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Nintendo Wii U: Sega Bringing High Definition Sonic To Wii U

Sega has officially announced that it’s bringing its spiky blue mascot to Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console. Whilst this isn’t the most surprising news ever, it will come as good news to the millions of Sonic fans out there. Sega wouldn’t touch upon what they plan to do with the system, but they’re specifically looking to put the controller to good use. Do you think think it will be a port of Sonic Generations, or a brand new Sonic game entirely?


18 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Sega Bringing High Definition Sonic To Wii U”

  1. Wii U can do things other consoles can’t. I expect something completely different from Sonic Generations, though a port would certainly be nice. Right now, though, I’ll simply remain curious until they decide to leak some details on just what exactly they have in mind!

  2. Unfortunately SEGA’s EVP of Marketing, Alan Pritchard, said outright they won’t bring Sonic Generations to the Wii U. Aside from this not lining up with the anniversary year this was meant for, they said they don’t want to port games but rather build one from the ground up for Wii U.

    I don’t think this should’ve stopped them from releasing it on Wii U, but it’s their call. Nevertheless, this quote makes it absolutely certain that the Sonic game for the Wii U will be made exclusively for it.

    1. Additional note: We can only hope this original game won’t be another “Sonic & the [blank]” and instead be a continuation of their path of developmental ideas they’ve taken with Colors. They at least have a golden opportunity to make Sonic relevant again, regardless of whether or not they blow that chance.

  3. I think that it will be a a new sonic game because I do not think that sonic generation use all the new abilities of the new controller

  4. I can see them doing an innovation and use the WU tablet to take Sonic to new hights, and this won’t be the only one of course, so a port in addition isn’t farfeched

    1. Which is why they went back in time and got him to show Sonic’s corpse (new Sonic) how it’s done in Generations.

  5. this is pretty cool! btw i love how you guys post shots of random nintendo or video game things on your site….like the micro shot (assuming) of the red mushroom…that was cute lol

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