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Nintendo 3DS: Natsume Is Delaying Nintendo 3DS Games Due To Slow Sales Of The Console

Natsume, the publisher behind Harvest moon, has revealed that it has purposely chosen to delay its Nintendo 3DS titles due to poor sales of the hardware. A Natsume representative stated that the company has decided to delay Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove and Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns, due to the lackluster early sales of the 3DS.

46 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Natsume Is Delaying Nintendo 3DS Games Due To Slow Sales Of The Console”

  1. Natsume can lick my fucking bum. Perhaps the reason of slow slaes is due to no freaking games!!!! Are companies retarded?

    1. Yes but Harvest moon is not a system seller.
      If I was Natsume, I would wait for Mario 3D land or Mario Kart 7 first.

    2. No they aren’t retarded. If they release games and they don’t manage to improve sales, they won’t make enough money back from their investment. Yes the slow sales are due to their being no games in the first place, but that’s not their problem, that’s nintendo’s, so it makes more sense to just ignore the 3DS altogether for them

  2. Sigh. It’s a vicious circle.

    People aren’t buying the 3DS due to lack of games.
    People aren’t releasing games due to the lack of people buying the 3DS….

  3. Too bad D:
    They better hurry with “Tale of Two Towns” for europe, it kinda reminds me of the Harvest Moon on PS-One, it was one of the best Harvest Moon games IMO, that’s why I’m probably going to buy this.
    Can’t wait for it [:

  4. Seriously, why the heck do they think there were no sales? Duh DUh duH idk because no thrid-party companies really took the window of oppurtunity that Nintendo GAVE them and stepped up. Nintendo could’ve had it’s own 1st party support for the system but no they wanted to step back and let other step and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED?

    Seriously third-party developers really annoy me now-a-days when they relate to Nintendo, Nintendo puts so much faith in them and they fail them……but just my 2 cents sorry to waste anyones time reading this lol.

    1. I don’t think it’s possible for me to agree more. Third parties like to bitch and moan when their titles don’t do as well on a Nintendo platform as the Marios and Zeldas, but when they’re given an opportunity to step up and place faith in a system with potential, they bail. I seriously have no sympathy for some of them.

  5. I’m sure next year if the 3ds does well this holiday season alot of 3rd party games will be announced and released

  6. Who the fuck cares about there games. It’s just repetitive dreck for kids. Any system is bound to have rhythm games so that takes out sorrow for Gabriella’s Ghostly Grove and the Harvest Moon series has always just kind of been there no one is really in love with the franchise.

    1. I care. I am a hardcore gamer but I still love Harvest Moon and Rune Factory. Many people love Harvest Moon. Before you say no one likes something, have something to back that up. Also proper grammar would be THEIR games not “there”.

  7. I pre-ordered this game. If they do not release this game on it’s date, then I’m gonna call and write them a very ‘friendly’ message. I traded my regular pre-order for the 3DS version because we got a 3DS now. Natsume is going to lose a LOT of fans if they go through with this completely.

  8. I’m sorta happy, hopefully Nintendo will get the message to step up their game. Although I don’t like Harvest Moon but if a game like Animal Crossing got cancelled, I would flip out.

    1. Nintendo is releasing Super Mario Land 3D, Starfox 3D, and Mario Kart 7 all within a few months of each other; they’re doing their part (though it would have been nice if they could have been released earlier, like launch)

  9. While I see where many of these comments about Natsume not realizing the reason the 3DS is not selling is due to the lack of games are coming from, it seems many of you aren’t thinking about this from Natsume’s perspective. Natsume probably doesn’t care all that much if the 3DS is a success or not. They make games for a variety of consoles, and seeing as they are holding off games for the 3DS it is evident that they do not believe it is a necessary platform for them to develop for, while still being able continue to gain sufficient profit. From a business standpoint, they can predict the percentage of 3DS owners who will purchase their games by using past data, thus as of now it is not economically viable for them to spend money on shipping, advertising, and manufacturing games for the 3DS, as the projected revenue from those games will not be greater than the money spent on deploying them, thus resulting in a profit loss. So while it is disappointing to see these games get delayed, it really isn’t surprising or stupid of Natsume to be doing so; at least as of now, and I would most likely do the same thing if I were in Natsume’s shoes. Most likely the majority of Natsume’s customer base does not currently own a 3DS, and the majority of the one’s who do probably won’t stop buying games they enjoy just because one of them got delayed a bit. They didn’t say the games were cancelled, so it really doesn’t make sense for this much criticism towards them for this decision. They did what is the most financially smart decision for them at this time, and while it’s disappointing, at least they will still be able to be around in the future to continue to make games we enjoy.

    1. Exactly. Someone with some knowledge of how a business works. For any non-nintendo franchise to sell on the 3DS is a gamble. I mean look at LoZ:OoT. 1 out of every 6 3DS owners have one. That game should have been the reason to buy the 3DS IMO. Games just aren’t selling good on the 3DS right now.

      1. That is no excuse. Third party games barely has anything to secure a buy. If we want a good racing game for the 3DS, we have to wait for Need for Speed and/or Mario Kart. We’re already getting another Balloon Pop game. WTF? If there were more good games, people would buy them. It’s like a loop; if people don’t buy, games don’t come out; if games don’t come out, people don’t buy. In fact, it’d be really troublesome for them to release games close to Nintendo games like Mario and stuff.

    2. My point exactly, slow sales aren’t their problem so why should they take the risk hoping they’ll help to increase them?

  10. You know third party developers don’t seem to realize .when they decide to make games for Nintendo they never seem ri put all their creativity in Nintendo title s like they do other game consoles or is it just me

    1. No. Not to bash nintendo but their consoles aren’t made for high tech games. Nintendo made the Wii and all DS systems for casual gamers mostly, not for the hardcore gaming market.

      Don’t let that discourage you though. No matter the title of the gamer who uses the system, at the end of the day Nintendo is still a diamond in the ruff.

  11. It would be nice for just once for gamers to stop putting the politics of business in gaming . Yeah you can always say if a game console is not selling their would be no games. All of us are gamers and from a gamers point of view it will always suck to get that kind of news when you are looking forward to great titles at a nice pace

  12. That’s a shame. I’m one of the biggest HM fans out there. If I hadn’t gotten the 3DS already for Zelda: OoT I would have gotten it for two towns. I love harvest moon. Please don’t delay. D:

  13. I wouldn’t mind a 3dsware release, BAM!! problem solved! 3dsware doesn’t have a file limit so a port of a regular ds game shouldn’t be a problem. have a file limit so a port of a regular ds game shouldn’t be a problem.

  14. lol. i always love this rationale. if there are no games, then the system is a paperweight. we need the games to play on the system. if there arent any games we want at launch, then we will buy the system when the games we want come out – maybe yours. i bought mine at launch and there weren’t really any launch titles i wanted to play, but i bought a game anyway. i bought it for all the cool things that would be coming in the future. other than that game i bought, which i wasnt clammering for, there was nothing to do on the system for, what was it, almost 3 months!! and now this guy says he’s not sure he wants to release his game? lol. we buy the “razor” with the trust there will be “blades” for it. maybe he’e unclear on how this works.

  15. God wtf are they thinking. Sure this would be smart if it was a third party game that nobody wants (ex: Punch time thing 3d) but there are many people that would take this game. It’s not as good as Nintendo First party games but it’s pretty good for a 3rd party game. 3DS sales are horrible because there’s no games. I bought a 3ds for oot3d but now I dont know if I should. The ambassador program comes out thursday so let’s see if it was worth it. Sales will go up when mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land comes. But in my opinion, if they want gamers like me to boost sales, release a 3d remake of majoras mask. Anyone agree with me?

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