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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo President Talks Multiple Wii U Controller Support

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has now confirmed that the Wii U can support multiple Wii U controllers. We’ve been hearing mixed things about this issue since the console was first revealed at E3 last week. Shigeru Miyamoto previously told press that the Wii U would only support one tablet controller, but now Satoru Iwata has chipped in to say that the system can support multiple Wii U controllers. Clearly the deciding factor is pricing, as undoubtedly the controllers won’t be cheap to purchase and manufacture.

“Technically, it is possible for the Wii U to support multiple Wii U Controllers.”


25 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo President Talks Multiple Wii U Controller Support”

    1. That is genius, but if you’re playing two player, one person can have the TV with a wiimote while the other uses the Wii U controller.

      1. I thought it was a good idea when they revealed at least 2 can be used. Knowing that 4 can be uses scares my wallet, but excites me for possibilities like this. No more split screen cheating!

  1. The idea of having to buy multiples of these scares me… Please make these controllers affordable… -_-

    1. I’m with you on this. It almost seems like the controller itself is as much as the console, if not very, very close. That’s where they put their entire focus of the presentation, after all.

  2. I was thinking about this; if this manages to emulate the success of the Wii then the want for use of multiple UControllers per console will increase… So I’m glad we have confirmed it’s possible.
    Personally I’m not really worried about the cost of another controller, I usually only use the Wii for multiplayer when my friends are around etc. and there’s always one who brings extra remotes, so if the WiiU manages the same success this will probably get around having to buy other UControllers! :) I know this isn’t a solution for everyone, but I very much reckon the cost will not be too high for people to be put off buying a second controller, which I think will be ample for the majority of users anyway!

    1. Agreed. I’ve had my xbox 360 since launch and own only 2 controllers for it. I love playing local multiplayer and when I want to play 4 players I just tell my friends to bring some extra controllers! It’s an easy, cheap fix. Not being able to have the option to do this on the Wii U would be a HUGE drawback (and we all know if Nintendo can’t offer this, Microsoft or Sony will down the road, killing the WiiU) certain games will be fun with just one tablet but most Core games (Smash Bros, FPS’s, Madden, Pokemon, hell maybe even a HD four swords follow up) would be fantastic with more that one tablet. PLEASE Nintendo, it has to be compatible with 4!

  3. This is going to be expansive but im probably not gonna get it anyway… in my eyes it’s awesome but in my wallets eyes it’s scary… and also, it’s just another gimmick by nintendo, i still a little dissapointed in the 3DS

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  5. i don’t care how expensive extra controllers are…just knowing it’s possible is a “f*ck yes” moment! please have multiple controllers! i don’t care how much the are! take my money, please!

    1. Right?! I mean come on how much is the controller REALLY gonna be? 85-90 bucks? That was about the price of a Wii mote & nunchuck @ Wii launch?

  6. Personally, I would like to see the Wii-U be support the Nintendo 3DS as an extra controller as aI replacement of Wii-U controller since it already has a screens and buttons.

  7. If they can at least have 3 Wii U controller support, the separate screen multiplayer concept can be properly realized. Remember, a 4th player can use the TV, and it’s obvious if someone’s cheating because they’re looking up. Having a 4th would eliminate the temptation, but the concept does work with 3.

  8. Seriously, is anyone surprised by this? The whole confusion was started by gaming publications. Nintendo decided to show tech demos only, not finished games, so they showed 1 controller with multiple Wii remotes. Miyamoto also said that the system was designed for 1 Wii U controller, but he also said that multiple controller were possible if everyone else was to bring their own controller. This is what happens when people get to a conclusion before the final version of the items in question. People thought the 3DS didn’t have any more uses than what had been shown, yet now the 3D slider can be used for other things, which is shown in 3D classic Excitebike.

  9. Well, if you have friends, just hope that they also have a Wii U and can just bring their tablet over. However, from what I have seen, it seems like it would be weird to have more than one of these things.

  10. I think you are all misunderstanding the console. If you buy multiple Wii U controllers, they will most likely not be used much. The big, fun ideas that incorporate the use of the controller’s features are really meant to be single-player affairs. I see most of you have been using Smash Bros. as an example of why multiple Wii U controller input is necessary, but I don’t understand why. Smash Bros., and other heavily multiplayer-focused games, will most likely not incorporate many features of the Wii U controller because it doesn’t make sense to. If everyone in the room is playing on their own Wii U controller’s screen, then what’s the point of having the television? This would be especially silly in FPS games, where splitscreen local multiplayer is the most rational thing to do. Let’s say you and some friends are over at a someone’s house, preparing to play Battlefield. Which would you rather play on, one of the tiny screens, or on the huge, full HD TV? To imply that someday all multiplayer on Wii U will be split between the TV and controllers is silly to me. Maybe everyone could use a Wii U controller for their radar and inventory and such, all while using the four-player split screen on the television for the main action. I absolutely love Nintendo, and I am hoping for the best with the Wii U, but the nature of the Wii U controller is simply best suited for solo gaming.

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