Nintendo: IGN Believe That Mario And Donkey Kong Haven’t Evolved Since The SNES

I’m not really too sure what the people over at IGN have been smoking recently but this article is wrong in so many ways. I mean you have to wonder whether or not the person behind the article has even played titles such as Super Mario 64, Kirby’s Epic Yarn or the Super Mario Galaxy series. All of the aforementioned titles have clearly evolved since the early days of the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mario, Donkey Kong and Kirby as much as the next guy, but it can’t be denied that these games are selling gameplay that hasn’t necessarily evolved since the NES and SNES eras, at five times the price of new and original games being released on PSN, Steam and XBLA. These titles don’t have the added bonuses of HD graphics, online play, leaderboards, true 5.1 sound and the potential for DLC expansions


  1. That’s why I stay away from IGN for Nintendo news I come here more often unless you don’t update for a a day or two.
    And they wonder why people say they have a bias against Nintendo.

    1. I agree. The masses are dumb and they take the opinions of these video game journalist as their own. I think the journalist are on the take from Microsoft an Sony. Maybe not but with all their bullshit talk about the Wii U and 3DS it seems that way.

  2. The reasons he mentions about what the titles “lack” are truly useless additions. Nothing but icing. And to top it all off, they aren’t even GAMEPLAY additions. This writer doesn’t have his facts, opinions, direction or priorities straight.

  3. What is it people see in online multiplayer?I personally don’t care less whether a game has online multiplayer.I prefer local multiplayer because that allows you to play 2 player during story modes unlike online multiplayer.

    1. Online multiplayer allows you to extend your game experience anytime, anywhere regardless of whether or not you have friends.

      it also adds to the challenge because people are lot better and more difficult to fight than AI.

      1. People are a lot more easier than most Nes games and most snes games. Co op never saved any one in contra lol. Now when you have a game that is easily beaten because of co op you just have a weak game which is most games out now except for the hardcore wii games. Try beating nomore Heros, 1or2.

  4. *facepalm*

    To be had, IGN has always been assholes like this, it’s a miracle their still as big as they are. Oh wait I know why, because they brown nose any company that pays them enough to give them a good review. Pricks

    1. Agreed. I remembered the day when they wrote that stupid “Nintendo fans: alone in the dark” article. I remember one paragraph saying that Capcom, unlike Nintendo, “cared a lot for their fans, and was always doing things for them”…. but then, Megaman Legends 3 got cancelled, and they announced Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 for the same price as the first game released 5 months ago…. so, yeah, fans like that, right IGN? (y)

  5. I think I understand what is being said. What the guy meant’s that the basic gameplays for these icons still remain the same… like Mario hitting blocks and Kirby swallowing enemies and power-ups. Then again, the likes of the 3D Mario games… with possibly the exception of the 3DS game… and, recently, Kirby did have some added features. Well, that’s IGN for you.

    1. ” i think I understand what is being said. What the guy meant’s that the basic gameplays for these icons still remain the same… like” a guy walking down a hallway with a gun in first person view. Shooting guns he happens to find on the floor at bad guys. Sometimes there’s a stage that takes place outside etc. Yea that’s exactly what he’s saying… Unfortunately all game genres follow a basic format it’s what makes a game a FPS or a platformer for someone who is suppose to know about video games I’m baffled someone at IGN doesn’t know that. IGN has seen a flood of bad nintendo news many named a certain way in order to promote fanboy wars. The site is just awful really.

  6. So he wants prettier pictures instead of good games. Last time I checked, Nintendo has been constantly innovating the market with these games while giving it a nostalgic feel. We’ve come a long way from simply pressing “right” on the d pad to finish a level…and even then when Nintendo releases a side scroller, they do it right and make it fun.

  7. ummmmmmmm lol, So sending Mario to outer space and having a game that’s gravity based was something they did for SNES? I understand that most of these games haven’t left their Platforming roots but As they say, If it’s not broken Don’t try to fix it.

  8. I follow them also and honestly their Nintendo staff is usually not too bad. It’s the other consoles staff that starts flame wars and stuff like that.

  9. What the Fuck is this “guy” talking about? Someone, hurry, kick its fat Hater ass from my sight.

    I insist, what the fuck is he talking about?
    Seriously, they just talk trash.

  10. Well, you can make a case for DK not evolving much. Dk64 was a big step up, and then that was it. All we’ve seen since is a remake of DKC and rhythm based games. As for the other franchises, yeah they’re smoking something.

    Another thing: “These titles don’t have the added bonuses of HD graphics, online play, leaderboards, true 5.1 sound and the potential for DLC expansions” Oh god, why? We don’t need DLC or online play/leaderboards. DLC is one of the worst things to come from this console cycle. It encourages cut content and shorter games. I rather buy the game once and not have to worry about little bullshit addons; unless it’s something big, and then that would be an “Expansion”, not just “DLC”.

    Leaderboards are pointless when the top 1,000 is always filled with hackers. Who needs MP when games like Mario, Kirby, and Zelda have such a compelling single player component? I understand the want for HD graphics, since we do live in an HD world. However, HD graphics don’t “evolve” a game/franchise.

    1. DLC, unfortunately, does encourage price gouging. For instance, I was just watching a review for PGA 12 the Masters, and the Wii version gets all of the courses up front. But the HD versions only get about ¾ of those courses; with the rest being paid downloads. So not only do I pay more for less gameplay, but I’m expected to pay even more for the rest of the courses that should have been originally included. However, DLC is good for complete expansions to games that you would have to otherwise buy in store, or maybe they never gets released. It’s good for certain things, but the predominant reason for it now is squeezing every cent out of a game even when it’s not worth it.

  11. Please post the reasons here so I don’t have to go there. It is time that site goes out of buisness. Also why do people want a game to evolve? Ever played an online game with out hating the people you played with what about the rage quitter and the lame voice chats.

    These games are made for skill based game play and High scores or to ability to complete it.

    High scores are the only achievement that still counts. Other things are just skill factor. You see how online play is sucking the creativity out of even the gamers them selves.

  12. Don’t worry, I’m sure if Sony or Microsoft could come up with lovable characters and franchises that spanned over twenty years they’d have “stale” elements to them by now too. Now what are the chances of that ever happening?

  13. It is official, IGN is filled with people who don’t care about gameplay and will just play things based on how good their graphics are. No, that can’t be right, they’re bashing 3DS, so, that means they just hate Nintendo.

  14. Sounds like their just Xbox or Playstation Fanboys and really don’t love Mario and Donkey Kong

    1. And everyone here sounds like they’re just nintendo fanboys and really don’t love playstation and xbox. Everyone is free to choose their favorites. Even IGN.

      1. You do realize the name of the website is Most people who come here focus on Nintendo because of their love of Nintendo products. That’s not to say we are against any other console. If I went to a site called, I would expect to read comments that are primarily favorable to their products. And who says we have to “love” any other company products, to read or post on this site? IGN has an obligation to present content that is fair and unbiased (outside of personal blogs and things like that) because that’s what gives them the authority to evaluate games. A game’s score should be based on the merit of its excellence and scored by certian criteria, instead of being judged unfairly due to predetermined biased opinion. Remember, that’s what their “editors” get paid for.

  15. I anybody would bother to read the real article you would notice they re talking about 2D games not mario Galaxy.

  16. The current Nintendo team at IGN is really made up of people who are not good enough to be writing articles on X & S… That Audrey chick really gets on my nerves, she shouldn’t be writing reviews period! I really mis Matt & Bozon, those guys had a lot of passion for Nintendo.

    1. I agree and you can see the point where Craig Harris wanted to quit at the 2010E3 when they were discussing who had the best conference and the Sony and Microsoft editors were trying to say Nintendo had the worst conference Craig had a look on his face of you guys are retarded and I knew he wouldn’t be there much longer.

  17. It’s true that those games haven’t evolved much in the sense of basic gameplay, but those are their trademarks. Like Mario, he jumps around and rescues Peach. That much is about the same, but to ignore all the big improvements over the years is pretty stupid. Mario jumped into 3D environments, learned how to use a jetpack with water, and has gone into space using gravity and stuff. Kirby swallows stuff; that’s his thing. People missed that feature in Epic Yarn. It’s like saying shooters shooters haven’t evolved at all because you press a button to shoot. Then again, companies have saturated the market for shooters and will star to go down in the near future.

  18. Too many fan boys! What they were trying to say is that for the specific side scrollers that they release (New Super Mario Bros. or DK Country Returns) not MUCH has changed and they are charging the same price for a game like Galaxy that has more to offer… technically. I love New Super Mario Bros. but I can understand why people would have a problem paying full price.

    1. You sound so stupid.. them games are way more different then the nes snes games.. just stupid you are smh…..

    2. That’s true, but some of their “ideas” to evolve the games are stupid and overdone. Take for example: “These titles don’t have the added bonuses of HD graphics, online play, leaderboards, true 5.1 sound and the potential for DLC expansions”. In essence they’re saying it would be justifiable if the game had options or features like that, which is ridiculous. How do features like that “evolve” a game?

      1. So true, when I hear the term “evolution in Video games” HD graphics, 5.1 Sound ect. this does not evolutionise gaming. Evolution in gaming is what the developers change and add in the gameplay to improve the experience e.g Mario galaxy’s physics, controls and the pointer to collect star bits, Skyward Sword’s 1:1 motion controls. Nintendo are taking the right step in the gaming world.

    3. So you are saying just because they are 3d they shouldn’t charge as much. We pay for game play not feature fool. They load you up with features Aka gimmicks when your ge sucks.

      Hmm I wonder why sports don’t evolve? What about board games? Chess and poker, why do books still use pages and words. Why hasn’t ign evolved? Edge did and they rock!

    4. Well I played a FPS on my IPad last night for 7.99. It’s still plays the same basic way that all other ones do. So I shouldn’t have to pay 59.99 for crysis2. Just saying….. But in all fairness most other side scrollers don’t have the spit and polish the games their comparing them to. So yea full price isn’t so bad and it’s cheaper still then HD titles.

  19. You might want to reread the whole story that IGN published rather than pulling parts of the article out of context. Here is the preceding paragraph to the one published above:

    “The company that is truly bucking the trend is Nintendo. What other company still charges full price for a classic platformer experience? In the last couple of years we’ve had New Super Mario Bros., DKC Returns and Kirby’s Epic Yarn to name a few. These titles are obviously Nintendo’s bread and butter, but it does put the company at odds with the rest of the industry.”
    Note: The “trend” is 2D platformers that cost less than $20 per title.

    Hence why in the paragraph you posted, Mario, Donkey Kong and Kirby are listed in that order. (“New Super Mario Bros., DKC Returns and Kirby’s Epic Yarn”). IGN was describing these three specific games, and how Nintendo charges $40 to $50 prices, while most platformers cost under $20 brand new (even Sonic 4).

    In a way, IGN’s right, although they should have mentioned that all platformers haven’t really evolved since the SNES days, not just Nintendo’s platformers.

    1. But that would mean they are admitting that Sony and MS has problems too and to IGN that’s unacceptable.

      1. Do Microsoft have platformers that aren’t downloadable? I remember my brother was asking for a Mario type platformer for 360 but all I could find was the Banjo Kazooie one.

      2. I think the Wii page for IGN is pretty forgiving compared to other sites (1up comes to mind, before the two merged). I remember IGN Wii team giving the Conduit an 8.5 rating almost based solely off of the controls. It’s the rest of the writers (for MS and PS) that are asses about Nintendo.

        The 2D platformer article missed a pretty big point though: people are willing to pay $40 to $50 for a Nintendo platformer, because generally, the quality is much higher.

    2. Does little big planet play as well as Mario 5? Nope it is a floaty mess and bad excuse for physics. What about those other downlaodable 2d games are they more fun? If they are then why arn’t people buying them? Oh and when was the last time any one liked sonic any way? All of nintendos 2d games rock even demon blade does also.

      1. Little Big Planet is kind of boring. It’s one of those titles people enjoy solely because it has an interesting conceit (“I can make my own level!”). But that concept is pretty old, they’ve had level design/construction set games since the 80s (Lode Runner, anyone?). And I agree, people pay $50 for a Nintendo platformer because there are of great quality (from a gameplay standpoint; although I wish they had them in HD).

        My only issue with the MNN post was that it took the original quote out of context to stir up its rapid Nintendo fanbase and generate some posts…which seems to be working.

  20. I have too many things to say about this, but many of you have already said it, I really cba to rant about this, the people who said this at IGN are IGNorant PRICKS and clearly someone sat on their brains when they were little…. fuckers

  21. Strange thing is, they have features like that but then it’s those same games that get high praise, like Mario and Zelda. I don’t mind the site but it seems the Nintendo staff are isolated from everyone else. I like Rich there, yet I don’t think I’ve listened to an episode of Gamescoop where they had a Nintendo team member on so there’s no one sticking up for Nintendo when the 360 and PS3 teams make fun of them.
    I remember watching an E3 video on IGN where they discussed who “won” E3 and it was said to be a tie between Sony and Ninty with Microsoft way behind. I won’t argue about that decision since my point is that on an episode of Scoop a week or 2 later, they acted like Nintendo had the worst E3 conference of the 3, and since Rich or no one else was there, no one stuck up for Nintendo.

  22. I love how a game is judged as being unoriginal because it doesn’t have leaderboards. I don’t care about leaderboards, most of the main Mario games are single player anyways and focus on making fun and NEW exciting things not focusing on gay ass leaderboards. Mario rocks, can’t wait till Super Mario Land 3d comes out, Ign sucks recently now and ya’ll should like my band on Facebook.

  23. IGN is complete garbage, they only care about “hard-core” games. AKA the ones that get creepy nerds and fat kids trying to kill people all day. REAL gamers are the ones playing Mario and Zelda since the 1980’s or something. IGNorance

  24. IGN should stop hiring fanboys as members of their crew. A REAL journalist it’s objective and documents about the subjects he’ll write in his article…….. Blind non-Nintendo-fanboy! ¬¬

  25. well what does he want? Mario to pick up a shotgun and blast some dry koopa heads off? Dont think so!

    Altough….that would be kinda kewl (:p))


    Man, what the hell is wrong with you guys, IGN? Damn, stop smoking!

  27. I wonder what nintendo did in order to make IGN biased assholes I swear with the Wii and DS they always had something terrible to say but when they talk about Sony and Microsoft it’s always praise wtf IGN seriously.

  28. I don’t know why you guys are taking offense to this.

    Last time I checked the SNES Mario and DK were some of the best games ever made.

    But an online Mario game would be epic

  29. Yeah, I remember playing Super Mario Sunshine and thinking “ugh, this game is basically a clone of the Super Mario Bros.”

  30. nintedo is for everyone nintendo, i had more fun playing new super mario on wii with my brother or my girlfriend than CoD on xbox360 online.

    and what the fuuck!!! i don’t know what is for the IGNorants “original” all shooters are the same, dont get me wrong, i also enjoy playing halo or CoD but its the same, you always fight the same guy (Germans, Russians) in halo is the same aliens. i agree that in mario or zelda the enemy is 90% of the time bowser and ganondorf but the sub-bosses are different the gameplay is different the experience is different.
    its the same playing modern warefare 1 & 2 and Black opps than playing zelda OoT and Twilight princess or mario sunshine and mario galaxy

  31. I don’t know why people think the whole staff of IGN is united in its opinion. That article wasn’t even written by one of their Nintendo guys.

    Besides, that was from IGN AU, and they seem to often put out dumb editorials.

  32. Oh jeez, you silly Nintendo fanboys, stuck in the 80s. What IGN is saying is that while there are games like Fable, Portal, Red Dead Redemption and WoW Nintendo’s been stuck in the world of Mario hitting blocks. And I love Mario and DK, I buy the gimmicky systems just for the one or two worthwhile Mario games that we get every now and then. But come on, Portal is way more innovative that anything Nintendo’s thrown out there since the days of N64. Flame away, but there’s a reason why Nintendo’s *already* been forced to drop the price of the 3DS…simply put, gamers have caught on to Nintendo’s gimmicky ways of selling consoles.

    1. I find the Pikmin series to be just as innovative as Portal. And at least I can’t beat Pimin in my sleep.

    2. i kinda agree although I will be nintendo to I, there are still great games out there. half life 2 and some others…wierd of me saying half life 2 as the first game.

  33. For disgrace, it seems that all the online videogame review sites are full of HD fanboys. Years ago I used to read meristation (Its like the IGN in spanish, im form Mexico in fact) but quit because their reviews was the same.
    HD+ ONline – crappy gameplay + Sony/Microsoft = 10
    Nintendo+ good gameplay – No HD – No online (Like SSBB) = 8 or lower.
    I mean. Metal Gear 4 looks great, but is more an interactive movie than a videogame and have a 10/10 in Meristation. And Okami for Wii (A real very good gaming experiencie) recive a 8/10.
    Thats why I still prefer the reviews of paper magazines, when REAL JOURNALIST works.

  34. IGN do you need an ass beating? Super Mario Galaxy redefined the platformer genre (in my opinion) through it’s use of motion controls like spin attacks, gravity gameplay tricks, colorful graphics that hide the Wii’s weak graphical performance, and just how much content it has to offer. Not only that but it mixed alot of old Mario themes in with new ideas.

  35. …You can’t expect a series to just /change/. They’ll have differences, but no way will they ever change completely. Halo has always been a FPS (I’ve seen almost no change in the gameplay in any FPS), Need for Speed has always been racing, Assassin’s Creed has always been stealth. There are reasons certain series are loved. It’s because of how they are. You can change little things and it won’t make a difference, but do what IGN is asking, and you’ll probably lose the fans.

  36. IGN has been fucked for years. That colleciton of “websites” is a joke and most of the people working for them are also a joke. They used to be good though…years and years ago.

  37. Is nobody going to point out that the downloadable platformers on XBLA/PSN usually only take about 5 hours at most to hit 100% completion on first playthrough?

    I mean, I bought Limbo when it came out on PSN the other week, it’s a great game but it only takes a while because of the cheap bait and switch death traps (and even then you can complete it in a few hours). Once you’ve figured out how to get by everything you can finish the game in an hour or so. But why would you bother playing a game like that when you know how to beat it? The whole point of it is figuring out how to get beyond the traps, so when that’s gone you’re left with little replay value, whereas people still play SMB to this day, 25 years later.

    That’s why those games are cheaper. The fact that they share the same genre as a full price platformer is irrelevant when you’re getting far more raw content in those games regardless of a lack of online leaderboards or whatever else.

    Furthermore, the basic point can be applied to non-Nintendo series like Half Life, when they moved into short episodic releases at reduced prices instead of a lengthy singular release at full price. You can guarantee IGN won’t be telling Valve not to make a full length Half Life 3 though, or criticise them for charging full price…

  38. how have mario, donkey NOT evolved throughout the years? they have, both as characters, graphically speaking in their games and as franchises.

    this is why i stick to nintendo news sites, rather than multi-platforming gaming sites such as IGN, G4.

  39. to the f*cktard who wrote the article…not every game needs a leader board or hd graphics or even online play. go back to your xbox and leave original characters that have out lasted for 25+ years to the people who know what makes a great game.

  40. I’m guessing what these people want in a Mario game is a first person shooter where Mario uses various types of powerups (Fire Flower, Ice Flower, and carious other power ups) to shoot at other Marios (or other Mario characters) in online multiplayer. Oh, and it would have “realistic” graphics.

    1. And Mario could blast people’s heads off with the fire flower and then teabag the severed head. “Then, and only then, will Mario be considered hardcore.”. LOLZ.

  41. I simply DO NOT understand how/why this would make sense. Dear god, what were they thinking? I hope this is just one person…

  42. A lot of the stupidity of this article stems from the fact that it’s written overseas. That’s not due to a personal fear of foreigners or anything like that (I was in Italy last year ;) ), but the stupidest articles I’ve read on IGN have usually been written by their UK or AU divisions. (ESPECIALLY THEIR AU division. No offense, David.)

    The North American Nintendo team clearly knows what they’re doing and are certainly avid fans appreciative of what Nintendo has done right past or present. (well, maybe Jack Devris isn’t the best example of this…THINK AUDREY DRAKE!) Don’t believe me? Listen to their most recent episode of Nintendo Voice Chat, “Underappreciated and Unknown Games.” I particularly recommend that episode to any fans of Radio Free Nintendo since it feels a bit like an episode of that. No Audrey, though. :(

  43. Jesus you people are STUPID, I don’t like IGN but if any of you could actually READ, you’d know the article was directed to Nintendo charging high prices for their older games e.g on the virtual console while nowadays plenty of newer games on services such as PSN, XBLA and even DSi/Wii/3DS Ware can be found cheaper.

    This was blown WAAAAAAY out of context.

    1. Actually it is refering to the non-virtual console games.
      It says “selling gameplay that hasn’t necessarily evolved since the NES and SNES eras, at five times the price of new and original games being released on PSN, Steam and XBLA.”
      They are basically saying that Nintendo is selling stuff that plays like the older games for five times the price of stuff on online stores. If it was the virtual console games that they are talking about they would say that they are selling games from the NES and SNES era at a higher price than games on Steam.

  44. i have to partly agree but its because people demand they dont change though they have made plenty of good spin offs. and i would gripe about the wi fi but wii u is making all that good

  45. I say online play would be great for Mario and Donkey Kong games, but they do a good job supplying single player content, it may not need it. HD would be nice, but it is more about the gameplay than the graphics. I personally don’t mind low graphics with great/superb gameplay. Leaderboards is pointless because of hackers.

  46. “added bonuses of HD graphics, online play, leaderboards, true 5.1 sound and the potential for DLC expansions”

    Who wants these when playing Mario Galaxy?
    They missed the point there.
    I don’t remember a 3d mario on the snes either!

  47. Few of the IGN writer are already well known for hating Nintendo and praising Sony for everything it does.
    This isn’t really surprising. I just needed to read “IGN” in the title and everything was clear.

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