Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS System Update With eShop, Browser And Pokedex Now Live!

The long awaited Nintendo 3DS system update is now available in both the United States and Europe! I’m currently downloading the update as we speak and can not wait to test out the new features. The Nintendo 3DS system update allows users to access the Nintendo 3DS eShop and web browser along with the Pokedex 3D and Excitebike 3D. What does everyone think of the update? Any problems?



  1. Besides the reported glitch with Ridge Racer (which I don’t have), everything looks good!

  2. There were some issues yesterday with the eShop (maintenance probably due to the access overload), but otherwise, it looks FLAWLESS. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.
    Pokedex 3D is very nice, and I can expect a lot of time wasting will be given specifically to that game LOL
    As for Excitebike 3D–looks very awesome. Only played a little bit of it so far, but must say, it’s extremely fun.
    Despite the huge delay (the update didn’t go up until 12:30am EST over here), everything’s better than I expected~! And the internet browser is a lot faster and nicer. (still no flash support orz)

  3. I always get error code 005-5819 when I try to access the eShop. Otherwise the internet connection is just fine so something is wrong here. A friend has the same issue – maybe it’s related to living in Switzerland (and our infamous Nintendo exclusive-importer Waldmeier).

    1. just called the nintendo support of ch
      they say it should work this evening
      but they didnt even ask my error code
      but i guess it will work tonight

      1. Sadly, same error code in Switzerland for me, I hope the shop will be available here anyway -_- (we already cannot use our stars, this would be a bit too much)

      1. Same for me… the guy at Waldmeier told me it’d work today, but it still does not… -.-

  4. Everyone that keep getting the error codes, just keep trying. It happened to me. I even got one saying that they were have maintenance done. Eventually I got through and got my Excite Bike and Pokedex 3d.

    1. I’ve just this second downloaded the Pokedex 3D and Excitebike and haven’t come across any errors. Hopefully they will be resolved soon.

  5. Got mine downloaded. Although I downright REFUSE to buy anything until Nintendo sort out them prices. $3.99 = £2.50 roughly. NOT £3.70. I am NOT paying an extra £1.20 than America on the same content just because I don’t live there. £3 fair enough but this is just robbery.

  6. Nintendo is soooo mean, I can’t download it when the console is configured to my home country Honduras, I have to change my adress to the US…. sigh… The same thing happenned with Wii, but at least I can download stuff…

  7. I am disappointed with the lack of games on the shop. They had a very long time to prep this shop launch and I expected there to be a pretty nice list of old games in the retro section but instead we get 3 plus excite bike. No links awakening which was shown at other cons many times. The browser I will likely never use since its wifi only and I have a nice laptop for that.

    I am glad for the features I was kinda suprised they had a digital shop where they are selling almost the entire launch line up for the 3ds. However digital games should never be the same prices as their physical counterparts. I guess in a bind stuck somewhere I might buy one off the store but the expense is a turn off.

    I have not looked through the dsi ware stuff yet so I don’t what titles they brought over. Generally though at least the shop is there so hopefully they get off their butts and give us some games.

  8. Nintendo should have made the release date June 7th and 6th since it took so long to come out. When the release finally came after 1130pm central time, I could not access the eShop at first. However, it worked this morning and it is fantastic. I’m not a big fan of the web browser, it is okay. The one on my android is way better.

  9. I have the same problem as red_alert, same code. I live in Switzerland too. The browser works fine.

  10. what a bunch of bullshhhh – Nintendo left us waiting for so long and now we’re not getting any access at all here in switzerland. Not enough that my 3DS always crashes during the game “Gost recon:Shadow wars” now it even can’t use it’s normal functions. I’m impressed by such a good system-update, every system-update should be capable of this beautiful and unique: Error-code 005-5819. I already love it.

  11. red_alert

    I’ve always the same error too: 005 5819..and I live in Switzerland too…so I think that something is not working…

  12. I noticed the web browser has some loading issues in facebook, and won’t even load twitter at all (I can’t even sign in). Any idea if Nintendo will get these loading issues fixed in the next system update?

  13. live in Switzerland and Nintendo or Waldmeier (no hotline 24/24…just incredible!!!!!!) better fix this cause otherwise I’ll begin a “tam-tam” on the net making more and more people boycotting nintendo products from now!

    It’s just incredible how they screw consumers this way!

  14. Yeah it’s “great” to be in Switzerland when it comes to Nintendo… no Club (“those who are first to register their game at the club will get the zelda oot soundtrack” – FUCK YOU), no points, no stars, no official support, no website (Waldmeier is a joke) and now this.

  15. Oh and… you know what they’re telling us to do at the FAQ, if we get that error, right? Turn off our microwaves!

    I’m sure THAT’s gonna help.

  16. Still doesn’t work… Next step: will have to tell all my neighbours to turn off their microwaves.

    chunt morn öpper go dwaldmeier ag abfackle?

    PS: Are there absolutely no plans for a Club Nintendo in Switzerland?

  17. @ Hangman

    at this point it’s better for them not to come in switzerland with a club cause i will be there that day with a bat just to “take some names and kick some asses”

  18. that’s the best thing could happen these days… saturday Nati on 2-0 VS England then 2-2…
    Roger lose the same shameful way he’s lost in those past 7 years against a mid level player, who certainly has courage and power, like Nadal.
    Today WiiU announced (what a awful console)…

    however for every swiss people here, take my 3ds code: 1891-1175-5602.

    see ya people and hope for tomorrow… otherwise waldmeier will be in some serious trouble!

  19. Dude! I finally got a different error code!
    Wow, 005-4270.
    That’s where the party’s goin’ on now, fellas!

  20. Me too in switzerland the same error.. the support say to that the server are a little overloaded

  21. I’ve got the same problem, in the same country (Switzerland) … Wieder Mal typisch!

    S*** happens ;)
    Be my friend: 0559-6811-9791

  22. Are all guys here from switzerland? I’ve got the same problem, now it’s dark outside and still no working. I’ll hope this will be available tomorrow.. Otherwise I have to contact the support.

  23. I bought a 3DS in Switzerland, but I am currently in Croatia (and I live here), and I’m getting the same error codes.
    I also have trouble when I need to update, and need to try at least several times.

    It seems they somehow screwed 3DS for Switzerland costumers

  24. Hey Linix and Dave i added you both to my friendlist add me too…if you want^^


  25. Hey everyone i have the same problem error code 005-5819 and i live normally in switzerland too, but at the momet i am in england and it is the same thing, browser works but ehop no way to come in :(
    I want the eshop right now!!!

    1. sorry but you could try to tell you mum or dad to take you to soulthern island in dublin and try it there. PS mmy couson has got a 3ds and he lives in dublin if he’s got an error soulthern island will have the error too

  26. Have you tried setting the country to england, in the system settings? Maybe that helps… but i don’t know.

  27. I know but it is the same thing. The support told me it is a problem of server..and try tomorrow, i have no other news :(

  28. added everyone posted his code! thank you people still hoping for tomorrow!

    have a goodnight

    1. hey guys im new but im not called mikeyld my nickname is shadow the ninja but call me shadow for short my brother is called mikeyld my bro’s 18 im nearly 7 im 7 in the 1st of june i was born in 2005. so guys look at my reports. !!!

  29. Shame on you Nintendo. Same problem here in Switzerland, can’t access to the eshop.
    Also when will you let us use our stars?

  30. Here the answer:

    Le shop est surchargé au ce moment, veuillez s.v.p. essayer plus tard ou demain matin.

    Les meilleures salutations / Mit freundlichen Grüssen

  31. It is 11.15 pm here in CST, and I have been trying to get the system update all day long. I keep getting a message that says “an error has occurred. Unable to update. The system will now be restarted.” I don’t even get an error code. I have been trying all day long and I keep ending up in the same spot. Any advice? It isn’t my I Ferber connection, I already k ow that much. My 3DS is sitting practically on top of the router.

    1. Hm the first time i tried to update i got the same error! But i just had a very poor internet connection and i went to a friend with a better internetconnectuon and it worked! Hope that helps…

  32. He wa söll de scheiss man? Es isch morge und es funtzt immer no nö! Vilicht hilfts wemmer de japaner e atombombe schicket!!

  33. I’ve too the same error code by trying access to the eShop. It still doesn’t work in Switzerland. when it’s still doesn’t work i will call the nintendo support and try to get more information! I hate Waldmeier!

  34. ja klar! dserver sind überlaschtet…
    sgit sicher huere vil lüt ide schwiz won 3ds hend und alli grifed zur gliche zit uf de eshop zue, jo woaschainlich.

  35. Dass nöd überlaschted sind, isch wohl klar, das isch Bullshit. Aber chunt vo Waldmeier susch meh als Bullshit und Textbaustei??

  36. This morning it didn’t work (at 7 o clock) now i’m at work I try later with the tethering wi fi acces point..I hope it will work

  37. called waldmeier and hear what they told me: “Mister it’s not a “Swiss” problem! you’re reading this on the internet but it’s a general european problem cause everyone wants to connect to the eshop. try later…and even if you can’t connect what are we supposed to do?”



    (surely they neither bothered to call nintendo europe for an advice about the situation)

  38. Wie gseit… Bullshit. Was für e Überraschig…wahrschinli sinds au no gnervt, dass so viel Lüüt alüüted (oh Wunder)…

    Dene Idiote sött mer endlich mal de Importeur-Status entzüche.

  39. What????? In italy works fine, in germany works tot, in French too, only here won’t work! I write the support a second e mail, then I call, I hope is not a problem of this new firmware with e shop is not compatible with our nintendo 3ds from Switzerland! People we have to collaborate against this problem an write to nintendo europe UK and in the big section of nintendo!

  40. IMPORTANT: i have a question for you all!

    which one of 3ds do you have? aqua or black?

    cause i tried on a black one and it seems working!!!!!!!!

  41. cause i bought 2 3ds and thought the issue was the same as my aqua… 5 minutes ago i thought: why not try with the other one and Voilà… the only issue now is that it is the one linked to my girlfriend…. WHAT THE F**K!

  42. @kkls

    how incredible!!!! two 3ds in the same room and one works the other not…. MINE DOESN’T work!!!! bwaaaaaaaah

  43. i just do not know what to think about anymore…. i perfectly managed to go in the eshop with the black one… but i just won’t to spend money on a 3ds is not mine (yeah sure i paid for it but you know how women are ;) )

  44. ok maybe this will help… my black one (working) is CEH*********2 (dots are numbers just do not want to copy them… how lazy)

    the Aqua (not working) one: CEM********7

  45. Swiss people shall report this problems to, I think we need some publicity of this problem. It also get’s some focus to the Waldmeier AG, which does not provide a good support – neither information about this problems.

  46. @NinGamer

    one more with CEM and i will think we buy a defected 3ds from the same batch

  47. now i go to work and i will try this evening but the doubt they are defected is eating me more and more…

    I called Waldmeier and they said me if this is the problem i have to send them the console… (for the games that are NOW available for free on the shop they said me it’s not a problem cause maybe is a simple “booting” bug so we have enough time to enjoy them for free later).

    Still: what a BAD week is this!

    see ya people

  48. this is the answer: Bonjour,

    Nous accusons réception de votre message électronique et vous en remercions sincèrement.

    Nous avons contacté Nintendo of Europe concernant votre problème (code d’erreur 005-5819). NOE s’en occupe déjà. C’est évident, qu’il s’agit d’un problème avec le serveur en Suisse. En principe, “e-shop” fonctionne.

    Nous vous informerons aussitôt que possible de toutes les nouvelles disponibles.

    Nous vous remercions d’avance de votre patience et vous prions d’agréer, Monsieur, nos salutations distinguées.

    I have a nintendo 3ds aqua blue with the same code, I hope it’s not a defected version.. or I go to change it!

  49. ok this third one (DAVE) almost confirms (at least to me) that they are defected maybe… hope not!

  50. Ok. I’ve called the nintendo Support of Switzerland (Waldmeier). I change my language shortly in German:

    Ich habe sie angerufen und sie haben gesagt, dass es in der Schweiz noch nicht verfügbar aufgrund eines Serverproblems ist. Der Mitarbeiter hofft, dass das Ganze bis heute Abend geregelt ist. Waldmeier hat jetzt auch mit Nintendo of Europe kontakt aufgenommen und erwarten noch die Antwort. Dann wollen wir doch mal hoffen dass es heute abend funzt. Achja das Problem ist nur in der Schweiz.

    This evening the Nintendo EShop should work!

  51. Verstanden! I change my language to french for this e mail that I have written:

    Merci pour votre repondre :)
    Si est possible, nous pouvons vous aider avec cette information: nous avons decouvert que e
    shop functionnes pas avec le console avec le code CEM au derrière. Mais une console black avec CEH code functionnet
    sans probléme (c’est un consumateur de la suisse qui a essayée avec cette console). Je croix que c’est probable une
    défaut de la console avec CEM code!
    Merci beaucoup pour votre disponibilité j’éspère que mon information séron utiles
    pour trouver une solution!

    Sorry for my french and english ;) Ich bin Tessiner!

  52. I can calm you down about the versions:
    I live in switzerland and mine’s serial starts with “CEH …” and ain^t workin either.
    My browser does and there’s no problem with access points.

    It is also a black one (just for the ones who really thought about tech issues because of the color difference.)

    Hope it’ll work soon!

  53. @Matt
    Puoi anche aggiungermi con io codice amico, l’ho scritto poco più in su. Tra l’altroho scritto sia a nintendo italia, francia e germania ;) manca solo UK, della serie alziamo un po’ di polverone e facciamoci sentire!! XD

  54. eheheheh beh io le stelle le uso già… ma solo per l’acquisto dei points… che tra l’altro non sono utilizzabili per il nuovo eshop (vergogna<!)

    cmq appena arrivo a casa ti aggiungo!


    It's not that we thought about a "colour" issue… but we thought different model worked differently for a bug…

    However if yours is a CEH it's no more THAT issue… hope for this evening!

  55. Got an answer from the game shop where I bought my 3DS:
    “Guten Tag
    Der eShop funktioniert nach wie vor nicht. Laut neuesten Meldungen sollte dieser erst ab nächster Woche verfügbar sein.
    Freundliche Grüsse
    “The eShop isn’t working at the moment. According to latest news, it is not available until next week.”

  56. Hi folks, i still can’t get to the eshop..damn! Nintendo is wayy behind google, apple and sony in terms of online services, they can’t just launch products and updates that are not actually ready to use..

    Btw it’s not a swiss only problem, i’m from Bulgaria and my reg. Settings were first Suisse Geneve, then got 005-5819, then changed it to UK, DE, and so on it still doesn’t work. Oh yeah mine’s black, CEH***********2

    Good luck

  57. So, I’ve got the same problem.

    I live also in Switzerland (3DS bought also in CH) and I have the black 3DS with “CEH…..”

    Yesterday it doesn’t work and today in the morning (7 am) I became only the known error.
    I hope it works in the evening when I’m back home…

  58. I just got the “Pokedex 3D” into my software menu, but then I try to start it, it is telling me I have to download it first from the shop. Which still isn’t working.

  59. The good thing from this negative error: we will certainly have too the e – shop, just waiting people!

  60. – 3DS aqua
    – switzerland, aaaaarrghhhh
    – error code 005-5819
    – CEM…

    was sölllllll deeee scheissssssss, bitter bitter

  61. Ja schaisse man, lut all dem woni da gseh lauft de eShop also uf de ganze welt nur i de Schwiiz nöd und das söll au na so blibe für es paar täg…….omg echt nur omg.

  62. Lol, da krieg ich de Pokédex 3D, aber zum starte mues ich eShop betrete –> 005-5819

    Ganz tolli sach -.-

  63. I purchased 3DS in Zurich, color Cosmo Black, code CEH*****[3], e-shop still isn’t working, and I live in Croatia.
    So I think this is problem mostly with Switzerland models

  64. Certo che siamo proprio messo male…poi in Ticino sembriamo del terzo mondo. Solo la Apple ci considera.

  65. In South Africa here and I have two 3DS at my house. The one with a “CEH” serial works and downloads the update, eShop and all the games. The one with the “CEM” downloads the update fine, uses the browser but the shop gives me 005-5819.

    Both settings are identically and region is set to UK – England

    Anyone have ideas?

  66. Ha ha, anch’io dal Ticino non posso connettermi allo Shop: eppure sto nella “grande Lugano”!

  67. …eheh, LucianObi, evidentemente neanche “Re Giorgio” è abbastanza potente per farsi obbedire dalla Nintendo e garantire ai suoi sudditi un servizio funzionante ;-)

  68. @mgiu
    Anche google ci considera, anche microsoft! Non siamo in fondo così abbandonati, ticinesi facciamoci sentire!! :D Provato ma ancora niente, a me hanno detto che colpisce solo le console svzzere, io resto convinto che sia un errore del firmware che contrasterà qualche processo (un po’ come in ridge racers)

  69. leck mich am arsch, alter schwede!
    stellte region von schweiz auf deutschland um, und plötzlich gehts!


  71. The system update fails with no error codes and restarts the system over and over and over again… This is in the US, and the unit is virtually on top of the router so the internet connection is fine.

    1. Still failing for me 24 hours later. Same no error code system rebooting message. Slow server is possible. I pay extra for a high speed internet package, so I don’t think it’s my speed. I wonder if I need to go back to factory settings (format). I don’t think I’d lose much except my internet set-up which is easy to redo. I’ll keep trying for a few more days and then probably resort to trying that. Thanks…

  72. they say to access the e-shop is to have the pokedex 3d demo with that it will automatically send you to the e-shop with no trouble or so they say.

    But my biggest problem is that my bro got the pokedex and i didn’t, so in short i cant do what i just posted here by my bro said his e-shop is fine and running smoothly

    i did update mine same with my bro.

    1. well i have got the pokedex and the ds game’s but now its blocked me from getting pokemon on my pokedex theres defntly something wrong with the e-shop.

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