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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Showed The Wii U Early Due To Fears Of Leaks

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confessed that Nintendo showed the Wii U earlier than they had planned due to an increased fear of leaks. We already know that a deluge of information was leaked about the console prior to its E3 showing in June. It sounds as if Nintendo had it their way then they would reveal the console a day before release!

“In the past, when Nintendo did not receive as much attention as we do now, we did not have to worry about the spread of our confidential information since it did not have any value in society, but since the Nintendo DS and the Wii created a social phenomenon, “Nintendo’s next move” commands great attention and extreme news value. Therefore, although we go to great lengths to ensure that this will not happen, there are cases where, even if a person receives information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, the information is leaked because there is great temptation. Even for the Wii U, some people may be aware, if they had been checking the Internet, that information with true and false rumors mixed together was spread on the Internet before the announcement. Therefore, as for new hardware, even if we wanted to, it is extremely challenging to realize a situation where a product is announced and then launched the next day.”


12 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Showed The Wii U Early Due To Fears Of Leaks”

  1. hmm,
    so thats not the final look. theres light at the end of the tunnel. come on nintendo show me what you got.

  2. The last information release is a good stratergy. Feel about sorry for Nintendo that someone couldn’t follow their non-discloser agreement. Pretty weak.

  3. I was actually expecting as such. That would explain why their presentation wasn’t very good and why no first party titles were announced.

  4. I hate leaks, they make judging the product usually going the wrong way or building up too much hype.

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