Nintendo Wii U: The Wii U Will Have Lots Of Extremely Strong First Party Software At Launch

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata informed the attendees at Nintendo’s shareholder meeting in Kyoto that the company acknowledges that it had a low software output for the 3DS launch and is seriously looking to work on that with Wii U. It’s widely accepted that the first party launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS weren’t strong enough to continuously drive 3DS sales, so it’s great that Nintendo have acknowledged that and are determined to avoid making the same mistake second time around. What would you like to see launch with Wii U?



  1. Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. Mii would make it an epic launch. And I think its not too crazy to imagine them being launch titles. I mean isn’t Super Mario Bros. Mii using the same engine and as NSMBWii? So that shouldn’t be hard to finish in time. And Pikmin 3’s been in development for who know’s how long now.

  2. yeah. the wii u launch better not suck! i’ll be mad if it does. although it does have wii back-up compatability.

  3. So basically they realized they were stupid not putting Mario, Zelda, Kirby, or Pokemon in the 3DS at launch? Good call.

  4. Okay!!!! That’s all I wanted to know. All this talk about 3rd party developers made me hope for something familiar. Still I can’t wait til we get to see footage of actual games though.

    I’d like to see F-Zero at launch.

  5. This is good, whilst it was a good idea to wait and give third party devs a chance to sell their games, it didn’t work and it just meant people didn’t buy the console.Hopefully they have really popular franchises, Like a HD zelda similar to the concept they showed, Twilight Princess probably helped to sell the wii a lot…

  6. I don’t think they should release one of their traditional first-party titles at launch like Zelda, Mario, or even Metroid, but maybe a new type of game. I think the Luigi’s Mansion strategy was great: make an all-new game to experiment with the new system, but make it really high quality and fun. Give it that Nintendo glow. Then, later, once they’ve played with the system enough, blow everyone’s minds with a fantastic traditional title. Remember the Wii’s launch titles? A GCN port and a bunch of games that taught us the very definition of gimmicky. Let’s not do that again. (And I’m not talking about Nintendogs, PilotWings, or Steel Diver. Those are not first party efforts. They’re half-assed titles and they’re embarrassing compared to other Nintendo titles)

  7. I really really REALLY want a new Metroid Prime in HD. If I get that and nothing else I will be happy.

  8. Wii U Sports HD
    Wii U Play HD
    New Super Mario Bros Mii HD
    Super Mario 128 HD
    Pikmin 3 HD
    Star Fox HD

    (And later…)
    Smash Bros 4 HD
    Pokemon Stadium 3 HD
    Mario Kart HD
    Zelda HD

    1. Probably right on the first part, just missing Metroid HD in the (and Later…) section. A lot of those domain names were claimed (outside Mario 128). Launch needs good games for sales. Now my wallet cowers again with fear, expensive system + many games to buy

  9. How bout a Pikmin 3, NSMBMii, Metroid , and F zero that wway they repersent some of the smaller and bigger franchises.

  10. Give me PIKMIN and Mario Kart, aim for impressive graphics and gameplay, and I PROMISE you Nintendo that I will buy it all on launch day.

  11. maybe a Fire Emblem launch, F-Zero, Kirby, pretty much all your first party stuff, hell stuff you haven’t released in a long time, like Kid Icarus and Earthbound

    1. Me too i want a rpg pokemon game like the handhelds not like stadium or the one with the whine toys, that stuff gets old. Quick!

    1. New Super Mario Bros. Mii was a TECH DEMO!!!! Demostrating how you can play on the controller!!! Mark my words…

      1. It looked unnatural to play as a mii. i pray that it doesn’t become a game, it didn’t look quiet right…

  12. As much as I want to say: BRING ME ZELDA! You guys are all ready working your ares off for SS, so instead, BRING ME STAR FOX!!!

  13. I would like to see Zelda HD at launch, but if its here Nov. 2012 I can settle with Skyward sword for some time;) Realistic launch titles Id like to see:

    – GEIST 2 HD // Metroid HD –> Good shooter to sexy up the hardcore people;)
    – Mario (Any plat-former, 2D or 3D, not both)
    – Pikmin 3 ( Though I never played 1 or 2 till the end )

    More games Id expect & do not care..
    – WiiU Sports
    – WiiU Party

    5 first party games… enough;) Quality and Quantity!

  14. I’m going to say Pikmin 3 since they said it wouldn’t be long before we see it. As for a wild guess, F-Zero, Metroid, and Star Fox (Miyamoto even said they wanted Star Fox to go back to its roots, so it makes sense). Then we’re going to get different franchises like Mii’s, Endless Ocean, etc to attract the casual. I don’t think they will release that many high profile first-party games since they need them for later on.

    Some may think that first-party games will sell more than third-party games at launch. Well, on the contrary, third-party games like Battlefield and Darksiders 2 will have trouble adapting to a Nintendo system since a lot of Nintendo fans are not familiar with these games. They need to build their audience from scratch, but here is where it gets interesting. The more games Nintendo put out from their studios, the more systems they will sell; the more systems are out there, the higher the chance for people to buy third-party games if they’re good (and please refrain from having Sponge Bob at launch, THQ). Also, I do think this time, they will market the hell out of the Wii U unlike with the 3DS, though I think they will also back up the 3DS this holiday once Kid Icarus, Mario 3DS, and Mario Kart are released.

    EA knows they need to build up their audience on a Nintendo system, and they also know Wii U has the potential to sell like hell, except it will be in HD, so the development costs for porting HD games will be extremely low compared to what they did with Wii where they had to literally make a new game, which was expensive. That is why all of these companies want to have games on day 1. Ubisoft will supposedly have 5 titles at launch. EA announced they have had the system for a while and have been working on games for it.

    Sure, it may become somewhat crowded if they have so many games out for the system, but the more games, the more units the system will sell, and these companies will not have invested as much money since they’re more like ports, and they want to capture the audience. Also, if they’re going to have a lot of Western games, then I assume Wii U will launch in North America/Europe first. Let’s wait and see.

  15. More than anything, I want to see a new ‘Prime-lie’ Metroid Just imagine the possibilities. The stunning artwork of retro unbounded by advanced graphical technology. And many great ideas could be explored with the Wii U remote. Think scanning with it.

  16. Realistically, Pikmin 3 has probably the highest chance of premiering with Wii U. And I’d much rather see F-Zero on the 3DS before Wii U just for mind-bending 3D effects. Star Fox, minor possibility. Zelda…nah too soon after SS. My DREAM is for a new Metroid, with online play like Echoes, except larger maps, more power-ups, and atleast 6 people on a team. Maybe even customizable characters rather than a set list like Hunters? A Ninten-nerd can only dream…

  17. There’s been some talk about StarFox and Metroid, so I’m expecting to see those there. I’m really hoping for some F-Zero, Pikmin 3, StarFox, Metroid, and Mario at launch. I’m guessing that we won’t see Smash Bros and Zelda for a long time.

  18. POKEMON == WiiU FTW
    True RPG style Pokemon for a console, been waiting since N64.
    They should also do a Release Edition bundling all the E3 demo’s including the Zelda tech demo as playable boss fight.

  19. Pikmiin 3 would boost the sales through the roof. New Super Mario Bros Mii would be a nice touch. They really need a Mario game to get the system going. COUGH 3DS COUGH. But most importantly 3rd party support. (Which is pretty much confirmed to be there) They say they’ll have 3rd party support but they have to show it, especially at launch. Looks like they’re learning from their mistakes though!

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