Nintendo Wii U: Naughty Dog Say The Wii U Doesn’t Do Anything PlayStation 3 And Vita Don’t Already Do

Justin Richmond from Naughty Dog, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Uncharted series, has told Nowgamer that he doesn’t believe that the Wii U offers anything that isn’t available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Whilst this may come across as a scathing attack, Richmond has conceded that the Wii U will ultimately offer gamers some fantastic games.

“To be honest with you, the idea of it is very, very cool. But there’s nothing that the Wii U has that the Vita and PS3 doesn’t. You know, it’s an interesting piece of technology, and I’m interested to see how people use it.

“I’m not completely sold yet. That the screen isn’t multi-touch, that’s a little weird,” he added. “It seems there are some very strange holes in it, but to be fair, last time I was sceptical of the original Wii, and look at how that did. I’m sure that the games they make for Wii U will be amazing.”



  1. Wii U does Zelda and Mario.

    PS3 and PS Shita doesn’t. >_>

    But seriously. Sony must be absolutely shitting themselves with the Wii U. Every day now we see a Sony developer saying ‘it doesn’t do anything as good as Sony’ etc

    1. I don’t see him shitting himself in any way shape or form. As far i read, he looks at the hardware and makes a valid observation in terms of raw power, they can both support the same things. Gameplay wise they will be doing things in different ways so its hard to compare as of yet.
      And then he states that his not against it and believes that it will have some good stuff behind it.
      With that in mind i think your comment is a little out of place.

      1. No he is shitting him self. Ut3 will be milked this gen. Other developer will be able to do uncharted 1,2,3 and have then running in true hd at a good frame rate.

        Not sure why they say the vita can do what the wiiu does when even move supports means lower graphics due to the extra power it takes to run the motion tech. Ok now it’s capable of tuning the motion tech and sending real time data to and from the vita, get real man.

        Notice how you don’t have any other developers trolling for attention.

        1. I’m gonna laugh at ps3 and 360 fanboys if WiiU outsells sony and microsoft again. although i love all three consoles, nintendo has platformer exclusives and sony and 360 doesnt.

      2. ummm hello i dont think ps vita or ps3 has thier controller as part fo interactive gameplay. nope dont think so. also they cant continue thier gameplay if sum1 wants to watc tv whch is kin of a gimmick but realy nice and sony doesnt have so ha ha ha to sony. although ps vita looks awsome and i want a ps3.

  2. Notice how he uses the word “AND”. You may be true in a way but in terms of graphics and which has a better control system nintendo wins. At least the giys at naughty dog werent complete dicks about it though.

  3. I agree with that. you know, i’m not THAT hyped for the Wii U, since Nintendo showed it to us at E3 2011. The name’s ugly, the control’s ugly and the console’s ugly, I didn’t like a thing about it.

    I ‘m a Nintendo Fan, since a kid, but with the fail of the wii, and expect another with the wiiu, sincerely, nintendo sometimes makes me think they’re dumb.

    I’m more excited for the Playstation Vita instead of the Wii U, NINTENDO COME ON, DO SOMETHING!

    1. lol the fail of the wii? lol someone hasn’t seen the sales, the wii is the most sold console of this generation. The Vita will be cool at first but an android phone can copy all its power in a month.(and be cheaper)

      The name is ugly I agree with that

      The controller is amazing, evry1 who has tried it, fell in love with it.
      and the console looks pretty ok, icc what it looks like, its gonna be under a shelf under my tv, I’m not going to look at it lol, if u want a beautiful console wait for apple to make the ipad HD I heard it “sparkles”.





    4. Fail you say? LOL! I want you to go on wikipedia right now and look up the sales figures of all the current consoles and tell me who has sold the most.

      Nintendo is a business and sales figures are the bottom line for them. For all of people’s complaints about the Wii, numbers don’t lie.

  4. @Anonymous / comment 1 – Who really cares about Zelda and Mario anymore?

    Also, why would Sony be shitting themselves about the WiiU? The WiiU doesn’t even / won’t even compete with the PS3. WiiU is a next gen system that will compete with Sony next gen system and we have no idea what they have planned for it yet. People shouldn’t compare PS3 and WiiU. I hate it when people act shocked that the WiiU is more powerful than the PS3. It should be! It would be awful if it wasn’t!

    1. Even though it is a next generation console, it will still be the PS3’s competitor if they are selling at the same time.

      also, Zelda and Mario still have an ever-growing fanbase. Although some people think it might be getting old, Nintendo has plenty else to offer.

    2. I don’t know how your brain works…If the Wii U and PS3 are being sold at the same time, they’re in competition with each other. The Wii U might be a next gen system, but as a consumer i’m still be making a decision on whether or not to buy one over the other

    3. Here is how it gose.. PS3 top selling game some racing game gt I think and it only sold 6millon, Nintendo top selling is wii sport but that cuz it came with the consolse but its sold amazing over 6Omillon :) plus mario games always sell over 10millon….. sony just lame ass shit… it dosent do anything thing tha ps3 do GTFO Sony, Nintendo make way better games… And the Wii U will be way greater then the ps3 whole get heck like every 3 to 4 months haha

    4. Sales of Mario and Zelda games would suggest millions of people still care about them. I love how some people think just because THEY personally don’t fancy something, that it must mean nobody else does. The world is bigger than your living room, sir. Just sayin’.

    5. Ignorance really is bliss. He must have started gaming with the PS3 or something, because anybody familiar with the history of gaming would say something this stupid.

  5. I honestly think its an unfair comparison because he is using 2 different systems to say it could do the tasks on another system that already has both those fearures. Anybody agree?

    1. It’s far because he is wrong. Do you know how hard it would be for the vita and ps3 to have instant feed back? The controls and every thing would have to be replicated you may even have to buy another copy of the same game and if it works off a download that would take forever.

      So really it’s only unfair to the aging ps3 and the idea it’s not going to see a ps4 for a long time.

    2. I agree, and on top of that, not everyone will own both systems, and a developer would be unwilling to restrict a ps3 game to a vita controller or anything because their market is restricted to people who own both systems. Of course, they could make a game that could be played with or without the vita, but then that game obviously wouldn’t rely on the ps3 vita as the controller, because it would be made to work without it, meaning they couldn’t make games like the Find Mii demo we saw, which wouldn’t work without that screen on the controller. Then if you look at the Wii U, every Wii U owner will definitely have the controller, the controller comes with it. That alone is enough, even if the ps3 and vita can do it together, they can’t do it seperately. And that means developers would be reluctant to make games that rely on it.
      Kind of like Wii Motion plus games meant the customer had to have, or had to be willing to buy wii motion plus. Or how some developers are reluctant to create wii games as they can’t easily use the same model they would for an 360 and ps3 game

  6. @Ivan Junior Er…in what what way did the Wii fail? It’s had an amazing run in my opinion despite the recent drought. (And if you say the controller or the lack of HD I will sic Nyan Cat on you lol)
    That aside, perhaps Nintendo will take the next ten months or so and address some of the strange holes like the lack of multi-touch on the controller (which is very strange). But I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a name change lol

  7. Instead of getting into a fan-boy argument about who’s better I’m more interested about the “holes” he refers too. You know, seeing as he’s actully USED the controller and most of us are SPECULATING.

    What does he mean by it’s not Multi-touch? Can anyone define this for me? I think I have an idea but I wanna be sure.

    1. it’s like the mouse pad of a laptop. if u touch that in two points, it will do nothing, just works with one touch at a time. multi touch can support something like guitar hero on ipod touch by example.. the difference is that multi touch is not that precise as one-touch screen…

      it has pros and contras, but it’s not the end of the world. Nintendo likes precision somehow…

    2. What makes you think hes used the controller? Since he is a developer for Naughty Dog which is owned by Sony there is no way he has gotten a dev kit, and while I guess its possible that he tried it at E3, but given how busy developers are at the conference I doubt the had time to go and try Nintendo’s new console.Nowhere in the article does it say that hes tried the Wii U so he could be speculating just like the rest of us

      1. Why wouldn’t he have time? Miyamoto looked at the PSP GO, and it’d be silly not to have a look at your competitor’s new hardware. Firstly there’s the fact that if you’re sony you’d want to look at what to copy :P. Then there’s obv stuff like in this article, where they can just pick out faults to criticise and make themselves look better

  8. if he’s eager to see what games are coming, he should release a naughty dog title on Wii U.

  9. @Anonymous is right. Why compare the Wii U to the PS3? The Wii U is Nintendo’s next-gen console. Keywords being “Next-Gen”. You guys wanna talk about how stupid some of Sony’s claims are? Well, you guys using the Wii U to bash the PS3 is low……really low. Obviously visuals are gonna be better. Because it’s NEXT-GEN lol. Ahhhh, I can’t wait to see Sony’s next-gen system. Everything on this Nintendo blog will be completely irrelavent. Because much like how PS3 has more to offer than the Wii. My PS4 will have more to offer than your Wii U. Why? Because Sony puts more years of development into their systems than Nintendo does. What’s that old saying? Oh yea, “Practice makes perfect” lol.

    1. “cant wait” that sucks because thats going to be at least 4 years from now, by then nintendo would be ready to release a new console that will have better visuals than the ps4 within a years of launch.

    2. For someone with a superior cognizant aptitude you must realize that making comment such as “Ahhhh, I can’t wait to see Sony’s next-gen system. Everything on this Nintendo blog will be completely irrelavent.” On an exclusively Nintendo website/blog therefore makes your own comments irrelevant before you even post them. Could you please explain how Sony puts more time into their consoles than Nintendo? Because from the looks of it, Sony put PS3 on the market in 2006 with a high price point of most computers today; Nintendo is now releasing an HD console after perfecting motion control as best they can. They also have a tablet controller that would have been nearly impossible a few years ago. Nintendo definitely takes more time with hardware and software development; the only thing they don’t drag their feet on is innovation and creativity.

    3. whatever said:

      “I can’t wait to see Sony’s next-gen system. Everything on this Nintendo blog will be completely irrelavent. Because much like how PS3 has more to offer than the Wii. My PS4 will have more to offer than your Wii U. ”

      Did you even do any research? The standard for Next gen according to developers Activison, EA etc. is Crytek 3 engine and Unreal Engine 3 (or i think they’re messing with 4), and Epic games new engine. According to them, they’ll run at about 50 – 60 frames per second on the Wii U. Hmmmm….. can you feel that?

      BTW what makes you so sure that the PS4 will be so much more powerfull than its competitors? You do know that PS1 and PS2 were both underpowered compared to its competitors, and guess what PS1 sold 102 million pieces while PS2 sold 150 million pieces. PS3 was easily the most powerfull of its time, and it sold the least, while Wii was by far the weakest and sold the most. What does that tell you?
      It’s pretty obvious that the next move sony will make will be to go back to being the “not so powerful” console in order to mimic previous success. They can obviously tell that the most raw power does not equal the most home console sales. As much as you dont want it to happen it will, remember, Sony is still a company, and a companies sole purpose is to generate revenue and profit.

    4. Nintendo innovates. Microsoft copies and tries to make it better. Then Sony sees what Microsoft does and copies from there. The only reason the ps4 would probably be better than the wii u is because they had time to copy and make better. If Sony released first, you would bet Microsoft and Nintendo would make their product better

    5. Actually Sony just takes so long to make their consoles because they sell their consoles not only as a gaming console but a Blu Ray/DVD player, stereo system pancake maker, George Foreman grill and PC at the same time.

      Nintendo makes gaming systems, not multimedia devices (at least so far).

    1. This. I never really saw what was so good about it. ‘Go to big square room/area. Hide behind boxes and shoot people. Then do some (bad) platforming for a minute before coming to another big square room/area. Rinse and repeat for 5 hours.’

      I think it was because it was a hugely hyped game for the PS3. And you know what happens with fanboys and hype.

      1. Yeah, I feel even crash bandicoot and jak and daxter are more impressive because the platforming was much better, uncharted doesn’t seem like ND’s style…

    2. Yea the game really isnt impressive. Its so fucking exagerrated how are always hanging on to a ledge and all of a sudden it breaks and you do these spiderman jumps across roofs and shit. Idk its a bit cliche for me. Games like mgs4 and re4 those are games

  10. Yea to all the people who claim Wii-U won’t be able to compete with PS4 and 720, don’t hold your breath. Sony and MS are going to do either one of these things first or both later.

    First they’re going to try and release a new system with some cool stuff on there with a standard controller and keep it like that for awhile. THEN when they realize the Nintendo is outselling them again, they’ll try to “create” their own touch-screen controller and try to not totally bootleg Nintendo.

    OR they’ll create a similar controller right off the bat and claim they’ve had this controller in concept for years.

    No Fanboy, Just Logic

  11. @whatever
    O and how much did those years of development pay off? They had to copy Nintendo just to stay in the game.

    1. Well that explains everything.

      “Yeah, it looks cool…” *Sony rep glares* “Uh, I mean nothing Sony’s amazing products can’t beat! All hail Sony!”

  12. The naughty dog guys are not idiots and we know that. He tells his opinion about the hardware, but isn’t absolute about it and also comments about nintendo’s quality software that is sure to come. This was not a “LOL WII U IS FOR KIDDIEZ” comment like the sony presient did.

  13. I’ll actually agree with him. The Wii U does have some weird holes in its design. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of the screen not being multi-touch.

    And he didn’t completely write the system off; he’s eager to see what people do with the system. Thats a reasonable opinion to have, especially from a Sony exclusive developer.

  14. I doubt it. Granted, I have not work on either system, but I’m looking at this from a technical perspective. The Wii U is being built to support wireless streaming to the controller as well as having the 2 work together. It might be possible for the PS3 and Vita to work together to do something like that, but the thing is, the horse power of the ps3 is already at max at the moment. Wireless streaming to the Vita, which is different from wireless Internet access, requires extra processing power. The system itself has to support that. Also, didn’t Nintendo file a patent for this so that anyone trying to copy them this time would get raped in the a$$? That’s another thing to look at. As for the games, it’s a given that people will choose Mario Kart over Grand Turismo, or Mario over God of War, or Zelda over Uncharted.

  15. well thats true even do it hurts us nintendo fans the only differens is the cotroller n i think playstation does more than wii u

  16. it’s naughty dog. they develop exclusively for sony. of course they would say sony products already do everything wii u does.

    i don’t think nintendo said the controller isn’t multitouch. they didn’t say it is either. maybe it will be multitouch. maybe it won’t.

    and forgive me if i;m mistaking but…didn’t sony steal nintendo’s motion control idea? then of course ps3 does everything wii u does, they copied the motion controller idea and wii u has that.

  17. Im sorry, i didnt know the PS3 and Vita were so amazing that they could do everything Nintendo can. YEAH RIGHT! The PlayStation Move is a copy of the Wii remote. The 3DS came out first, and it has everything the Vita has, with 3D and better games. The PS3 doesnt have the amazing controller Wii U either. Sony just copies everything Nintendo does the survive. They came out with a 3D TV for PlayStation now. How long have 3D TVs been out now…? For a while. Try something new for once!

  18. Oh for crying out loud. Naughty Dog is owned by Sony. Of course they’d say this I’d even say Sony told them to do it because alot of companies are saying how awesome the Wii U’ potential is.

    Move along, nothing to see here but PR at work. Anyone in thier right mind will own a Wii U, Playstation 3 and 360. They all have great titles coming to them and being over the top fanboyish will make you miss out on some fantasic games and not to mention make a fool of yourself.

    1. While I agree with some of what you’ve said, it’s not necessarily “fanboyism” that prevents people from owning all three consoles. Factors such as money, games, features, etc. comes into it.

  19. The big difference is that every Wii U will have a controller with a screen on it. So all the games developed for the Wii U can take advantage of it. The Ps3 Vita combo is only available for those that buy a VIta- hence it has to be written on the Box, this game requires a Vita, and it also has to be playable for those that don’t own one.

  20. Having Mario games.
    Having Zelda games.
    Having Pokemon games.
    Having Kirby games.
    I could go on.

  21. The most similar thing between those two consoles is the whole “play on something else while the TV is occupied” concept. The Vita has an advantage in that you can take the game anywhere you want without the console (you can’t take the Wii u controller wherever you want and still play the game unless you have the console with you) and still play it again on the ps3 later, but the one detail that everyone doesn’t address is that, beyond remote play and transfarring, the Vita does not stream information between it and the console. That’s actually a pretty big difference, because it’s not like you can use the Vita as a controller for the ps3 and swipe ninja stars from the Vita touchscreen to the TV screen like you would with the Wii u. You can argue that the Vita could possibly have that kind of streaming, but that sort of thing would be pretty expensive along with the other tech it already has, and they would be taking really big losses even at the $299.99 3G price point. Ultimately, the Wii u’s streaming doesn’t necessarily grant it a bigger advantage over the Vita in terms of gameplay, but it instead gives a different way of playing games, similar to how the DS was a different way of playing games, and the different way of playing appears to be a primary focus with this Wii u.

    There are also the reports that state the Wii u is 50% more powerful than the PS3. You might not think that being more powerful than five year old technology is a big deal, but it actually is. What this would imply is that the highest settings of a PS3 are about the mid-level settings of the Wii u. You can’t compare the power of two consoles at completely different points in time; you have to compare their ranges of power over time. It’s still too early to make any conclusive statements regarding power of course, but based on what footage we’ve seen of the Wii u’s graphics already, even on unfinished development kits, the Wii u seems like it will have a range beyond what we’ve seen on current generation consoles. I say again, the development kits are still early, so we can assume to see a lot more over time as the development kits are finished.

    1. “You can’t compare the power of two consoles at completely different points in time; you have to compare their ranges of power over time. It’s still too early to make any conclusive statements regarding power of course, but based on what footage we’ve seen of the Wii u’s graphics already, even on unfinished development kits, the Wii u seems like it will have a range beyond what we’ve seen on current generation consoles.”

      This! Not only is it unfair to compare two consoles from different points in time, I also think it’s a tad silly to compare a home console to a handheld. The purposes of these items are meant for different purposes. I mean really…I wish people would stop comparing the two already.

  22. I see nothing wrong with his statement. Though, when I read the title I thought, “well, duh!” Naughty Dog is Sony’s golden child ATM! Lol.

  23. If Iwata’s even admitting they’re not striving to be at #1, that pretty much sums-up everything.

    a) Wii”disappoint”U/Wii repeat/Gamecube2 copy-paste upgrade = poorly done, underpowered, overpriced garbage released quickly in order for a quick ca$h-in = design flaws like the many found in (3)DSi (which ironically is also another copy-paste upgrade rushed for a quick ca$h-in.)
    b) Nintendo = a non-reliable company that puts money before quality/doesn’t care about even trying anymore because even they know the brainless fantards will be there eating up their regurgitated vomit.
    Kind of reminds me of Sonicfags…

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up; Nintendo is known for crushing your expectations. Which is why most PPL who owned Wii also owned alternative consoles like PS3, whilst they waited years & years for Ninty to release somewhat decent games for their bland shovelware system (even the great genius, Miyamoto, pointed this out). Also it was already mentioned that Wii”dissatisfy”U’s graphics won’t be that much different than PS3 or Xbox360’s. WOW…talk about “next gen”. Nintendo is just playing the catch-up game, SMH. Even the fantards prove it by comparing Wii U to PS3: a system released before the shitty Wii. Which must mean Sony is really the innovative company?
    Who knows, but all I gotta say is Wii U won’t have Bluray or DVD function, which PS3, a system released before Wii, has.

    Anyways, if Iwata also admits Wii was a disappointment & wonders how it even sold as much as it did, what can you really expect from a company like that? A Wii 2 that’s what. This is also the same guy blaming + calling the public/consumers stupid because 3DSi is selling poorly.

    1. Clearly we see who’s cock your on. Iwata wanted 3rd party support and the whinny cod fans to be happy. stop making up facts ok it didn’t work with the ps3 so it’s not going to work now.

      How did that we will be the wii.
      Then 4 years of the ps3 will come back.
      Then the ps3 sales more world wide! Yet it’s still in 3rd.
      How about another nonexistent holiday season?
      Ut3 doesn’t come out till next year ouch lol. When nintendo fans will get a real hd console not a hype machine.

      Before bashing nintendo don’t you need to ask Sony for some more move games? Whats going on with that?

    2. Fuck sony I got a ps3 and the only game I play is cod zombies.. smdh its a shame I can’t go find a good game that’s worth 60$…

      1. If you don’t like it, sell it.

        Instead of bashing Sony by saying it has no “good games”, just sell your ps3 and buy a Wii or a DS, complete with a wide range of shovelware to choose from.

        It’s not that hard, now is it?

    3. Umm… Iwata said they won’t be #1 in terms of online, not the overall market share. As for crushing our expectations, that’s really up to our perspective. We don’t really know what the exact specs are, so none of us are in any position to tell if this system is going to be powerful or just catch up.

      Nintendo may not always live up to our expectations, but at least they don’t store and leave our credit card information decrypted for hackers to steal.

  24. Another flamebait article I see. Can’t I get a simple article about nintendo news instead of bashing every company that isn’t nintendo?

  25. Nintendo has many Nintendo supporters and it seems that the Wii-U will be a strong competitor. Naughty dog may not support it and PS3 execs but I know people will love it.

  26. i agree with him with the no multitouch,it is a little strange but you don’t really need it too much,for him saying it doesent do anything the ps3 can not do I dissagree because the hardware as we know it is far more superior, along with new controller.I understand a bit of what he means because we are getting to the max of what console games look like,so every game will look the same graphically wise so now It is about processing and how well it runs,I must say though he is proablly the most well behaved Sony person being he’s not trying to be a major douche and actually says the console is good and not a piece of shit(Jack Tretton,other Sony shit heads)at least this guy is respectfull but still judgemental

    1. I disagree with sony bashing Nintendo, but you have to remember that Nintendo was the company that signed a deal with them but stabbed them in the back and partnered with Philips to create the best game system of all time, the CDi.

      1. I will admit that was a bad move on Nintendo’s part, but I can see why they did it. If Nintendo and Sony went ahead and teamed up to create the original Playstation as was supposed to happen, they may have succeeded but at some point Sony would have tried to go in directions that Nintendo wasn’t willing to or maybe even try absorb Nintendo into the massive conglomerate that is Sony.

        Nintendo is just a small gaming company, they have to be very careful who they do business with. I know Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo when they got into the console market. Can you imagine Nintendo being run by either one of these 2 companies? It would cease to exist. It worked out for the better in the end.

    1. rather play mario and other nintendo games then play shit sony exclusives and have my credit cards stolen,basically what im saying is fuck you and get out of here you sony troll ;)

  27. atleast he’s being reasonable. Except that PS3 doesn’t have a screen that they can stream to their controller Plus, I’d rather play Zelda and Smash Bros than Uncharted or Infamous.

  28. If the WiiU was only as powerful as an alarm clock I’d still buy it over anything from Sony, Microsoft or Apple. If I can have more fun playing NES games then playing PS3 with MOVE and 3D goggles, XBOX with KINECT or iPHONE/PAD with… ahhh, CHEAP PRICES… then I am already sold on whatever Nintendo releases.

  29. I was really excited when i found out that the Wii U will be a restive (single touch) screen rather than a capacitive (multi touch) screen. Anyone who has used both would know that resistive is 10x more accurate than capacitive. Much better for fast and precise movement. That’s why all of the high end graphics tablets only support resistive touch screens.

  30. I honestly don’t care what Wii U does graphically. It’s all about the exclusive games and features that will make a difference from other systems. I would own all the systems if I could. That way I get the best of all worlds and not compare and complain about systems I don’t have. :)

  31. They need to do multi-touch though its something that would only add to the system’s ability.

    1. Multi touch is not as accurate as single touch. For what Nintendo is trying to do they need the controller to be as accurate as possible.

  32. This article translates to me as: “I work for Sony and have to promote their new products. Vita all the way. We’re already working on a way to copy the Wii U controller. I don’t have the capacity to see the potential of this amazing controller. So i’ll just try to downplay it and promote our new handheld at the same time”.

  33. I like how all the Wii fanboys here need to validate their system on commercial sales. Yes, the Wii was the best selling system of this generation, but that’s becuase it was marketed for a casual audience, that is, people who could give two shits about Nintendo, so long as they can throw a virtual bowling ball with their kids. That is why serious developers have shunned or made their scathing marks against the Wii U, becuase it’s utilizing old technology. I agree that the technology itself doesn’t make for good games. (the Wii had ‘some’ EXCELLENT games), but when a next generation platform is incapable of multi-touch, that is SAD. Nintendo, you have to step it up.

    1. It’s also about the experience. Nintendo has always said their aim was to bring a new way to play games to the masses, and they succeeded with the Wii. “Core” gamers may have stayed away from it, having been spoiled on pretty graphics and all in one systems, but Nintendo with the Wii has given birth to a new generation of gamers, the very future of the industry we love so much. Nintendo’s gamble paid off. The Wii U will continue the tradition.

      And as I said before a single touch screen is more accurate than a multi touch screen and they need that accuracy for what they’re trying to do.

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