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Nintendo 3DS: Seven Minutes Of Kid Icarus Uprising And Mario Kart 7 Footage From Gamescom

One of the team over at Nintendo Domination managed to capture some high quality footage of the forthcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising and Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. Sadly Kid Icarus won’t be making it to Europe this year but it’s due out in the United States this holiday season. Enjoy!

56 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Seven Minutes Of Kid Icarus Uprising And Mario Kart 7 Footage From Gamescom”

  1. Bah, that is so tormenting. I want both of them games so badly now, although I’m wondering if the music for the character select on Mario Kart will have an original theme for the release, because I heard it playing the music from the Wii version. And I’m reeeeally annoyed about having to wait until next year for Kid Icarus. :(

  2. Seriously Nintendo, why can’t you just release games at the same time in US and Europe. Can’t wait for Kid Icarus though.

  3. Booth look great. Although I’m hoping Kid Icarus has more to it than being an on-rails shooter. Would be nice to be able to run around and do shoot stuff.

    1. Maybe its like you need to clear an area before able to explore it. I mean, i wouldn’t like to explore a town that’s infested with monsters….. And plus this is a demo. There’s def more to it.

    1. They had to spare some graphical detail so that we could have full 8 player Online without any any strain (lag) on the system.

      1. I’m not talking about the graphics, they could’ve added bikes, the music is from MK Wii and DD and the Karts are from previous MK games.

        1. There’s always new karts, the first standard karts are always kept though if I remember right. There could be bikes, we don’t know yet its a demo. But the music could def be better.

        2. And you have to remember, this is only a demo version. I won’t doubt that they’ll have bikes. That was what made MKWii one of the best

              1. I think that’s what’s he’s implying. Bikes made the game too easy for people to win. (Yeah nevermind how fun going up the ramps with the bikes were…..)

                That or he’s one those “It’s called Mario Kart not Mario Kart + Bikes!” type of people.

                1. it’s not that the bikes were naturally better in Wii- it’s that Nintendo focused a lot more on making riding a motorcycle in mario kart so unique and fun, and it worked, most people chose bikes instead. but they kind of neglected a lot of development of the karts, which led to people being upset about overpowered bikes. from what i see, the bikes may not make a return until the Wii U MK, but if they are in this one, they’ll probably be more even

                1. No the voice acting is fine, it’s the dialog. Apparently Pit gets his snide comments from the same guy who writes Sonic’s quips nowadays and I appreciate Palutena giving us info on how to play the game and all but it’s a lot more annoying than say “Do a Barrel Roll”.

                  And while we’re on the subject of voice acting, is that Cree Summer voicing Medusa? 0_0

                2. Yeah, I agree a silent protagonist may have been better in this case. :/ But I’m more concerned about the land battle portion of the game. I think the awkward movement might damper an otherwise cool game.

                  1. Well certainly not “I’ll stack up the melee attacks to serve up a combo platter of pain.” for one. (The moment I heard that I was reminded of the corny dialog in Sonic Adventure 1)

                    1. True, we could do without corny jokes. It’s a 50/50 for me. It’s ok but has some downfalls. There aren’t a lot of comical characters though.

                    2. The voice acting is fine now. I had a problem with Pit’s new voice earlier at E3, but now I think it’s okay.

                      I’m sad that he doesn’t say “bark like a dog” anymore. ;_;

                  2. that was cool can’t wait to get these games….
                    about Mario Kart 7 : how come there are only 8 Racers?
                    how come there are only 3 tracks in whatever cup that was in the video
                    and how come all tracks are only 2 laps?

                    1. I was wondering the same thing, but I’m thinking since it’s a demo they have it on 2 laps and 3 tracks. If you notice there was no cup name either, so it’s entirely demo. There’s likely 8 racers since it is easier for online multiplayer. It will suck to play online you’d get like 6 races before the battery dies.

                      I don’t have the option to play while charging since my cats have a knack for biting through thin wires, they already bit through my original DSi charger, and Wii sensor bar wire, so I charge my 3DS in a locked room where they don’t have entry.

                      1. Hey my cats have a knack for chewing on wires and they don’t attack my battery charger. Then again, they do go the headphones a lot. (I’ve had to buy at least 3 new pairs of headphones this year alone)

                        1. I’ve lost a set of headphones too. I’d rather not chance it, since you can’t exactly pause while online and tend to lose track of the surroundings. I’m thinking in investing in one of those battery backup things that extends it.

                      2. I’m excited for Kid Icarus, I hope it stays true to its roots! Pit is supposed to be a triple threat: he can jump like Mario, shoot like Samus, and find treasure and upgrade like Link. Right now, I only see StarFox and Sin & Punishment…. But I’m sure Sakurai has something planned!

                        1. Well maybe for the air battles at least but I don’t see how you can get that impression from the on-ground battles. They look more like how Kid Icarus would play in a 3-D environment from my perspective.

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                          1. Why? Dialogue and VA look fine to me.

                            Cheesy dialogue is pretty much what everyone expected, or at least should have expected.

                            1. Not everyone has an immunity to this kinda thing though. On the other hand, I’ve played enough Sonic games in recent history to be resistant to this kind of stuff.

                          2. They both look great but Mario did look a bit lacking on level design. Bit the first few levels are always like that.

                            Kid Icarus looks pretty awesome IF it has online play. Local play will be a blast but I don’t know that many people that have a 3 DS

                          3. is it me or does the music in mario kart get progressively worse though the games? I mean come on now they’ve resorted to rehashing mk wii menu music! (though the menu music is good),

                            snes had good music
                            64 had amazing music
                            GC had ok music
                            ds was very mediocre
                            wii was subpar
                            3ds? From what I hear it sounds crap

                            1. OMG yes!! but I have a question is this game going to be gyroscopic or anything so you can drive like in mario kart wii?

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