Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Introduce The Nintendo Wii U As Official Successor To Wii

Nintendo has revealed its successor to the immensely popular Wii console at this years E3. The new system will be titled Wii U. The controller itself looks and acts very much like a tablet but features regular buttons that gamers know and love. The system will be out next year and no pricing has been announced. More details soon!

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  1. I was just confused with the announcement really. The fact they just showed the controller and no console was confusing i was starting to think the controller was the console or the controller was to go with the wii

    1. The actual console was in one of the trailers. But I think they were concentrating on the way you play. That’s the important bit after all.

  2. Honestly, I was dissapoint because they managed to keep the “nintendo = casual stuff” vibe combined with the name and the fact it’s just an upgraded wii rather than a new console…

    Then again, the games look cool and they’re trying hard to make it seem hardcore, but the “wii U” and the casual stuff will scare away all of the hardcore gamers probably :(

  3. I’m sure you’re working on this, but what does the controller feel like. I know it will be a little bulky, but is it hand-numbing?

  4. That’s a bit of a funny controller. I thought ‘tablet PC’ when I saw it…and the console itself looks a bit like a DVD player >.<
    Also, Wii U is a bit of a rubbish name isn't it?

  5. A few questions:
    -backward compatibility? Wii and GC? Just Wii?
    -can eShop/wiiware/virtual console games be played on the controller?
    -DVD player or other media integration?
    -If GC compatible, are there ports for controllers/memory cards or will those games be played on the Wii U controller?


  6. Yeah I was confused and a bit disappointed when I saw it as well. I thought it was just another peripheral for the Wii. Though I did notice the console under the tv looked different from a Wii. Didn’t help that they showed Wii like games.

    Then the tech demo didn’t really reassure me. It was only when they showed the upcoming games that I knew it was a new console. Darksiders 2 as launch title, but then we have gmaes out this year like Arkham City. Maybe improved version somehow.

    Be interesting to find out the cost of the console and the cost of the controller on its own.

  7. Awesome, Nintendo owned E3 this year. My one concern with the new controller was the cost if you wanted 4 people playing but as you can use Wiimotes and Nunchucks from the Wii it has laid those concerns to rest. Time to start saving

    1. This is what I think: one remote will come with the system and that’s all you need. Everyone else uses wii-motes. Opens up new gameplay possibilities that way anyway.

  8. Oh dear lord…. after all my ranting these last few days I knew I should have trusted my gut about something being off. I seriously don’t get it, that presser had the weirdest outcome ever.

    So let me get this straight, no Wii games since DKCR, Epic Yarn and GoldenEye months ago and still not one game of interest in sight except Skyward Sword, due next holiday.
    The same handful of 3DS games as announced last year and still months away except Ocarina 3D soon.
    A new console with nothing worth worrying about until (sometime) next year and every game listed for it sounds as though they are in extremely early development.

    I’m sorry, I love Nintendo and always will but that was just bad. Give me a 10min show confirming the localization of The Last Story, Xenoblade and Earth Seeker… instead of a 2hr ‘imagining’ with a plee to developers.

    Arrgh I need to sleep, hopefully I’d understand this all better tomorrow.

  9. I dought I’ll be getting the Wii U anytime soon, but the 3DS software trailer made me do a backflip around the moon and award twenty internets to Nintendo.

  10. Not sure if i just saw something, or if i just saw nothing. No release dates for 3ds games sucked. Luigi mansion 2 was cool, but thats all you announce new? Not even a table scrap thrown to wii, which is what you’re playing for probably more than another year still.. And next gen that has cool ‘tech,’ but seems more in competition with current gen than next gen… Oh well – luckily for me, i’m only retro gaming anyways : ) E3 BREAKING NEWS : TBOA Sad is off to play master system Psycho Fox

    1. It won’t be in competition with anything. Neither was the Wi. Nintendo sets their own path.

  11. Controller seems like a bit on the chunky side – it looks like a large Sega Game Gear! Tablet to me is like iPad.

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