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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Of America Reiterates No Plans For Xenoblade, The Last Story Via Letter

Nintendo of America has written to a fan reiterating that it currently has no plans to bring Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower to the United States. Sadly there’s absolutely nothing new in the letter, but it’s nice to see that someone at Nintendo has personally taken the time out to write to a member of Operation Rainfall.



32 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Of America Reiterates No Plans For Xenoblade, The Last Story Via Letter”

    1. To be more precise actually…

      It doesn’t say they have “no plans”, it says “at this time we have no new information to offer or announcements to make”. They say that all the time about everything. Why do news sites insist on using misleading titles and twist words to create drama? It’s sad, and you lose credibility.

      1. Honestly, if you know Sickr is simply “twisting” titles and words, than how does that hinder his credibility? He is a journalist after all, and a damn good one at that!

        1. Oops, I guess it sounded a lot harsher than it was meant to be. I didn’t mean to offend the writer, just kinda pointing it out. Other sites do it much more often and worse, I was kinda generalizing, not necessarily directing that at Sickr. In this case, I don’t believe the words were twisted so much as they were reworded incorrectly. The twisting was mainly other articles I’ve read on other sites about other topics (again, just generalizing). Sorry for the confusion! I do like the stories on this site! Just pointing out that little detail, ’cause as I’ve already seen, fans everywhere are already jumping up and down in anger about this, as if Nintendo responded “no plans”… “No information” at this time is not nearly as bad as “no plans”, and I just wanted people to understand that if they didn’t catch it in the article. :)

          1. Case in point… see Raymond’s response below. Bet he didn’t even realize they said “no information” instead of “no plans”. A lot of people don’t read the whole article, often times they rely on the site or author summarizing it… so if all he saw was “reiterates no plans”, then yeah, I could see being pissed… but that’s not what they said :)





      *takes deep breath*



  1. Yes it is nice to know they took the time to reply. I think that them documenting the letter could help bring future games to NA. But I still feel if Nintendo won’t bring these games, then what would make them bring future JRPGs to NA. (except Final Fantasy Of course)

  2. Europe gets all three games, I guess it kinda makes up for the fact we never got any Final Fantasys until 7 and no Chrono Trigger or Earthbound

  3. No no no. Read it again.

    ‘We have no ***new information*** to offer or ***announcements*** to make […]’
    (emphasis mine)

    I may be clutching at straws here, but if the games were still being localized, the sentence above would still true: they do not have new information or announcements. No company reveals it’s localizing something until a solid release date and materials are ready.

    I say don’t put your money in it, but keep pressing on Nintendo and eventually will get these games – even if they are pushed for release alongside the Wii U.

  4. Dear beloved North American Nintendo fans,
    In regards to your recent feelings on NA releases of Xenoblade, Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, our company would like to leave this simple message:


    Best wishes,
    Nintendo of America

    1. And we’re all suppose to be banding 2gether as Nintendo fans. Don’t turn into a Xbox live fag. That’s just really shameful

  5. Epic fail, no wonder the wii keeps dropping, and if this the way they wanna get things done not high hopes for wii u either, sigh, when will nintento of AMERICA learn a bit >_> guess we’ll have to wait and see

  6. I agree with most of the ppl up top. The summary of this article says totally different than the letter. No new info or Announcements is a big difference compared to Still no Plans at all.


    Sony caters more to ppl, they don’t region lock, & a lot of their Japanse exclusives are released in America, too (without problem).

    I’m sorry Nintendo, but I’m through playing the wait game with u, hoping u’ll get better, but infact, you just keep disappointing me & ruining all hopes or expectations I had for you.

    The Gamecube was the worst thing u came out with, & Wii makes two: I don’t care how much Wii sold, sales don’t equal good quality. Wii hardly had any good games aside from Nintendo regulars which were a few. Mario Galaxy, SSBB & Zelda. Other M failed, Kirby’s epic yawn failed.

    You keep lying and then making up excuses for your un kept promises. I can’t stand behind an unrealiable company.

    Is it so much to ask for more games that aren’t rehash or shovelware?
    Is it so much to ask for Xenoblade or Earthbound?
    Is it so much to ask we get treated with equal respect as any other Japanese buyer?
    Why did you add DVD function to Japanese Gamecube & excluded it for Americans?

    Whatever ur bullshit excuse is, spare it.

    Goodbye, Nintendo.
    -Ex Nintendo fan.

    1. I feel what ur saying, and i can see ur points. i agree for the most part. i really hope wii u will be different, if not well i might just sell it or tell my friend to let me borrow his. Zelda twilight sword looks pretty promising. :)

  8. Fed Up With Nintendo

    If these three games don’t come over, I’m done with Nintendo as well…and I’m not saying that just because I want these specific games. If games with such high profile developers behind them like TLS and Xenoblade don’t come over, what are the chances that others will? My faith is dwindling fast. Why won’t they allow another publisher the pleasure of bringing these games over then if they’re not willing to? I play mostly JRPGs so I have no reason to continue to support a console that doesn’t offer me anything. Sure, I’ll play things like SSBB, but games like that aren’t the core reason why I choose to purchase a console, and Zelda alone isn’t enough for me to care. Nintendo has been saying for a while that they wanted to focus more on core gamers but they haven’t been able to prove any of that. Releasing games that core gamers want to play would be a good start. It’s laughable that they’re now making that same promise about their new console. Really, Nintendo, not all your fans are that stupid. Until you can walk the talk, you can count this gamer out. I honestly have no problem with giving my money only to Microsoft and Sony.

    Watch them release these games ten years later when people have been pissed off enough and no one cares anymore then turn around and say “see, we were right, no one wanted these games”. Pathetic.

    1. ↑I agree. Nintendo doesn’t seem to care anymore. Their top priority seems to be money & money only, & that’s not the Nintendo I fell in love with. Their games have even become boring, repetitive. I agree SSB, zelda aren’t enough to make me want to waste a lot of money, i can always just borrow from a friend or rent it. they seem to treat japanese buyers with more respect. Hey, we’re all paying money, not just japs. Gamecube had dvd & they blocked american wii from using dvd function for laughter.

      also, they know ppl have begged them for earthbound for decades, but make up bs excuses not to release it. Those assholes included Earthbound demo in the Japanese SSBB but not Americans, why? do u hate them? do u have some sort of grudge against them? like i said before, we’re all equally paying money, but why are we not getting equal worth?

      i seriously can’t wait for them to make their minds up or wait ten years for one decent game. I’m not getting any younger & i want to enjoy life while i still have it, not play the “decade long” wait game. :(

      I have nothing against any company, as well. i see them all equally, & i go were my money is most appreciated in.

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