Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo President Explains Why Hardcore Gamers Will Flock To Wii U

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted that the Wii wasn’t too big a hit with the ‘hardcore’ gamers out there, but the company is looking to rectify that with its new console, the Wii U. Iwata seems to be under the impression that the reason ‘hardcore’ gamers abandoned the Wii was due to the consoles unique motion controller, and the lack of HD visuals. What do you think?

“Wii was not accepted by core gamers because they did not want to abandon their preferred control approach.”

“Additionally, Wii did not use HD because HD cost performance at the time was low.”

“Wii U makes it easier to use conventional controls. Also, the Wii U controller is not as big or heavy as it looks.”



  1. Hopefully they’ll put in an awesome online infrastructure with an achievements system, easy to navigate download store, and cross-game chat on by default as well to REALLY wrangle in the hardcore gamers. :-)

    Well, a man can dream, can’t he? :'(

    1. I couldn’t care less about achievements well depends they make the most simple things “achievements” everything else I hope so. Since the hard drive will have to be bought separate I fear nintendo won’t really commit to a download storesince they love skimping on features that don’t come with the their hardware out of box. We shall see I guess.

    2. I’m sure Nintendo will go along with what they did with the eShop for the 3DS, since it’s so easy to navigate and buy games from it. Also if they don’t have voice chat in Mario Kart Wii U (it hasn’t been confirmed, but you can pretty much expect it) then I will raeg out.

      1. Oh, God, I hope not! I don’t want what they did with the 3DS’ eShop. It’s a far-cry from what we SHOULD be getting as a STANDARD in this day and age. The Wii U is coming out in freaking 2012! If it’s not up to standards set YEARS ago, then I’ll lose all hope of Nintendo creating a decent online infrastructure.

        Jim Sterling can explain the problems with the eShop better than I can here:

        1. Ha so funny. I felt the wii shop thing worked well though. The 3ds is confusing though. Oh well. Also I’m pretty sure steam is going to appear on the wiiu also.

          I pretty much don’t like any of the online purchase portals though. Nothing beats FTP lol.

          1. On online infrastructures? Hell, no. Absolutely not. Nintendo was the LAST company to ever get online play on their home console. SEGA was the first, followed by Sony, and then Microsoft. If you count computers in the video game wars, Steam also has a brilliant online infrastructure. Hell, even APPLE, of all companies, has a better online system than Nintendo does, and that’s just sad. :(

            Nintendo is far behind when it comes to their online features. They may set standards in other things, but online sure as Hell isn’t one of them. There’s no way you could deny that; it’s simple fact. I love Nintendo, but I hate their online. Most people do, regardless of what YOU want to believe.

            1. Nintendo sets the standards for the current gaming society. Online is only a small portion that wouldn’t exist if Nintendo hadn’t created such a powerful infrastructure for consoles to begin with.

              Apple having a better online infrastructure then Nintendo is sad? You might want to rethink that. A computer based company has a stronger online infrastructure then a console gaming company. This is a shock.

        2. Agreed if Nintendo doesn’t have similar services comparable to the 360 or PS3. They can say goodbye to those hardcore gamers.

  2. I’m not sure that that’s the ENTIRE reason that “hardcore” gamers didn’t like the Wii U…=/ Oh well. I still think the Wii U is gonna be awesome. ^_^

  3. That about sums it up, as well as the Wii games library catering to more child friendly games.

      1. Dunno if I’d say ‘last’, it all depends on what happens from here. If they feel they’re losing touch with the casual audience, then they’ll tilt back towards it. But if Nintendo succeeds in their plan of bringing every demographic on board to the WiiU (more like the DS did), then who knows~

      2. there was a VERY “hardccore” title on wii, which was SSBB, i dont know how many hours i kept training, i became the best at all the characters, i even made a custom training stage for ganon, id like to see a COD player do that

  4. Wii U will be awsome,I’m both a hardcore and casual gamer so to have one console where I can play Zelda or Mario and switch to call of duty or assasins creed is very cool,not to mention it in hd graphics with a freakin cool controller,you can say I’m sold…

  5. I believe the most really “hardcore” gamers are those who enjoy playing with a simple puddle of water (Fluidity) than those who don’t believe innovation it’s better than just graphics! So the therm hardcore and casual gamer… well for me those are not two different kinds of gamers but just unnecessarily concepts.

    About this article I believe it’s my personal opinion that the difference with other consoles it’s the main and most memorable franchises out there. There are a lot of people who loves FPS for example. They won’t change their beloved Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc for Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc…

    So the way the Wii U will really be “hardcore” it’s to include in their games library franchises more “mature” and more KNOWN and famous. Of course the will be cases impossible to accomplish… We won’t ever see Halo in a Nintendo console, OF COURSE, but sometimes people don’t even know this, so the games library it’s VITAL!! (EX there are several people complaining about the tech demos about Mii’s… Those are seen as “kiddish” to a lot of people so they won’t be interested in Wii U at the beginning)

    So in synthesis my believe it’s that more “mature” games are needed so more “hardcore” gamers come to Wii U. Notice I’m mainly a Nintendo fan. I own a Wii, I’ve owned a Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi and now a 3DS and I won’t doubt in acquiring a Wii U but I’m trying to be as realistic as I can.

    ‘m interested in your opinion about what I’ve said. Please tell me what do you pleople think =)

    1. Here’s an accurate tip, write your comments in a Word document, and then paste it to the comments box; this will help negate spelling and punctuation errors. “…therm hardcore…” and “About this article I believe it’s my personal opinion”. The second one is the same thing twice; or don’t you believe it is your opinion? And, “So in synthesis my believe it’s…” you should have a comma after “synthesis” and the correct subject-verb agreement would be “belief”. In summation, “synthesis” is apt for the intro to a conclusive paragraph, but it’s seems obscure. I’m not trying to be an asshole; it’s just that this technique works for me.
      It’s also important to remember that Nintendo shouldn’t have to give blowjobs to third party developers in order to get a game on the original Wii console. Nintendo developed Twilight Princess, SM Galaxy 1 & 2, NSMBW, upcoming Skyward Sword, and other top-ranked games for the Wii console at a rate of almost one per year. 3rd party developers just say “fuck it” when it comes to the Wii. Nintendo sold 86 million Wii consoles, but apparently there no market for “non-HD games”.
      What I like, is that neither Mr. Iwata nor Mr. Miyamoto uses the word “hardcore”. Watch the E3 presentation; they instead use the terms “advanced and dedicated player”. That’s what I consider myself after beating all of these (and future) games. What Nintendo means by appealing to the ‘core” demographic is: Individuals who bought the Wii for its innovation and unique motion controls, and who are able to play the most advanced games, like myself (not necessarily only HD gamers).
      I only hope Nintendo isn’t the odd man out this time around again. I can only assume that developers will be able to develop new graphics engines for games that are superior to the ones already in capable on xbox/ps3. However, they won’t do this because they might not be able to port them onto the other systems because of the capability (remember, it’s a possibility). Instead of Wii not being able to get ports because of limitations, this time it will be the other way around. Instead of getting superior, console-exclusive 3rd-party material on Wii U, they’ll get ports that go to all 4 systems. Because it’s still 2 (excluding PC) against 1. Developers: “Why should we develop a game with an enhanced graphics engine for one system, even if it is superior, when we can downgrade it and put it on all the systems? = $$$”

      1. I also forgot to mention the Wii remote plus’ advantage by having the ability to point or draw directly on the television screen for games such as Okami, New Blood, as well as Resident evil 4, and Darkside Chronicles (at least for the Wii). And the onmipresent tilt motion of the independent controller for MarioKart. All of this functionality will be available on the Wii U; the technology of the new “tablet controller” and the existing Wiimote controllers is already available. Nintendo and 3rd-party dvelopers just need to cultivate the HD games around this revolutionary technology, and utilize all of it’s controls to the fullest level.

  6. Maybe if they released hardcore games in the first place, they would have attracted hardcore gamers… I can’t believe they haven’t realized that by now.

    1. OH, so a game that takes 50h to beat which is the legend of zelda twilight princess isnt hardcore?
      OH, so Metroid prime trilogy is not hardcore because its not M rated?
      these games are more hardcore than any FPS/TPS will ever be!
      and yeah theres a game on DS,yes DS, called 999 which is very scary/hard
      theres another DS game called dimentium 2 which is probably the scariest game you will ever play,IS THAT NOT HARDCORE!

      1. Exactly! Nintendo knew what they were getting into without going hd and they sold a shitload of consoles. Now they got new people to taste what it’s like in the gaming world and now they’re looking to bridge the gap. I was more than happy with many of the Wii games I’ve bought and can say at least half of my top 10 games were on the Wii, ds and 3dd

  7. Wii: We’re going to make it so everyone can play this, not just hardcore gamers!

    Wii U: We think that the Wii wasn’t good enough for hardcore gamers, so that’s what this is for!

    Next console: We’re going to make it so everyone can play this, not just hardcore gamers!

    Console after that: We think that the Wii wasn’t good enough for hardcore gamers, so that’s what this is for!

  8. try calling yourself a hardcore gamer and then getting all the stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

      1. Exactly, we can control a dual controller with two independent parts (one part in each hand) with motion control (jump spin/twirl), be able to achieve the most difficult levels so far under Miyamoto’s teams, and yet you, nor me, nor the rest of the tens of millions of individuals who can do this are considered “hardcore” gamers, strictly due to graphics details; then personally I don’t want to be a “hardcore” gamer, I want to be an ´…advanced and dedicated player” as Satoru Iwata called it. I personally love the Wii remote plus, and if it weren’t incorporated into the new Wii U, I wouldn’t buy it.

  9. Yeah that’s about right. That and most ignorant gamers today think you don’t count as a hardcore gamer unless you play soley competitive FPSs or M-Rated games to which I reply, no that’s mostly hillbillies and fratboys.

    There’s also other reasons why the hardcore crowd didn’t flock to the Wii but granted despite it’s flaws, I have no regrets in ever purchasing a Wii. Especially not compared to the overrated crap the competition was throwing out most of the time. (Granted I OWN a 360 but not for Kinect and certainly not for Halo or Gears of War)

  10. Well I think theres room for nintendo franchises with the hardcore gamer but like you said it’s all about having the other games as well. Zelda and Metroid games do kinda cater to core gamers and there’s no doubt in my mind if Zelda was available across all platforms it would outsell many hardcore titles. Hopefully this time around nintendo can get those 3rd parties and hold on to them. The wii’s biggest turn off was having to rely on nintendo’s 1st party games with months between each of their releases. With little to no 3rd party support. I don’t know about y’all but I can beat a game in a week and having to wait months for something else to play just plain sux. Having nintendo release brand new mature themed franchises would definitely help their company image.

  11. Well I know I will purchase this Console and if a new game comes out that I don’t know, I’m willing to try.

  12. Wrong, those people that wouldn’t touch it because of the control or the graphics aren’t hardcore gamers PERIOD. Those are the mainstream junkies that play maybe 1 or 2 games a year.

    The hardcore gamers complaints were things like FRIENDCODES, low demo count for wiiware games, no demos for retail and vc games, not stable online, no voice chat – then bad voice chat – then lack of use for both voice chat devices, lack of real mii integration into the system, not being able to communicate with random people through the net and make friends, small storage and lack of integrating the SD card properly for storage, not supporting SD card music in most games (only one did this), sloppy online shop set up (even the 3DS isn’t exactly organized), and for the 3DS at least no communication between the people on your friends list.

    Lets be serious, 3DS does fix a lot of things that the Wii had problems with, but not being able to communicate between your friends is a slap back down to ground 0 in bad online set up. If you want to fix your game sales and get the hardcore back, increase the space, start doing demos, and fix your online. Making it so online communities can’t form and not letting people try games before they by them is your biggest faults. It is so sad that people can turn on there Wii, DSi, and 3DS and look up porn but can’t chat with there friends, make new friends, and play game demo’s. At this day and age where the iphone and ipad are creeping up on consoles and handheld sales, you need to have these features or you will fall behind.

  13. My friend who is much more of a gamer than I, played both RE4 on his X-Box and on my Wii and he preferred the motion controls because it was easier to aim. The problem with the controller was that developers never seemed to do it right; if they simply mimicked how Twilight Princess managed 3rd person, over-the-shoulder, shooters would have done much better. I, in all honesty, believe that “hardcore” (I don’t like the term, but it’s what they are) gamers detracted from the Wii because of bad online support, lack of games and (only in some cases) the motion controls.

  14. I think third party support was the biggest blow to the Wii. All of the games the hardcore wanted to play were not available on the Wii, or if they were available, it was a severely limited, worse looking, and worse playing version. Getting third parties on board with a powerful system is the one thing that might make the Wii U a success. But everyone is accustomed to Xbox Live and/or PlayStation Network. The hardcore aren’t going to leave those platforms for Nintendo’s unless Nintendo can create something better than what the hardcore already have access to right now.

    1. EXACTLY

      Thinking of it in terms of food. People aren’t going to want to eat the food if you don’t let them have a taste first. Even more so people aren’t going to want to step into your diner if the place has such strict rules and you need to be silent while inside and it has a dress code. However I’m from texas, ya there are people that will only eat at food chains and flashy restraunts but most people will go in an old hole in the wall joint if the food is good and the experience is great.

      This is the same thing for games, yes the flashy games and better hardware is going to attract more gamers and designers to the platform but they need to work on the experience as a whole to really win over the hardcore. Bad online kills a lot of experiences and the lack of demo’s means people aren’t going to try many games.

  15. I could care less for HD. I really care about the online service that they give. The Wii online games weren’t that great and compared to Xbox Live. Here’s hoping that the Wii U’s online is going to be great.

  16. thats a load of bull.

    “Wii was not accepted by core gamers because they did not want to abandon their preferred control approach.”
    Not true. we just wanted some hardcore games and instead were flooded with party family friendly games, making other consoles a lot more appealing. The lack of third party support for the wii also comes in play here, since the best games for the wii are actualy from nintendo itself.

    “Additionally, Wii did not use HD because HD cost performance at the time was low.”
    Yeah. We can see that by the PS3 and Xbox 360. It would be so impossible to do right?

    “Wii U makes it easier to use conventional controls. Also, the Wii U controller is not as big or heavy as it looks.”
    But it will still be expensive as F***, and the whole thing wasnt even because of the controler in the first place. Ppl wouldnt be so mad if we at least got some games like The Last Story in the west, or even a real final fantasy (dont give me any Crystal Chronicles BS). Y’know…Hardcore Games like the ones you are starting to get support on the Wii U.

    1. 1: nintendo didnt want to pull out a $599 console
      2: its a console! of coarse its expensive
      3: you make your comment look like its everybody’s by saying “Ppl”

  17. This system is perfect, except for the “only one Wii U controller per console” idea. If they change that, then this system will be perfect.

    1. FYI. They already retracted the one controller comment from before like a week ago. It was a huge relief for me to hear that. (:
      But they didn’t say exactly how many could be supported but we know it would at least be two

  18. Wrong!!! The Wii controller was the best thing about the console. It was and is the best controller ever made. Hardcore gamers left because there were so few hardcore games, instead there was just loads of pap, poorly coded, family party, cash-in, nonsense. The other consoles boasted hoards of mature games, there were some incredible treats on the Wii for those of us that did dig through the piles of rubbish in the shop, but not nearly enough. The Wii U controller looks EXPENSIVE and pointless, controllers die and I do not want to have to fork out for an entire tablet when that happens (and in-fact I won’t). I was really looking forward to the unveiling of the new Nintendo, expecting them to go back to doing things properly (we all know Nintendo can make games, all they needed was powerful hardware) instead they’ve re-created all the lame aspects of the Wii, only in HD with a controller that doesn’t look comfortable, intuitive or robust (it’s far too big! As if I want to look at a little screen in my hands, I spent money on a proper television – seriously what were they thinking!?!). They will sell a few of them, but only when the price comes down, and then it will be to infants, not gamers. The other console manufactures won’t be announcing new systems anytime soon because they simply have no need, they have not been challenged in any way by what the Wii U has to offer.

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