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Nintendo: Curtains Closed On Nintendo E3 Booth But What’s Inside?

Here’s yet another tantalizing shot of Nintendo’s E3 booth which is sadly curtained off to the public until tomorrow at 12.00. Any guesses at what delightful surprises lie behind the curtain? Don’t forget that the Nintendo press conference kicks off at 9am Pacific Time tomorrow. Nintendo of America will be providing a live stream and I’ll also be tweeting furiously on Twitter with all the latest news as it happens!


33 thoughts on “Nintendo: Curtains Closed On Nintendo E3 Booth But What’s Inside?”

  1. so cool… but i have a question bout excite bike 3D
    I read somewhere that it will only be available for free today and tomorrow for download, i read somewhere els where it said that excite bike will only be playable today and tomorrow…which is true?

    1. Neither. The game will be available for free once the update rolls out. You will have one month, until July 7th, to download the game for free, and the game is your to keep afterwards.

  2. Please don’t disappoint us Nintendo. After Microsoft bombed, I am REALLY worried about the other companies now.

    1. Wow.. It didn’t even dawn on me that it could be possible lol nintendo has a new system, releasing new games for the 3Ds and last hurrahs on the current council :)

  3. I’ll venture a guess as to the mysteries behind the curtain….
    An abundance of Gaming Perfection. Nothing more, nothing less.
    ‘What shall be seen, shall be taken, for years to come.’

  4. LulzSec tweeted earlier that they are not going to target Nintendo/Sega. If anything, they hack Sony for Nintendo/Sega… I kinda like them now.

    1. Fingers crossed they Lulz all over Sony’s Sec one more time for the ultimate win. I’m thinking, during their press conference, suddenly have ‘We Love Nintendo’ flash on the stage screens…. Priceless.

      1. I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting for it… Actually I dont think I can make it through the whole show. I’ve been watching this stuff for about 7 hours now, with a constant eye on my 3DS waiting for the blue light to come on!

      1. I’d be interested to know this also. If you try viewing live blogs the memory runs out and having checked most site streams, the screens wont load. Only option (that I’m aware of) is to wait for the footage to be uploaded to youtube.

  5. I’ve heard rumors of a system to surpass the Wii. I’m hoping it will have the same kind of friendly playability as the current system. I’ve tried the Kinect and found it very disconcerting. I hope Nintendo isn’t going to try to go in the controller-less direction.

    1. Where have you been for the past few months :P

      Yeah, they will have a controler as well as (less focused) motion controls

  6. ugh 9 am arrive already!!!! nintendo gimme that godamned actualization already, so I can focus on something else, I’m frustrated , excited, and in rage *hyperventilates*

  7. Can’t wait to see all that nintendo reveals. So exciting!
    What’s with the update?! Its now the 7th (after midnight now) and it still won’t update. What gives?

  8. I was the biggest Nintendo fan EVAR. I’m sick of them fucking me over with this 3DS bullshit. Fuck-off Nintendo.

    1. You can’t have been much of a fan if your hating on the 3DS, roughly one month after it’s release. As for myself, loyal to Nintendo since ’89, I understand the ups & downs in the industry and am still fully dedicated to the bitter end. The best is yet to come.
      Don’t be swayed by the psp2 and it’s fake boobs, stick with the real deal for the best feel.
      If your one of those people that have to follow the trends in order to feel accepted then good luck with that, just don’t come crying back to Nintendo later once your realise how black a soul can turn.

      1. Here here! You can’t go hating on a new console if you really were “the biggest fan” seeing as they haven’t even released any must buy games yet. From reviews, it looks like Ocarina of Time 3D is set to be the first of these, and as has been seen in the past, often what shows the true worth of a console is the games released for it, NOT the system itself.

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