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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Happy With Current 3DS And Have No Plans For A Nintendo 3DS Lite

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime told MTV Multiplayer that the company are extremely happy with the form factor of the Nintendo 3DS and have no plans to introduce a new and improved model. We all know there’s a few people out there waiting for a revised edition of the Nintendo 3DS but it doesn’t look like we will get one anytime soon.

“The form factor, we believe, it quite strong and quite positive. We have nothing else to add at this point in terms of other form factor changes or other color changes beyond the Flame Red that we’re announcing today.”



  1. Uhmm I find it irritating how the touch screen dents the top one. I had to get some sticky felp peices so they would meet. Its just a design flaw. :\


      1. Are you guys serious? Mine’s not dented at all – yes, it has a “grubby mark” that can be easily wiped away, but theres no dent at all.


      2. Yea were serious, you wanna see how badly my top screen got scratched. I’m sending mines in to Nintendo to fix it.


  2. In terms of the actual system, my only real complaint is the d-pad. Other than that, the battery life isn’t so bad for me on everyday use but that could be improved as well.


  3. The only thing I don’t like about the 3ds is where you hold the stylus and that you can’t hold the DS ones, I preferred when I could take out the stylus quickly from the side rather that to look for it a the back of the system just to use it for few seconds.


  4. Battery is okay with the 3D off, but I’d like one that holds a longer charge. They are encouraging us to leave the system on and walk around with it (to get coins, use streetpass, etc) so I’d think that would be the best improvement. I notice 2 lines on the top screen, but those wipe away and I don’t see dents.


    1. I dunno, I left mine on and closed for 3 days straight and it was still alive. I agree that its battery isn’t fabulous, but it’s not the worst out there. My PSP holds a charge for literally 3 hours. Sooo…could be worse.


  5. Really? i don’t understand this Lite stuff is really stupid, the 3ds is practically the same size of the DsLite how can they make it smaller, it can’t be done, have all this people asking for a lite version haven’t actually see the 3ds? I would understand if they said something regarding a 3DSXL, or something according to that line, or waiting for a better sound, but Lite if they make it smaller there would not be space for the buttons the sound would be lousy, and if they make it thinner it would be to fragile in fact i would recommend that you read the Iwata Ask on the 3DS to understand why it couldn’t be thinner. Or you want a smaller screens?


  6. The only design flaw that bothers me a little is where the headphone jack is placed I mean I dont listen to music on my 3DS but for the people who do, it must be pretty awkward to put in their pocket


    1. You honestly thought the Wii was Nintendo’s last console?

      The “no plans” refers to announcements they plan to make. They are probably developing a newer 3DS model, they just have ‘no plans’ to announce it at this time. Whether it comes out in 2 or 3 or 4 years is something different.

      They wouldn’t have announced the Wii U within a year or 2 after the Wii releases so they don’t make people prolong the purchase. So they say they have no plans, but are working on the new console so they don’t affect the sales. Wii sales slowed, the launch of the Wii U was fastly approaching, so boom announcement. 3DS is still young, so they went with the price cut. They say “no plans” so people will buy the 3DS. It’s highly likely there will be a better model with slightly better features, the point is not to disrupt sales at the current time.


  7. The current form factor is fine except for the position of the stylus. It’s good to hear they won’t release another redesign so soon, though I would love it if they could release new battery packs individually so that if they’re expensive, they would be optional for people who want them.


  8. what else would he say? “nintendo has plans for a 3ds lite in the near future” that’d be stupid cause sales would probably start dropping. my guess is that the next 3ds will probably come out in 2 years time.


  9. I don’t think it needs to be smaller, but it does need to become sleeker, better battery life, better clamshell design to keep screens from touching, and better home, start, and select buttons that are actual buttons.


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