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Nintendo Wii: Smash Bros Creator Defends Square Enix’s Recently Announced Dragon Quest X

Judging from the reactions on Internet forums there seems to be a large amount of people who are disappointed at Square Enix’s decision to make Dragon Quest X an online game for Wii. Masahiro Sakurai, president of Sora and the creative force behind Smash Bros was questioned by his Twitter followers who were all interested to know what he thinks about the game, here’s his response:

“After hearing that it’s online, the number of people who say the classic style Dragon Quest would be better is probably not low. However, in a game industry where evolution and sudden changes are tolerated, even considered expected, just treading the same path would be be troubling. It’s being made by people who’ve made sound titles in the past, so I’m greatly looking forward to it.”

51 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Smash Bros Creator Defends Square Enix’s Recently Announced Dragon Quest X”

  1. They announced that DQ9 would be online and players were disappointed that it WASN’T an MMO. The only logical step from that point would be to make an MMO, although I can see why fans who played FF11 or FF14 and left disappointed (or worse) would be wary.

    1. Except it’s not a “full” MMO like those two games. It’s more in the line of Phantasy Star Online or Monster Hunter where you can play the entire thing offline or opt to hang out with a group of friends online.

        1. yup, thats the reason ive been playing single player games i hate comcast and they have a contract with my county, but i digress, this game is gonna be useless for me if its a single player online game. i really hope im reading this wrong.

          1. No problem for me I don’t have any troubles getting my Wii online. My point was just that you’d do yourself more of a service to compare it to those other games than FFXI/XIV, mandatory online or not.

    1. You don’t study Strategic Business Management do you lol
      If something doesn’t need to be defended, there is a problem. If you have to defend a decision, your doing your job right. Hypercompetition, Michael Porters Framework and D’Aveni’s framework says this is a good decision.

  2. He’s right. I’m tired of Nintendo fanboys clamouring for a certain series on the Wii, and then when they do get it, they complain because it’s different to all the other previously released titles in the series. Honestly, it’s beginning to get annoying.

    1. And when nothing is changed, Nintendo fanboys complain and say “oh no, [inset third party here] are not putting any effort into the Wii, they don’t give a crap”.

        1. I’m a huge Nintendo fan but I totally agree, like a previous poster said,
          people were disappointed when they heard that DQIX wasn’t an MMO
          and now that it’s closer to it, they complain again. WTF

          1. what your failing to understand is that nintendo doesnt have 2 fanboys. the fanboys that wanted the MMOs are happy but the ones that didnt are the ones complainimg this time. i didnt care that the last DQ wasnt an MMO hell i loved it, but now that this game needs internet connections tgen that puts me in a pickle because i dont have internet. So before you complain about a fanboys complain make sure why they arw complaining and that is not the same fanboys complaining all the time

              1. yeeeeaaah last time i heard i couldnt connect my wii or 3ds to my 3g network on my phone but if you find a way to tether it let me know, youll give me a great deal of help

  3. I think it would be interesting to have an MMO or MMO like game on a console. Up until not they have all been on computers. I’m for the idea.

    1. Primarily on computers. There have been Playstation offerings like the recent DC Universe for PS3 which works in sync with the PC game.

      1. In sync? While it’s the same game, PS3 users do not play with PC users. They are on different servers. I’ve been playing DCUO since launch.

        1. Portal 2 is cross PC/PS3

          MAG is a MMOFPS that is online only.

          Seriously not a hard idea to wrap your minds around.

        2. I honestly never played it, so I was making an assumption. Thanks for setting me straight on that.

          However, Winscar_Shinobi makes an excellent point with Portal 2.

  4. Esta bien asi, inovar un poco no le hace mal a nadie, ademas es lo mismo con lo que paso con FFXI, un FF online?, es bueno y porque este no?….
    la Wii tiene aun mucho mas por demostrar y creo que esta es una muy buena forma de hacerlo ^^

  5. I’m loving the fact that’s it’s online. Those people who are complaining, accept it. It also did say that it’ll be offline, you just need to hce an active Internet connection to do so. The Wii (Wii U) NEED games like this. And Sakurai is right. Japanese developers are getting hammered for making games that are repetitive so what should they do? Mix it up!

  6. So you need a fast internet for this. It’s quite good to see a MMO for Wii and wii u in fact. People were disappointment to hear X was not a MMO so this is a chance Square Enix. I have to say I’m not a fan, and is the Wii fast enough to run multiplayer online because Super smash bros Brawl was so laggy.

      1. But if monster hunter was not laggey. Why was Super smash bros brawl impossible to play online due to laggyness? I’ve only played super smash bros online, but Call of duty wii is not laggy.

        So at the end why was Super smash bros brawl so laggy if its not peoples internet?

  7. It’s the opposite for me. I’ve never been very interested in this series before, but now it’s caught my eye with it being online.

  8. I heard that it was an online game, and I thought YES!!! BEST IDEA EVER NINTENDO!!! I am thrilled to hear this. I also am happy to hear that it is coming on the Wii-U. If you do not like the MMO style that DQ is headed, then shit up, and buy the game anyway.

    1. First of all it’s Square Enix’s idea not Nintendo’s.

      Secondly people shouldn’t buy a game if they don’t like the idea behind it.

  9. Some of you people are stupid idiots. Wii and Wii U versions can both be played completely offline or you can play it online. Just like the last one except better. The morale of the story is to stop being a stupid fuck.

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  11. I totally agree with Masahiro Sakurai’s points. Though I had no idea this game even needed defending. I doubt there are that many people who would play this game that don’t already have an always on wireless Internet connection.
    Though i can understand rage from DQ fans who do not have an online option for their WIi.

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