Nintendo: For Nintendo E3 Press Conference Coverage Follow My Nintendo News On Twitter!

As it’s just me that runs My Nintendo News it’s going to be next to impossible for me to provide live updates on Twitter as well as update the website with all the latest news. Therefore, if you’re not already following My Nintendo News on Twitter I suggest you do so to get all the latest on Project Cafe, 3DS and Wii. Nintendo of America will also be providing a live stream of their E3 press conference, but if you can’t watch that for whatever reason then be sure to follow my Tweets on My Nintendo News for all the latest news at E3 2011.

P.S I will be updating the website after the conference with all the news.

Many thanks!



  1. I love you, man. This website is the best! And wow, I am in ecstasy for Nintendo E3. Less than an hour to go!

  2. Don’t have fast enough internet (for now) to stream but it won’t get any faster in time for E3. Thanks for the Twitter updates man!

  3. It’s nearly about that time again folks, hold on to ya’ shrooms.

    Remember, good or bad, Nintendo fo’ Life…. Unless of course your suddenly massive fans of interactive movies and stolen ideas.

  4. hey man! If you need someone who helps you wth your websie for free, I can do it :) I’m used to do this kind of things and I love your ste, so, if you ever want help, I can help you! :D

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