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Nintendo: No Zelda Anniversary Collection Says Nintendo President

Both Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto turned down suggestions from Nintendo of America to do a Zelda collectors pack to celebrate the franchises 25th anniversary. Miyamoto and Iwata both agreed that another collectors pack ‘wasn’t the Nintendo way’ and subsequently refused Nintendo of America’s suggestion to do a special package for fans.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword on the Wii should give fans plenty of reason to celebrate the series in 2011 though, and Nintendo is also releasing two soundtrack CDs, Four Swords – for free – on DSiWare, and a gold WiiMote, as well as staging series of Zelda-themed concerts around the world.


32 thoughts on “Nintendo: No Zelda Anniversary Collection Says Nintendo President”

  1. That honestly sucks, I mean they did an aniversery package for Mario(provided it is their best seller) but The Legend of Zelda has a more diverse fan base who are more deticated to the franchise. Am I right?

    Bad Move Nintendo, Bad Move

    1. Not really…. we already have the collectors edition, and what with the 2 new games coming out, as well as Link’s Awakening available for the eshop, it will soon be clear that OOS/OOA will also become available for it, so there is no point in releasing a big collection, what games would they include that havn’t recently been release, remade or made available for download hmmm?
      Maybe this is something they should save for perhapse when the franchise finishes? or 50th anniversery? whichever comes first

      1. I can’t play Legend of Zelda or Link to the Past on my 3DS. Hence, they are only “all downloadable” if you want to hop from one console to the next.

        Bad move Nintendo. Damn, would’ve been nice to carry the original LOZ with me on the 3DS.

        Once again. They do what they want, not what we want. I find some solace that NOA tried.

    2. Not really…. I mean, we already have the collectors edition and what with the 2 new games coming out this year, as well as Link’s Awakening being made available on the eshop, it’s clear that eventually OOS/OOA will also become available. So which games that haven’t recently been release, remade or made available for download would be included in this hmmm? So I think it’s best not to have one now anyway, maybe save it for when the franchise finishes, or 50th anniversary… whichever comes first

  2. I’m happy with what they’re doing so far. I definitely plan on getting the gold Wiimote if I can (Skyward Sword special edition?).

  3. boooo bad move is bad. i was honestly hoping for that zelda collection, as the mario collectionwas such a steal! bad call nintendo.

  4. They already did a freakin collection, OoT, MM, LttP, and Zelda II. Why do another one??? Stop complaining. There’s already too much zelda going around right now anyway if you really think about it. Jeez I swear you fans are never satisfied. I’m a fan too but dang…

  5. Does nobody else think it’s weird that he said “two soundtrack CDs”?? I only remember hearing about one soundtrack…

    1. He said that there will be two CD’s. One of Ocarina of Time’s music and the other of the orchestra, that played in Nintendo’s Press Conference at E3, that will play in different parts of the world. So, that’s two CD soundtracks.

  6. Arent they already remaking OoT on 3DS with updated visuals, one of the highest requested things from fans?

    I’d consider that a huge celebration in its own. Stop complaining.

  7. They are already doing a lot more than they did for Mario’s anniversary. For him, they ported the SNES collection to the Wii with a couple extras like a book or something (I didn’t get it).

    For Zelda, they are re-releasing a lot of games and even a new game as well as holding concerts of the famous music of the franchise. So they aren’t making a collection, but like others have said, they had one for the Gamecube that had a lot of the big titles of the series.

    In conclusion, they are doing a lot more for Zelda.

  8. Well considering I still have The Zelda Collector’s Edition on Gamecube (Which has The Original LoZ, TAoL, OoT, & MM), ALttP on Virtual Console, and alot of Zelda games in between on Gameboy, DS, and GCN, I’m pretty satisfied with their decision. I’ll just collect the rest of them on my own.

    1. i hope they will announce a new metroid for 3DS… or at least release metroid II for virtual console :-)

  9. Honestly, people can’t get enough, can they? I also feel bad for NOA for being turned down like that. At the same time, another collector’s edition would not feel right. They might save that for the Wii U with an HD remake of the original Zelda or something. We already have 2 big games coming to the 3DS and Wii, a golden Wii remote, several Zelda-themed things such as Mario 3DS, 2 free soundtrack CD’s, and then the concerts. I know they’ll charge for the concerts; it’s the obvious thing to do, but people will still go. This year has been about Zelda, yet there are people who still complain? The eShop is young, so let’s patiently wait for OOS and OOA as well as the announcement for GBA game with ALttP and so forth. An HD version of Wind Waker or even a 3DS version wouldn’t hurt either.

  10. For those of you saying, “stop complaining” – you don’t get it.

    We “complainers” are not fans. We’re Obsessed fans. We want to play games using Nintendo’s new 3D technology. We want to play Zelda, in every rendition, everywhere we go. (and metroid, and mario)

    We are DYING to give nintendo our money, and are begging Nintendo to sell us the same zelda games (all of them) over and over and over. So we can play them on the wii if we’re at home, or on the DSi / 3DS on the go.

    Stop complaining that we’re complaining. We’re paying Nintendo’s salary, and we’d fucking raise the roof on their stocks if they would give us what we want.

    We’re not asking Nintendo to cure cancer (although they are innovative enough they probably could) – we’re asking to pay for games they already developed, or asking they apply their own technology to them.

    Sheesh. Open your ears and just try to see what we’re disappointed about.

    1. I agree. I never got the Gamecube collection, but I already have downloaded all the games. But I would love to have ALttP with me wherever I go. I’d even pay $39.99 just for that game.

  11. Whats the big deal, you can get most of them on the Wii VC, unless theyre more remakes theres no point! Mario collection was fine cause you couldnt get those games by VC (the remakes anyway)

  12. Good call, Iwata & Miyamoto. A simple collector’s pack would’ve been a disgrace just like last year.

    I’m sure we’d all much rather have a Zelda game on every platform (one free and one brand new), a special Wiimote, an OoT tune orchestrated, a commercial w/ Robin & Zelda Williams and a touring Zelda symphonic orchestra that performed @ E3 (and they have a couple more announcements still up their sleeve) than a box with an over 15-year-old rom, a booklet with a couple interesting tidbits and a CD with one half containing main themes (not all orchestrated) and the other 1-second noises.

    Again, I think they made the right call.

  13. I Want To See Ocarina Of Time Re-Worked & Re-Modelled (but NOT changed as far as plot/world is concerned)…then released For Wii or Wii U with Skyward Sword’s Controls and UI :-) Any Takers?????

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