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Nintendo Wii U: EA Is Still Super Excited About Wii U

EA’s European boss Jens Uwe Intat has told Industry Gamers that the company are extremely excited about the prospect of Wii U and that they plan to offer Nintendo their full support. What EA franchise would you most like to see on Wii U?

“The Wii U is certainly a platform we like and will support going forward.”

39 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: EA Is Still Super Excited About Wii U”

  1. I want Battlefield (not necessaryily 3 since I’m going to build a computer specifically for it, but the franchise itself), Mass Effect would be nice (I haven’t played it, and it’s supposed to be pretty good), and Medal of Honor since I used to play that franchise all the time

      1. Hey, moron, way to make assumptions. I do play a lot of FPS’s, because I like them. I like them because they require real skill to play; unlike most RPG’s. But I also play every type of game (I’m on a Nintendo website, am I not?). Assuming I play Xbox because I like FPS games is even more asinine (once again, I’m on a Nintendo website, right?). My console of choice is PC, so you can take that fanboy stick out of your ass.

        It just so happens that EA makes a lot of FPS games, and so they have a lot of potential to transfer over. Forgive me if I’m not jumping at the prospect of NBA 2K11 on WiiU.

          1. games are games, so shut up, and get your game on.
            Ps3 = games
            Xbox = Games
            Nintendo = games……and then sum

      1. All he plays is shooters? Where does he say that?
        From what I can see he just mentioned three games he wants EA to bring to Wii U, two of which happened to be shooters.

    1. I think Battlefield 3 is going to be released at launch for WiiU, but that can only mean future iterations will be relased on the WiiU. Not to mention Call of Duty 75 will also come out on the WiiU, and hey, the game does have decent multiplayer despite the fact that it will have the same graphics engine as MW2. As far as RPG’s, I don’t know about Mass Effect, but I feel like the WiiU is going to be a fantastic system for those type of games because of the controller and the capabilities of the system as a whole. All in all, I’m very excited for the WiiU myself!

      1. Yeah, Battlefield 3 for WiiU is confirmed, but since I’m going to get it for PC (64 player online is fantastic) it’s not a big deal to me. Call of Duty will definitely be released on it, but it will either be a port of MW3 or they’ll wait until the next iteration.

        RPG’s (and even Minecraft) would be pretty slick on WiiU since the controller would make for a great inventory system. I’m having a nerdgasm just thinking about using the controller as a Pipboy for Fallout 4 (or whatever the next Fallout game will be, if they even make one)

  2. its been a long time since i’ve seen anything from “EA Big” so if anything besides te new ssx dealy decent comes out ill be looking forward to that.

  3. I read the article and it isn’t even about the Wii U. Its about the sustainability of the Xbox and PS3 and how they won’t have a console out for the next 2-3 years at least. That one quote is literally the only mention of the Wii U. Definitely not worth a blog post….

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  5. Honestly I would love to see Dead Space on the WiiU. When i say Dead Space I mean the franchise in general of course. There won’t be anymore games I don’t think (sadly), but just the thought of Dead Space 3 on the WiiU utilizing the unique controller, instant nerdgasm. Frickin’ love the Dead Space games!

  6. Honestly i’d like to see dragon age and mass effect be brought to the wii u. The screen on the controler could be used to stratitigcally attack certian enemies, used as a sniper scope, a quick draw inventory system and even used to have private encounters with characters.

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