Nintendo: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Lands In Los Angeles

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that he’s currently in Los Angeles busy preparing for Nintendo’s E3 press conference which takes place tomorrow. Satoru Iwata took the opportunity to take over Nintendo of America’s Twitter account to announce that he touched down in LA on Saturday and is currently experiencing the joys of jet lag. Lets hope he recovers fully to deliver the best Nintendo press conference we’ve ever seen!



  1. you gotta love this time of year, E3, its like a summer christmas for nintendo fans….

  2. *Awaits for Iwata in the Presidential Suite, with a bottle of rice wine, ready to rub his shoulders and share some words of encouragment.*

    “Make us all proud Satoru.”

    1. Do me a favour Satoru, before you start the show and reveal the next levels of gaming, please make sure all new tech, innovations and mechanics have been copywrited… we all know what a Phony Pony is renowned for doing.

      PS: Lol@24″

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