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Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles Experiencing ‘Great Stock Shortages’ Due To Late Demand

Online video game retailer Shopto has alerted customers that due to the late demand for Xenoblade Chronicles the publisher has experienced ‘great stock shortages’ of the title. Xenoblade Chronicles is currently number one on the Wii pre-order chart at Shopto and number 7 in the Hot Future Releases chart on Amazon.

19 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles Experiencing ‘Great Stock Shortages’ Due To Late Demand”

  1. Does this have something to do with the abrupt decision to bring the game out a month earlier? Either way, this signals good sales which should bode well for us American peeps who are pining for a stateside release. ;_;

  2. Take that Nintendo of America!

    Now maybe you should think about bringing this game to North American gamers.

    1. Different demograph. Just because it sells well over in EU doesn’t mean it will be worth while bring it to NoA. Don’t know if they will or not, just pointing it out.

        1. Well that’s clearly not true. Both Singstar and the Eyetoy games sell better in Europe that they do in the US. And that’s just a few examples. Facts man, they’re helpful things.

  3. Worrying. I was planning on getting it from Asda/Morrisons tomorrow after Game told me it was going to be £60 (twice the price as Amazon) for the special edition (which is also only if you pre-order.) not gonna pay twice the price just for another controller and Amazon said Monday despite that it was next day delivery so meh.

  4. Guys, be sure to check out Gamestation – they have surplus stock (only seem to have Red Classic Controller bundle) for £49.99!

  5. if it comes to the US. and i mean IF, i hope it has this bundle. i need a classic controller pro, since nintendo isn’t including gamecube support with the Wii U.

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  7. This is only one online outlet that is experiencing shortages. Hopefully there is big demand on some of the bigger websites. And also in stores. I’m sadly having to wait about a week to pick it up, as I don’t have money :( stupid work messing up the payment.

  8. Reggie, remember how you said you were paying close attention to the European launch of Xenoblade? Remember how you said you’d plan to bring it to North America if it did well. Well…

    I think you’ll agree it’s time for Xenoblade to meet North America.

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  10. I tried to buy the game in gamestop this morning. I was the first person in the door and all…..but I still wasn’t able to get a copy of the game. They only had enough to meet pre orders it seemed. So I put a pre order on the game and they said they’re hoping to get another shipment of it sometime in the middle of next week.

    So in the meantime I’m reduced to lamenting on the internet about what could have been today.

    Still, it is good news that the game is exceeding expectations. Plus I’m lucky the people behind the counter didn’t just go “Wha?” when I mentioned the game. :p

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