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Nintendo: New Zelda Game To Be Showcased At E3 Next Week

Eiji Aonuma, Japanese designer and director of video games for Nintendo has hinted that Nintendo are preparing to show off a new Zelda game at E3 next week. During a live event on Famitsu’s Nico Nico Eiji Aonuma mentioned a new Zelda project that is related to the 25th anniversary of the series. What platform the game will appear on is anyone’s guess, but with the company showcasing its successor to the Nintendo Wii it wouldn’t be too far fetched to see the game appear on that.


36 thoughts on “Nintendo: New Zelda Game To Be Showcased At E3 Next Week”

  1. I’m guessing it’s a remake or something… If not, it would be weird for them to announce an entirely new game before Skyward Sword comes out

  2. *Confusion* Maybe it’s that Zelda Universe thing? That, or they’re gonna be releasing every pre-3D Zelda game on a disc, hopefully Wii, since it sucks to have to re-get Link to the Past everytime I get a new Wii.

  3. If we have to wait until Cafe comes out…even if it’s first quarter 2012…Ugh. I want my Zelda fix. Come oooooooon Skyward Sword…! OoT will only hold me over for so long. XD

  4. Every single Zelda game ever made re-mastered in full HD to be playable on Project Cafe all on one disc!!!!!!!! Okay, I can wake up now…

    Interesting info, however…

    1. I certainly also hope for a remake for those games as well. I would have liked to see what the supposed third Oracle game would have been.

  5. Hmm… a zelda all-star for wii… with ocarina, majora and wind waker in widescreen, a wii controls like twilight princess…

    and a all-star for 3ds, with all gameboy/advance (and maybe ds) games

    1. That would be awesome!

      Or maybe two versions, all with Oot, MM, WW, and the older ones + Gameboy games; one for Wii and one for 3DS.

      I would be really excited for MM on 3DS no matter what though.

  6. Please be a remake of A Link to the Past except in a 3D environment similar to the home console games starting with Ocarina of Time!! (one can dream, can’t they?)

  7. They’ll probably do a collection of some sort, but then again, didn’t they do that for the gamecube already?

    That said, I’m still hoping for LoZ themed 3DS. I’m not buying one till I’m sure it won’t happen.

  8. OMG! I hope it’s a Four-Swords type game. That would certainly allow all Zelda fans to celebrate together, as was said at GDC.

  9. Isn’t there a big rumor about something called ‘Zelda universe’? It sounds like this could be that.
    Although a new Zelda collection would be sweet.

    1. Zelda Universe is Nintendo’s official Zelda website. People made noise about it because it was rated by the ESRB, but they also rate official game websites. The saddest part about all that: The rating wadn’t even from this year. Not last year even. I remember hearing it was last rated in 2007, though it may be earlier still.

      The point is that we’re getting something for the anniversary, but the website isn’t involved directly.

  10. Well, they said it’ll be different from the Mario 25th anniversary, but it’s really hard to predict exactly what it’ll be…. I’m also hoping for Majora’s Mask =)

      1. And the celebration at Nintendo World was pretty dang secretive. That cake was awesome, but most people don’t even know it exists. I’d think awareness of the event might’ve helped their case, because most people who care probably thought that All-Stars Wii was the only thing they did.

        The biggest letdown on that one was the CD. I was expecting something like the soundtrack for Love where different themes were interwoven into a sort of symphony with all the sound effects we’ve come to love. Then we found out it’s half main themes and half 2-3 second sound FX.

  11. if this turns out to be a brand spanking new game, Zelda would be like perfect to show off as a demo in HD hell even Metroid, those two franchises alone are perfect candidates for HD

  12. If this game is being made for the 25th anniversary, I can’t see it being for Café. The system isn’t set for a release this fiscal year let alone this year, and this year is the anniversary. Granted, next year is the US anniversary, but that’s not the officially celebrated one. If it were on Café in 2012, it would defeat the purpose of the entire project.

  13. 30 – 60 seconds of some HD Zelda shown in a montage demonstrating Cafe’s power would be enough for me (similar to that little clip in the Gamecube video shown at Space World).

    Although MM3D or some kind of new collector’s edition of games would be nice. inb4 ST sequel

  14. I would like a sequel to Wind Waker with an engine designed for Wii, and with some parts of it played in the style of A link to the past (birds eye camera). And some parts played links adventure (II) with the camera from the side, in 2d. With great cartoon graphics and glorius fields, oceans, dungeons and all the effects the Wind Waker for Gamecube could manage and then some! That I would like. (I can still put in Wind Waker in my Wii today and it doesnt feel old, it just feels designed. But Twilight Princess feels older in some respects…)

  15. I maybe wrong but I doubt it, I think Nintendo is gonna make a new Zelda game for the 3ds which features the great toon link. I think it makes perfect sense it wont hurt the sales for Skyward Sword and it will give a boost in 3DS sales.

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  17. If they are making a collection for Zelda like they did with Mario, I wonder what they will do. I mean most of the console Zelda games are on Virtual Console except for Wind Waker and Twilight Princess for obvious reasons.

    If they announced a new Zelda for Cafe, it would be crazy. But yeah it is most likely just the collection, which isn’t bad, I want to see what they do.

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