GONE FOR 3 YEARS!!! Now when its here im back oh and i hope its still free and hatena and 50 green stars


  26. Yoo ive been waiting forever for flipnote!! I love the 3ds but i was still hoping for flipnote!! ;(

    Btw, my friend code is 0387-9376-6407
    Anyone can add me.. :D

  27. OMFG Come on Nintendo! Its almost March! Grr… I have be- Well all of us have been waiting for almost a bloody year! Just put it up! PLEASE inchworm is to complicated! -.- and boring. -___- Nintendo, your gunna loose some people for not having Flipnote Hatena! Your choosing…
    P.S. I’m typing this from my Nintendo 3Ds :3

  28. OMFG it said in the flipnote memo thing on the wiki… “As of April 2012 Nintendo is still working on Flipnote Memo” OMFG so it is coming out hopefully around May! soooooo frickin happy…. BTW i’m 12

    1. Yeah! I’m going to send one too! its been a year! or over… oh also project666 can i have your friend code? mine is above in the comments… :] can’t wait for flipnote to come out!

      1. Meh. I don’t really give it out. AND OMFG IT’S 11/19/12 AND THERE’S STILL NO FUCKING FLIPNOTE MEMO! Nintendo is pissing me off. But I got a new DSi, if you or anyone else wants to check my flipnote hatena, search up Zalparoon. :D

  29. This sucks.. I want my flipnote NOW. I have been checking every Thursday (the day new content comes out) to see if it is ready SINCE THE 3DS FIRST CAME OUT. Really, inchworm is so boring… I WANT MY FLIPNOTE ;A; The DSi one is so amazing that I am still on it to this day since the release date :)

    1. Hell yeah! i really want it… its almost june! jesus. is there an official release date yet?

  30. I feel like Sony took us all in for a ride for our money because flipnote hatena is very entertaining and funny and I think they should be ashamed not to give us what the consumers are worth because we are what make the business and not putting it out on 3Ds is their way of coming out with another system for us to buy and it will have the flipnote hatena feasure on the newer console. I feel that is why we have been lied too!

  31. GGGRRRRRRR come on! i need animations! i gave my DSI to my little brother! he loves it. i need animations to join him D: nintendo is psiing me off … talk to ywah soooooooooon!

  32. i got it for everything it offers! its amazing. im just saying flipnote would make it even more fun! :D

  33. Everytime I see an update,I get excited,but it always has to be about mario or a retarted discount price sale for old nintendo games.We want flipnote memo,not low prices on old video games no one gives a crap about anymore.

  34. yea same here i always think flipnote is going to show up…. but NO… i want it… im gunna get the WiiU it looks cool… plusmit offers flash…. YOUTUBE!!! finally!

  35. Don’t post a video on Youtube saying that Flipnote Studio will be on the 3ds! That will spoil everything! But if that video is already on Youtube then oh no… we’re the only people that will know about this.

  36. I’ve been waiting for flipnote for so long and it still isn’t here!! WHAT THE HELL NINTENDO?

  37. everyone.. calm down… its not coming to 3ds…. face it… its goingnto come to the WiiU and yesh… also how do you send messeges to people on your friends list? idk how :P


  38. My FC is 4511-0715-7263 plz any one add me name Jesus p.s. when is the new flipnote coming-out

  39. Nintendo you REALLY dont care do you? Anyway I Know if I dont get flipnote im not buying any more nintendo items :) THANKS

    1. your right if i dont get flipnote im certainly not spending my money in the eshop because everything else in there is freakin BORING!!! so prepare to say goodbye to it. cause they are losing money without flipnote studeo. am i right?

  40. Im NOT surprised that flipnote didn’t come out yet because the nintendo people are just BIG FAT LIARS!!!! I will believe that flipnote is coming when I see it :)

  41. The WiiU looks awesome.So flipnote will probaly come out on the WiiU!ALSO ADD ME!My FC is up above some where! talk to you on swapnote!

  42. Look nintendo if you’re not going to bring out flipnote stop lyin about it.. Some dum idiot would really get excited over a lie. Just like my sister

  43. Argh it’s almost September! They released swap note (no animation or send to everyone in the world option) And two other “animating apps” that are mostly just for coloring AND aren’t free! I dunno why a 3d hatena would be a good idea though. Once Flipnote Hatena comes out (for free with no name change or new features) the 3ds would be the best system ever! Anyone with me?

  44. THEY prob mean NEVER! Its been 2 years so what makes you think that they will bring it out now? there just made of lies and just want money. So I’m giving up on it, but I’ll still chat on this site.

    BTW! I’m getting my first phone. The Samsung Galaxy S lll ! I’m paying for it myself. :P


  45. Also kylie I added your friend code to my list. Hope to talk to you there. Mine is up there some-were.


  46. I really hope it does come out. That’s all I ever went on, on my DSI. Aah, those were the good old days… :3

  47. I don’t think you can. I think the only way, plus hopefully flipnote memo can comenout soon I can get back to my famous animations. Do you guys remember Gizmo, well thats me! So thats why I’m really upset. I loved making animations for you guys so sorry for everything. :s

  48. We Can always use swapnote I guess. All I can hope for is to be able to sent flipnotes to one each other! That would be awesome. :3

  49. I think Nintendo ment May 2013. That would make more sence. If it doesn’t come out in May, then I have truthfully given up hope.

  50. Yeah, same here. I’ve been playing alot of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 while I’ve been waiting for memo. :L It’s starting to get a little boring with all the try-hards.


  51. Most of the games suck, so why bother… I like how CoD: Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s creed 3 are for the WiiU. I’m going to buy The WiiU some time soon though. It looks amazing!


  52. This is so stupid! They have like forgoten all about memo! Startin to piss me off, they are!

    ~ [~]Pÿrø[~]

  53. Okay, what. I’m confused, does it exist or not? I have an XL and Flipnote isn’t on the Eshop, had it just not been released or what?

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