Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo President Says Wii U ‘Is Not Going To Be Cheap’

Contracting what Nintendo or America president Reggie Fils-Aime said earlier this week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told the London Evening Standard that the Wii U ‘is not going to be cheap.’ Previously Reggie Fils-Aime told Gametrailers that the Wii U will be priced competitively against Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. How much would you be willing to pay?



    1. it would also be nice if we could transfer all of our data from the old wii to the new wiiU. if that was possible then I would pay more.

        1. But not everything is transferable that way? I’ve tried save data and it didn’t work.

            1. No, I’ve noticed that as well. Sometimes it throws an error when you try to transfer certain save files. I don’t know if it’s due to corrupted data or what, but I have had issues with that as well.

                1. Some files are non sd card saveable such as brawl mkw etc.. But well see.. I expect a way to fully sync old data onto the new console.. and i payed $300 for my wii :p id pay $400ish. I expect it to be $350-400 pretaxes

          1. Have you checked to see if the game has online play?
            Much like Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Monster Hunter Tri?
            They won’t allow transfer cause of the data working only with that Wii console.

  1. Depending on the games really at launch. But I think I’d pay about £300 at most for it on launch day.


    In all seriousness I am not interested in the Wii U. And, seeing as this console will probably cost $300 to $350 on launch I don’t have any interest in picking it up. Maybe once its $200 or less and has a good game line-up I will pick it up. As of now I don’t care about it.

    1. $300 to $350 sounds realistic. Really hoping it won’t go above that. Less than $200 is very unrealistic, but we can dream, right? ;P

    1. They already confirmed achievements on IGN’s live blog during the developer roundtable the other day. At least, Ubisoft did for Ghost Recon. I doubt very much it’ll be specific to that game. If they can do it, other companies can and will.

  3. Any price will sound cheaper than anything Apple has to offer, and way better than what M$ and $ony will offer to players in the next couple of years…

    Anyway, i’d pay 300$ for a Wii U and a simple Wii U controller.

  4. I would be happy if it were £180-£250. I’m also hoping they try their hardest to keep the price of the controller down, though I can still see it being quite expensive.

  5. Reggie said that the “value” would be competative, not nessecarily the price. I think he made that very clear since he didn’t want to comment the price.

  6. There seems to be this idea running around that Reggie claimed that the Wii U will be priced competitively against the PS3 and 360, but that’s not what he said.
    He said the Wii U will have a competitive VALUE compared to the PS3 and 360.
    Personally, I’m expecting the system to be $400, but I would probably pay even more. If the system is less than $400, than personally I think no one has anything to complain about.

  7. I’d pay about $300 to $350 dollars for it at launch. Nintendo could sell the U with 8GB of flash memory for $300 and sell a high-end version with a built-in 300GB hard drive for $400-$500. Just a thought, because I don’t want to ruin the look of that console by having an external drive hanging off the back of it.

    1. Built-in HDDs are lame. I already have an externa HDD, and would rather use that than have to pay for another HDD just for the Wii. Also, built-in HDD would mean no option for people who have wifi-enabled HDD storage, which is the future anyway. Imagine having a 2TB HDD wirelessly hooked up to your computer AND your Wii U, from anywhere in the house. I’ll take that over a built-in HDD of any size, any day.

    2. You’re afraid to put a HDD in because you’re worried it will ruin the look? LOL, put it behind it, you won’t even see it. Besides, do you stare at your console rather than the screen?

  8. I think Nintendo is smart enough not to make the mistake Sony did initially with the PS3’s launch price. However I believe the Wii U will be over $300. My guess is…um…$450, possibly?

    1. I hope not! Pricing the Wii U over $400 would be a big mistake on Nintendo’s part in my opinion.

      1. Nintendo likes to keep it cheap. No comments on price because that could still change dradtically.. But anyways $300 was expensive for nintendos liking thisll probly be $400ish with the controller probly around $70? How much was the ps3 s controller initially? It was expensive..

  9. Or they could have the system at about $350 and sell additional controllers (bundled) at increments of $75. One controller system costs $350, two for $425, three for $500, four for $575.

  10. To have Big N’s big first party titles and a promise of full 3rd party support with the Wii U’s potential power, price is of no concern for me. Nintendo’s pricing has always been reasonable and if it ends up being around $400 without a HDD (rather buy my own, wayyyy cheaper) then we’ll know there’s some serious firepower under the Wii U’s hood. Do what you need to do nintendo bcuz I’m down with whatever you decide! I have all the systems so this is not a biased post, just confident in nintendos ability with this system

  11. LOL @ The “less than $300” people. Right. The Wii was half the console this is, and it was $249 when it launched. The XBOX360 was almost double that. The PS3? Not even going to talk about it.

    I think you’ll find that if the third party games (good ones) are there, and there are good enough Wii U-exclusive third party & first party IPs, people will pay just about anything, regardless of their “OMG, no way” attitudes now. I heard nothing but “ZOMG THE PS3 IS TOO EXPENSIVE” comments before it debuted, and then everyone went out and got one anyway. Trolls will be trolls, but real gamers will pay for a system worth it’s salt. All that remains to be see is: will the Wii U be worth it’s salt?

  12. Considering the 3DS is $249.00 I am bet near $500.00 – $600.00 range on release in the U.S.

  13. I’m guessing it’ll be 350. Which i think is completely reasonable for a brand new hardware launch in 2011. I wont pick it up until it has a strong software line up, hopefully Nintendo learned from the 3DS’s poor launch.

  14. Max I’d be willing to pay, before taxes, is $399. Over that, I REALLY can’t justify spending that much money.

  15. Give me external or WiFi HDD cabibility and the use of AT LEAST 2 Wii U controllers and I’ll pay $699 for the system. Don’t give me those: $350 or less.

  16. To be honest i am not really bothered about the price, the stuff we saw at E3 was impressive enough really. Cant wait for it really. Zelda and Marion on that beast will be EPIC!!!!!

  17. I would buy it at launch if it’s 300-325 and has a new sidescrolling Mario games or mario kart. those 3D mario games I just have a very hard time playing.

  18. Nooooooooooooo,
    -5 on the hype-O-meter. I believe the right price should be anywere from $350-450 dollars. then i’m game

  19. It looks awesome and they can be very creative and fun with this console. I’m excited. But wouldn’t pay anymore then $400

  20. /me already has $267 in allowance alone and is still slightly worried.
    /me also has a brother who may want to get it too, so this removes some worries.

  21. Its on a site here in the UK to pre-order it already for £399, i think they are assuming thats the highest price it would be at launch, and thats as high as i would be prepared to go too.

  22. $300. if it wants to compete with the PS3 and 360, it HAS to have that price! remember the PS3’s launch? lololololol

    1. It’s not competing with those systems. Those systems, considering they are older and much less compelling, will be struggling to compete against the U.

  23. It isn’t going to be cheap compared to what, $250 for a Wii? PS3 start at $300, and $400+ for the Move bundle. I’d be willing to pay up to $350; just as long as it’s less than $400. As far as I know, internal memory is what raises the price of consoles, but the Wii U will be utilizing more of an SD card or external hard drive as storage, this should help keep the price down somewhat. However, it the CPU and GPU are as powerful as the rumors say, we could see the price creep into exorbitant territory. But, I think Nintendo knows that they will have to intentionally keep the price down in order to get it off the shelves and into the living room.

  24. Considering I already have a HD console and I’d be getting this for the gimmick of the controller I’d say $299.99 tops.

    Anything after that and this will be the 1st console launch I don’t buy at the midnight release.

    1. You know, I really am getting tired of troll/fanboys like you, people who assert unfounded claims based on some prejudice misconception. Anyway, you are wrong. If you had half a brain, you’d know this system is not just a gimmick, it’s a “game changer.” Neither was the Wii a gimmick. It, too, changed games.

  25. Not willing to go above $300. Just not that interested or impressed. Realistically, I’m expecting it to be higher though.

  26. Well seeing as how the other consoles are ~$300, and the WiiU is slightly more powerful, and has more appealing games $350 sounds about right. Though they said the controller would be coming with it so… you never know.

  27. I’m willing to pay $300-$350. If Nintendo finds a way to let the system use more than one tablet controller, $400-$450.

  28. Well, Priced competitively means probably the 300-500 range. I personally would be willing to spend about $400 plus tax.

  29. Low prices are a thing of the past. I realized that when the 3DS and Wii have the same price tag at launch. But I’m not worried. I’ll just put money to the side because Wii U seems worth it.

  30. well, the Wii was AU$400 at launch, and PS3 was AU$1000 (bleh) but I’d be happy with $600. EB Games already has a pre-order price of AU$598 for Wii U on their site. But you know what? I don’t care, I’ll pre-order it and pay of $50 every now and then, Very easy way to get one very exciting console :D

    1. btw, why the hell are Aussies still paying more when the Aussie and U.S. dollars are pretty much even now!? I paid AU$350 for my 3DS, what was the U.S. price?

  31. Its over 5000!!!! But seriously, I hope nothing above 300, but to be fair, a 6.2 inch touch screen at that quality, still a minimum of 150€/$? Plus the costs of NEW custom HD hardware…. 350€ including all 7 tech demos as a demo-disc. This is instead of console+game like the 90s always had, haha =)

    350 + 7 Tech demos.

  32. The most this system will cost is $450. Anything over that will be suicide. I hope it’s $400, that’d be the sweet spot; or even $350 (not likely). But at this price, I expect the new U-mote, of course, and a pack-in game, perhaps Mario Mii? They might do an HD Wii Sports though.

  33. They will need to be extremely careful. I think they saw that the Wii was too cheap (sold for 700 on eBay in the first few months!), but the 3DS was over priced. If they want us early adopters to form lines like for the Wii, it cannot be more than $400. Anything over 400 and I will need to see sufficient reasoning with including games, wii remote pluses etc. If the graphical standards match that of 360 and PS3, more than 400 will lead to more people not purchasing. If the graphics do surprass by a good margin then some will purchase it.

    I’d like to spend around 350, might go to 400 with developing news, but >400 I will join the waiters for the first price drop.

  34. There are some features that I want if it costs $300 to $350. When Reggie says that it will be priced according to Xbox and PS3, do they mean when they launched or now?

    I hope the Wii U can do some things that the other consoles can do such as DVD play, but seeing as how Nintendo hasn’t had this feature for a couple gens now, I don’t know.

  35. Hoping it comes out around income tax refund time. That way, I can afford it no matter how expensive.

  36. Well, Reggie never said it was going to be cheap. He said it would be priced competitively to the other systems based on what they were going to offer, including some sort of online service that they haven’t disclosed yet. The rumors say that the price is going to be $350-$400 for this fall, but it would be cheaper if they launched by next year. It’s all PR talk, so you need to really understand what they’re saying.

  37. They should bundle it with one rpg, a wii sport thing and Mario 2d a new one then they can charge what they want.

  38. $400-$450

    We have plenty of time to save up if we really want one, so there is no excuse.

  39. $350 is about as much as I would be willing to pay. ($400 tops if it blew my mind like no other gaming console out there). Even then, it would break the bank a bit.

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