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Nintendo Wii U: The Zelda HD Wii U Tech Demo Wouldn’t Be Possible On Other Consoles Says Nintendo President

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has informed shareholders that the incredible Legend of Zelda tech demo that Nintendo showed off at this years E3 just wouldn’t be possible on any other console available on the marketplace. The demo was built specifically to show off the Wii U’s graphical capabilities and genuinely wowed attendees at the event. Nintendo has already stated that they’re currently hard at work transforming the demo into a brand new game, but have declined to comment on whether or not it will be a Wii U launch title.




55 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: The Zelda HD Wii U Tech Demo Wouldn’t Be Possible On Other Consoles Says Nintendo President”

  1. I find that hard to believe considering the tech demo looked like a late Gamecube game. The 360 AND Ps3 could best that demo.

    1. You are mistaken. I’ve heard from people that were there. The graphics are close to CG quality. Most people say its the best looking thing thay have see n running in real-time on a console. The Wii U is going to be a beast.

    2. “Late Gamecube game” is Twilight Princess, which was the pinnacle of realistic graphics on the system. This looks incredible, and much more smooth, with textures, lighting and polygons way beyond that. A good looking Wii game when it comes to realism is, say, Monster Hunter. And this surpasses that by miles. I think you outta check your facts.

    3. Masterman 2 to da 80

      Gamecube graphics? Kind embarrassing for a Gamecube to be more poweful than a 360 sand PS3. People were saying those games such as Arkam City Nintendo showed at the press confrence were crappy graphics, the funny thing is those games were infact PS3/360 gameplay. Lol idiots.

    4. Hey guys he is kind of right. Look at it this way lets say it was like a ten year late gamecube game if the gamecube upgraded to hd graphics better than the PS3 or 360 and it had a revolutionary new way to play console games with a tablet and was compatible with a former revolutionary controller shaped liked a remote. Oh what’s that you say……that’s the Wii U? Hmm……

    5. Late GameCube game? Really? What planet are you living on where GameCube could do anything even CLOSE to that? The Wii is more powerful (albeit only slightly) than the GameCube. You’re saying you could do this on a Wii? ROFL. Wow. Give me some of whatever it is you’re drinking/smoking.

      1. When I first saw the techodemo, I was in awe before I realized just how easy it is to pretend a movie full of cutscenes was an actual demo. However, seeing the cam footage, I am glad to admit I was wrong; the Wii U really does have the power to match up to (and beat, quite possibly) the 360 and PS3.

        And if an HD Zelda is available on launch date with the WiiU, raging Sony/Microsoft fanboys are gonna have to shut their faces. They can continue to bash the controller, which looks a bit oversized, IMO, but they can’t say Nintendo doesn’t deliver HD games. Of course, I’m holding my breath until the system’s released and reviewed and the online is up and running smoothly, then I’ll get it.

    6. First the Wii U will have a openGL capeable of matching DX11 and a power7 proseser don’t know what you are talking about but that trumps the PS3 by fare

  2. “Like a late gamecube game” I would like to visit your universe where the gamecube had better then Ps3 graphics please

  3. RaveToTheGrave…

    Warning Warning… a 360 and/or PS3 gamers as infiltrated the site and is talking out of his ass… Warning Warning… “like a late Gamecube” geez… I see this as a great thing that 360 and PS3 owners are coming out the wood talking out their ass about the quality graphically of the WiiU or using their next battle cry of “you just wait and see how much better PS4 and 360Next will be…”

    To reply to that stupidity would be… “Well you just wait when the WiiU2 comes out to trump what the PS4 and 360Next…” No one knows what the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony will bring so we live for the now. The Zelda game will be EPIC. The real mystery here is which of the Nintendo huge franchise will be release with the WiiU.

    1. What’s even funnier: Sony and Microsoft both said they have no plans to release a console in reaction to the Wii U. So all those fanboys that were saying, “just wait for PS4/XBOX720” now look like complete morons.

  4. Just to expand further…. he is not just talking about graphic fidelity (which includes smooth frame rate) but the experience that the controller brings to the game that cannot be reproduce on the 360 or the PS3…. So he is talking about the complete experience Sir RaveToTheGrave.

  5. Can’t blame him. That demo looked extremely close to CG. If they hadn’t told us, we would have thought it was pre-rendered. And for the haters infiltrating the site, graphics doesn’t apply to photorealistic only. This is not cel-shading either. For example, the individual animations on Link’s clothing, the high level of detail, especially on his hair and the animation, the detail of Gohnma (always spell it wrong), the detail of the Temple of Time while, the destruction effect along with especial effects, the realism of the water, etc. Let’s not forget the floor, which was reflecting what was happening on its surface, and the insane lighting effects. Lighting effects are very tricky and take up a lot of processing power if they’re as complex as what we saw. That’s why the Nintendo was showcasing lighting effects in the demo.

    1. I see a second person with the brain of a slug…. well it is true what they say… idiots “elgato_8569” always have something stupid to say. Gamecube graphics… interesting and very stupid.

      1. Did you read my comment or just the beginning where it says “CG?” CG in the computer world stands for “Computer Generated”. Or you could call it Computer Graphics, or Computer-generated Graphics. It’s like the Toy Story movies or the Ice Ace movies. In short, it’s pre-rendered graphics, though this demo was in real time. You would have understood if you had read my entire comment where I highly praise the demo and explain all it contains because that is next to impossible to pull off by the ps3/360.

        Btw, gamecube is abbreviated in Japan as NGC, and CGN in other parts; not CG.

        1. The most common abbreviation for Gamecube, other than GC, appears to be GCN, not CGN. Just looking out.

          And Nintendo was being humbe with the system’s graphics afterall.

  6. Hey rave funny thing that it was alot of people saying the graphics of the cutscenes of upcoming Wii u titles on the conference were shit, but they were indeed 360/ps3 graphics.

    In other words your argument is invalid mate. You’re like all the other trolls who have a immediate opion on nintendo graphics before you actually look at it. Seriously wow troll.

  7. Nintendo is confusing me with their talk of the Wii U’s power only being slightly more powerful than the ps3. Now the hd Zelda looks more beautiful than anything on ps3 and 360 and I also know there’s alot of power being used by the new controller. with the regular Wii, the Wii-motes were being pushed big to try to get attention away from the fact that it was a gamecube 1.5 as far as power goes. I don’t know if anyone will agree with me but I’m thinking nintendo might be doing they same type of ploy so they can “surprise” us at release with a bit more of a powerful of a system than they’re letting on! Am I way out in left field with this or could I be right? Nintendo made a shitload of $$ with the Wii and can really dump alot into the R & D Dept. I mite be crazy, I admit it.

    1. Masterman 2 to da 80

      I think Nintendo are saying the Wii U is a bit more poweful, because they don’t want people to focus on the graphics. If they are using AMD 4890 RV770, then it’s way more powerful than the 360/PS3.

      1. Thank you. I’m a dumbass when it comes to this end of the tech stuff. I just had a buddy(strictly a pc gamer) of mine look up that AMD and he said it’s pretty impressive if it’s to be used in a console machine. Any knowledge if nintendo was customizing that specific processor or a different one but making it comparable to the 4890? I don’t remember where I saw it but I do remember reading somewhere that nintendo was working with AMD and IBM on a custom card. Sorry, I’m just excited at the possibilities! (:

  8. gamecube graphics?? erm, in no way does that screenshot look like a gamecube game. look at the quality of the graphics and the nice textures. it’s much smoother looking on the wii U.

    it will sell extremely well, and if its bundled with the wii U, then that would be just fantastic.

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  10. this game reminds me of crytecs cryengine where they said that the graphics are not from gloomyness but from the light reflecting from the world and if you look at this theres light at a perfectly balanced scale,
    the darkness shows the light wich comes from the torches and windows which reflect on the floor and on Armogohma’s legs (the part which looks like it was made of steel) then theres a bit of reflection on the black part of Armogohma’s leg.

  11. Oh goody I hope it is available at launch even if it’s just a short free game that comes with the system. A remake with the story of A Link to the past would be sweet or something like that. I seriously doubt a from scratch Zelda game would be availible at launch though but to run around in a pretty HD Hyrule would be sweet and gets me really excited. Also about graphics, being a non poor person and having all the consoles and a PC I seriously doubt the ps4 or xbox720 will be the quantum leap we saw from the ps2/xbox/gamecube era (at least judging from current PC titles). So anyone downing the Wii U is just a poor kid who’s just mad they can’t save enough lunch money to buy another console. Trust me it’s far more fun playing the best games all systems offer rather then fanboying yourself online judging others hard working people’s purchases.

    1. I don’t think “quantum leap” means what you think it means…

      In physics and chemistry, an atomic electron(ic) transition (could be simply called an atomic transition, a quantum jump, or quantum leap) is a change of an electron from one quantum state to another within an atom (or artifical atom). It appears to be discontinuous (observed for example in fluorescence signal of another transition as burst noise); the electron “jumps” from one energy level to another very quickly (transition time often in a few ns or less). Quantum leaps cause the emission (or absorption) of electromagnetic radiation, including that of light, which occurs in the form of quantized units called photons. Their statistics is Poissonian and the damping of statistic values of time between jumps is exponential (in average). The damping time constant (ranges from nanoseconds to a few seconds) relates to the natural, pressure and field broadening of spectral lines.

      TL;DR: “quantum leaps” are changes of quantum state that occur on the SUBMICROSCOPIC level! In other words, a quantum leap is a change in state on the smallest possible scale. It does NOT mean “giant leap” as you were using it. ;)

      THE MORE YOU KNOW! ☆ ✰ ★

      1. Levar Burton couldn’t of done it better sir HaHa. Well I think i have my shows right wasn’t it reading rainbow that had short tv commercials air with facts for kids ending with The more you know?…….thinking of such things makes me feel old. I’d imagine that’s your reference.

  12. come on guys give him a break, it’s obviously not GameCube graphics, but there’s no need for you all to gang up on the guy. Try to focus on the article.
    So, I think it’s gonna be a sick game.

    1. Yes, there is a reason: he’s a troll and that’s all he does. They come in to a site based around a console OTHER than the one HE has, and bashes it simply because he doesn’t have it (and probably won’t because his parents won’t buy it for him or some such thing). If he weren’t a negative, ignorant troll, we wouldn’t care. But he is, so we flame. The action demands equal or greater reaction.

      1. “They come in to a site based around a console OTHER than the one HE has […]” DUDE! You have a Wii U already?! How’d you score that? Do you have an extra you could send my way? ;-)

  13. I think it’s going to be an entirely new game. Remember guys, each Zelda games have different art styles. I’m not saying they’ll pull a Wind Waker, but with better graphics come more options in art style.

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  15. I think they should have one year cartoonly like Zelda then the next Zelda more realistic,just to keep some diversity

  16. Lol, I can’t take the Wii U seriously. Nintendo didn’t jump to the next generation first, they are just late to this generation. umad Nintenfags?

    1. um no not at all. I think you’re forgetting the current gen system called the wii which kicked the ass of the 360 and PS3 without the fancy graphics forcing them to join the motion control party. Then once they think they finally caught up bam Nintendo hit em again with a brand new console that not only uses motion controls but a whole new controller as well. plus its gonna be more powerful than both the 360 and PS3. Additionally nintendo is going to have real third party support this time around. seems pretty awesome to me. If you don’t like it that’s fine your loss.

    2. Late? True. But while they were waiting, Nintendo outsold Sony & Microsoft (almost both of them put together, actually) in consoles. So I think that time was spent wisely. Now they have 90+ million people familiar with, and in admiration of, the “Wii” brand.

      You seem to think that “whoever gets there first, wins.” You obviously don’t play chess, and Nintendo obviously does. Rather than rush out the gate with graphics and try to compete for a market that’s already saturated by 2 other companies, they scored a HUGE market that hasn’t been touched yet. And after Sony and Microsoft were done looking dumbfounded and scratching their heads, they tried doing the same, albeit only moderately as successful.

      Now, since both Microsoft and Sony have both admittedly stated that they’re a long way away from a new console, and that they’re sticking to the 10+ year plan with their current console, Nintendo can AFFORD to be late to the HD generation, because now they enter it with 90+ million fans, specs that outperform the current gen (even if only by a moderate margin, which hasn’t even been confirmed yet), and a new feature that has third party developers frothing at the mouth.

      So aside from your “Nintenfags” comment, it’s obvious you’re just some silly little kid who thinks just because he bought an XBOX360 or PS3, that you’ve “won” and that you’re better than other people. And for some reason, you feel the need to come to a Nintendo-based website and try to pretend that, as if doing so somehow reassures yourself that you’re not the knob that everyone obviously thinks you are. But I hate to break it to you, kiddo: you ARE that knob. It’s blatantly apparent. And no, we’re not mad… we’re laughing, at you. Hard. As is Nintendo, I’m sure ;)


      Mad? No, we’re just collectively laughing at your supreme idiocy. Even if you don’t take the Wii U seriously, saying that the 360/PS3 could best that demo is a totally inane statement. Now, resume your daily activities and eat your paint chips.

  17. lmao, RavetotheGrave got gangbanged. Sony and Microsoft fans don’t have a life. They search around for articles about the other consoles and say stupid crap that does’nt make any sense at all. Thus resulting in a fail troll, and if you notice they all say the same exact thing if not similar

  18. Iwatas has said today the WiiU will have Powerful OpenGL graphics that are simular to Microsofts DX11 so there WiiU has insane graphics to compare to the best PC

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