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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS eShop Games Start From $1.99

Nintendo’s David Wharton, director of eShop operations, recently took the opportunity to give Wired a tour around the Nintendo 3DS eShop. During the tour it was revealed that the lowest price Nintendo 3DS eShop software sells for $1.99, just like the DSiWare 200 Point limit, with Virtual Console games available at a different range of prices: Super Mario Land is set to retail for $3.99, but Alleyway and Radar Mission will sell for a slightly cheaper $2.99. It was also revealed that the Gameboy games that consumers will be able to purchase from the eShop will be simply dumps of ROMS and won’t include any additional functionality or features.



19 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS eShop Games Start From $1.99”

  1. They are wasting a chance of making even more money by giving new features to our old and loved games… But still, nice job, Nintendo!

  2. Gameboy games are a tad expensive, $2.99 for a simple rom dump? And Super Mario Land for $4, wtf? But what I’m saying, I’ll still buy them anyway!

  3. I hope the price point is 1.99 for most. I wonder if the color games will be more though. 3.99 for Marioland? A little too premium for me, but at least it’ll be my first time playing the game. I didn’t really have a lot of black/white games, so I will be picking up games like this to enjoy the first time around. At least we don’t have to deal with darkness now like the original (no backlight).

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  5. I remember paying £30 for Super Mario Land way back when.

    Although I doubt i’ll buy it again.

    Didn’t they say that Link’s Awakening would have extras?

    1. It’s the DX version, so it comes with the color temple. I haven’t heard about anything else, though.

  6. Hmm….$4 for a Game Boy game is really pushing it. I’d be buying a $20 prepaid card anyway and will have money left over to spend, but still.

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  8. I don’t care how much the eShop games are, all I care about is owning every damn one of them. Whatever the cost, I’m willing to pay it.

  9. Is there any free titles in the Nintendo eShop? And when is the Nintendo eShop getting published? I would like to download titles but I’m just 14 years old and I don’t have a Credit Card…

  10. @Iwata- Yes, Excite bike (for first 30 days), and the 3D Pokedex. If you want, the e-Shop points cards should be popping up in retail stores pretty soon anyway, so you don’t need a credit card for that.

  11. hi there iwata you can buy a 3ds prepaid card from any game store or retailer that sells consoles i use 3ds pre paid cards for 3ds wii points for wii dsi points for dsi and itunes card for my apple products soo i dont need credit card

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