Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Apologize For Xenoblade Chronicles Error

Gamers who pre-ordered the Xenoblade Chronicles bundle from Game or GameStation in the United Kingdom were meant to receive three exclusive A1-sized posters, digitally signed by the game’s developer.

Unfortunately Nintendo didn’t make it clear that the exclusive Xenoblade posters were only available to those that ordered the bundle in-store. Nintendo have since apologized and it seems as though they will be offering out the posters free of charge.

“Please note that the three posters are only available via in-store pre-order, which was not correctly communicated before.”

“If you previously placed an online pre-order to get these posters sent with your copy of the pre-order bundle, please get in contact with Game or Gamestation using the links.”

The links posted link to Xenoblade’s Game and Gamestation product pages.

“We strongly apologize for this inconvenience,”


  1. Whoopsie!! Well, let’s hope that they don’t make that error again!!

    I hope that this game (as well as the Last Story and Pandora’s Tower) will be sold in the USA as well.

  2. Damn for a moment there I thought this was about NOA apologizing for not giving the states Xenoblade :P

  3. I’m from Mexico and I don’t even know if this game will arrive to our territory, but I’m beginning to be tired of these kind of apologies! At least they’ll give the posters anyway so I think it’s not so criticizable at least…

  4. Will they apologise for letting the extortionists known as Game and Gamestation be the only ones to sell in-stores? Went around the whole of town earlier. Asda, Morrisons, Toys R Us and Sainsburys told me they weren’t even getting the game in at all. Game was charging £40 for the lite edition (no limiteds) and Gamestation was £50 for the limited (no lites)

    Eventually managed to get one of the THREE copies that Grainger Games was sent. (£33) Absolutely ridiculous. If this is what is going to happen there must be very little chance of it doing well.

  5. i was also hoping for NoA to apoligoze for making the mistake of npt bringing the game over sooner.

  6. I was incredibly lucky, as I managed to pick up the LE bundle, along with both the steelbook and poster set bonuses without actually pre-ordering the game. The Game shop I went too had many steelbooks and poster sets left, so were giving them away with regular purchases!

  7. In other news, NOA has yet to apologize for being complete assholes by not releasing this game on our side. Fxck you NOA.

  8. *face-palm* *sigh* At least Nintendo is as good at saying sorry as they are at messing things up.

    With Stocks having dropped drastically, 3DS sales below par, and a shit-storm of bad business decisions (That they seem to be trying to clean up) – Nintendo likely can’t afford the logistics of producing other region-editions (such as the United States) for a while without the near-guarantee of Profit.

    Maybe we build a digital petition to show NOA how many of us would buy it?

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