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Nintendo 3DS: Netflix For Nintendo 3DS Arriving In North America Tomorrow

North American gamers finally have something to extremely happy about as Netflix is coming to the Nintendo 3DS tomorrow. The service will allow Netflix subscribers who have an unlimited streaming plan to watch 2D TV shows and movies via their WiFi connection. Clearly this is fantastic news as Nintendo of America said yesterday that the service was coming out sometime later this summer. Who’s looking forward to accessing Netflix on their 3DS console?


56 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Netflix For Nintendo 3DS Arriving In North America Tomorrow”

  1. I’ll stick to my Wii. It’s good if I’m at a friend’s house or something…but then I have my laptop. Meh…

      1. It has been confirmed (forgot where) but some 3D movies can be streamed, I think Green Lantern was to be the first, but i forgot where I found that info.

        1. You could always sign up for a one month trial and stream it from that, then cancel if you can’t pay by the end of the month. You’d get to at least see 3DS Netflix in action

      1. And WHY is only America getting a good deal? I got to watch 3D MAGIC tricks today. Seriously is NIntendo TRYING to scare away their european customers? Kid Icarus delayed for Europe, STILL no release date for Radiant Historia and now this.

            1. Not to mention the TINY fact that Netflix isn’t supported in the UK. You want Nintendo to bring Netflix to the UK, spend millions of dollars, host hundreds of servers, just so you can quite whining?

                  1. Great. Now I can have a useless app sitting on my 3DS because I don’t have money for Netflix.

                    Damn I need to get a job.

                    1. I don’t think u automatically get the app, I believe u get it when u sign up for the trial or pay for it.

                  2. this is cool but fuck netflix prices they got higher but cool this was fast hot about 3ds movies that said that 3ds will get disney pixar and more movies ?

                    1. Seriously. Fifteen bucks if you want to stream AND rent ONE dvd at a time. Thinking about canceling the dvd subscription. Netflix is slowly climbing up the high horse saddle.

                  3. No offense meant at all, but does that picture of Donkey Kong kind of look like Reggie Fils-Aime? I think they both have the same piercing eyes.

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                  5. Great news, but I could care less until Netflix starts putting 3D movies for 3DS & PS3. I might cancel my DVD subscription to Netflix and use Red Box or Blockbuster Express while keeping my streaming subscription.

                  6. Extremely happy is the understatement of the day.
                    And you Europeans thought you had it good with nature documentaries!

                  7. Everyone was complaining. I dont have Netfix, as I prefer to read the packageing OVER AND OVER and staring at it for a long time. I support the rental store, big part of my early youth. I remember looking at Mario Party 2 and thinking that I needed what ever system it was for, but as a child, I thought it would work on any thing. I will get Netfix once all the rental stores here are gone.

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                  9. hi there i am in usa but the internet said netflix will becoming too porto rico soon soo if you live in porto rico with a nintendo 3ds or wii your in luck

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