Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles Dated For Europe Along With Special Pre-Order Bundle

Nintendo Europe has finally announced when European consumers can get their hands on the eagerly awaited JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles. The game is set to be released in Europe, September 2nd, and comes with an optional pre-order exclusive bundle that comes with a limited edition red Classic Controller Pro, three signed posters and a reversible cover that has been voted on by fans. Who’s looking to pick this beauty up?



    1. Don’t think pricing has been announced but I would presume it would be similar to the pricing of the Monster Hunter Tri package.

  1. Hmm, I am in 2 minds whether to get this.
    The battle system looks a bit like FF12. And I didn’t enjoy that.
    Anyone know if it is very different?
    Graphics look like early PS2 graphics, its a bit disappointing, but I am not worried by them if the gameplay is fun.
    I doubt I will get this package, I already have the original classic controller.

  2. They’re rubbing it in our faces! I already have a Classic Controller, and a golden Classic Controller Pro (from Goldeneye 007). I would love to add that new controller to my collection. And if that’s the final look of the box, then it looks really sick! Even if we end up getting the game, there’s no way in hell they would make a bundle like this. They didn’t do ANYTHING especial for OoT 3D other than the soundtrack CD. I’m happy for Europeans, but this really pisses me off.

    Depending on how they handle the situation, I might not get A Wii U after all. I’m not even going to be able to play the games I want to play if this keeps up anyways, especially when Monolith Soft is supposedly working on a Wii U project. I may just try to forget about the whole thing if I don’t get the system, and that comes from a big Zelda fan. It’s my small way of protesting, though I doubt it’s going to impact their sales.

    1. I hear ya. And I can’t even play my Zelda because my 3DS is being repaired from it’s “lower screen” defect.

      Now, with great games being with-held, not sure what I’ll do.

  3. This is Nintendo’s way of kicking us in the face. C’mon at least RELEASE the freaking game in North America! We don’t even need a fancy preorder bonus! JUST LOCALIZE PLEASE!

  4. As most others have already stated, this feels like a slap to the face and really ticks me off!

    I have no problem whatsoever with Europe getting the game but not releasing a genuinely good game here is infuriating.

  5. I want this game localized, but it might mollify me for a few days if they’d sell that sexy red Classic Controller Pro here in the US.

  6. Who’s got two thumbs and is going to hack his Wii just for this Pandora’s Tower, and The Last Story, this guy. Thanx NOA or whoever’s to blame YOU made me do this

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