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Nintendo Wii: Shigeru Miyamoto Is No Longer Making Nintendo Wii Games

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has announced that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be the last game he makes for the Nintendo Wii. Miyamoto will then shift his attention over to the recently announced Wii U and Nintendo’s 3DS console. Let’s hope The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword exceeds expectations.


25 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Shigeru Miyamoto Is No Longer Making Nintendo Wii Games”

  1. Not a surprise. Not much left for him to do with those systems.

    Hopefully, Skyward Sword gives the Wii a proper send off.

  2. at first glance I thought it meant Miyamoto was retiring from Nintendo. Then I read the rest. WHooo! almost died.

  3. Heh..

    The Wii started with Twilight Princess

    The Wii ends with Skyward Sword

    It starts with Zelda, it ends with Zelda… Link saw the console through to it’s end, hehe.

  4. @Anonymous I thought the same thing! lol I read too quickly for my own good when I see the word “Nintendo”.

  5. Yeah, don’t care… all I care about is not having to wait until the final hours of the Wii U for a Wii U-exclusive Zelda game, like we had to with the Wii. Twilight Princess wasn’t nearly as fun, and it was just a GameCube game with Wii controls. Not good, Nintendo. This new system, especially being HD, needs a Zelda game within 1 year (at the longest) of launch. Same goes with Metroid, because Other M was a joke.

      1. Uhm, pretty sure I wasn’t trolling. If I were trolling, I’d say “Nintendo sucks” or something like that. I’m a fan of Nintendo, so much so that I thought it was rubbish that a Wii-exclusive Zelda game is JUST NOW coming out… just months before a new console comes out. Me not liking Twilight Princess is just an opinion, and it doesn’t make me a troll. Learn the difference.

                1. Actually I was playing League of Legends, thank you.

                  If it’s just your opinion then say that next time.

                  And btw, TONS of people trolled Metroid Other M because they couldn’t troll other games like SMG 2, DKCR and the like; you are one of them.

    1. You’re crazy!! Metroid Other M was great!! Im a huge fan and I actually enjoyed this game as much as Metroid prime 3! Those were some of the best graphics a wii game could ever offer! especially those amazing cutscenes!

  6. Yeah, when I first read this, I thought that he wasn’t making any more games period. lol. I see someone else thought that too.

  7. when I read this thing at first glance, i tought it said ”miyamoto is no longer making nintendo games”…I almost had a heart attack xD…it’s ok, skyward sword is going to be the Wii’s long awaited and awesome encore….

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