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Nintendo: Sony And Square Enix Stock Plummets After Dragon Quest X Reveal For Wii And Wii U

Sony and Square Enix stock prices have plummeted after Dragon Quest X was revealed for Wii and Wii U yesterday. Sony’s stock prices in particular has been falling for the past three days and today dropped to its lowest level this year. The reason Sony’s stock price dropped is due to the fact that Dragon Quest X wont be appearing on the PlayStation 3.

88 thoughts on “Nintendo: Sony And Square Enix Stock Plummets After Dragon Quest X Reveal For Wii And Wii U”

    1. How is it a big win? Did you not read the part about Square’s stocks plummeting? Guess what? That means the buyers don’t like it coming to the Nintendo system.

        1. I still expect sales for the game to be high. People are forgetting that the online part is only optional. The entire game can still be played in the amazing Dragon Quest format and battle system offline.

    1. How do you figure? It’s pretty much showing that people don’t want it on the Nintendo console either. Use logic.

        1. I don’t see how that is becuz nintendos stock would fall too if they didn’t want it on there. They’re disappointed that Sony won’t have it and at square enix for the fact that they won’t multiplat it.

  1. Wow, that’s rather stupid…I’m interested to see how this experiment will turn out, myself. Because, after all, DQX was confirmed for Wii ages ago and Nintendo I’m sure loves that series too much to let it go.

  2. This worries me. If Square Enix’s stocks plummeted, doesn’t that mean people don’t have faith in the Wii or the Wii U? I wonder if this could cause Square Enix to make this game across all platforms or at least for Sony as well.

  3. o.o

    Dragon Quest X was confirmed to be for the Wii a long time ago, though. Not sure why people are just now getting upset about that.

    Also, that’s rather petty.

    1. Yeah, it really doesn’t make much sense at all. I don’t see why it matters, the game is going to sell really well, regardless of what console it’s on, so people are totally overreacting

  4. “I’m so happy Sony’s stock is falling! Yay!” Nowhere on the internet have I seen more people moan about Sony at any opportunity than here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro Nintendo but damn, stop being so petty.

        1. Trolls and fanboys. I support Nintendo over sony any day, but for christ’s sake, that doesn’t mean I want them to go bankrupt. People just overreact to everything

          1. I support both parties equally. Sony And Nintendo are incredible. But I agree, there are TOO many Fanboys on this Site. Especially those who hate sony. Ofcourse this is a Nintendo site, which is understandable but some take it a little too far…

    1. Well see, i was close to finally getting along with sony again and buying a vita in addition to a 3ds, but recent press conferences have further confirmed sony’s arrogance and douchebaggyness. (like them publicly attacking other consoles etc)
      So now i am boycotting. I’m not one of the people complaining about sony all the time though, and while i find this development just, i’m not going to be like “HA sony suckzs neener”

        1. Not to mention that Iwata was specifically quoted as saying they weren’t going to launch it for that high of a price, but launched at that price anyway because of the huge reception it got at E3 2010. So yes, he was being arrogant. All businesses are arrogant because all business live and die on money.

      1. You sound like a hypocrite. So it’s okay for Nintendo to be douches, and screw people over with the 3DS, openly admitting it months later, but if Sony does something, it’s a problem?

        Fanboy spotted.

        1. Nintendo didn’t mean to screw ppl over. You as well as everybody knows it was an honest attempt with the 3DS which failed and they’ve apologized and are trying to make up for it. You try to create something for ppl to enjoy and wen it fails and ppl blame you, how would you feel

        2. There’s a massive difference. Nintendo just wants to make money, of course they’d make the price higher. But Sony makes rude statements about its consumers, Nintendo’s consumers, Nintendo, Microsoft and Microsoft’s consumers.

  5. Maybe the Sony stock is falling just like every other during the stock crisis. Or maybe its because of Sonys VirtualBoy2 ^^

  6. Sony’s stock drops and there’s no immediate prediction of doom and Sony leaving the hardware business and selling Tacos on the street? Maybe it was labor day. If So I eagerly anticipate this balanced reporting from internet video game news websites any day now.

  7. Hey Sickr, How come you never post news when Microsoft Xbox 360 makes an insulting comment to Nintendo, as well? Why only Sony?

      1. Because Microsoft doesn’t publicly insult other companies very often. I’ve heard them say that their first party titles are the best, but… that’s just about it. And why would MyNintendoNews post about Sony if it doesn’t have anything to do with Nintendo? Insults are directed at Nintendo, so they’d be relevant to the site’s purpose. The reason for the stock drop is related to Nintendo, so that’d be relevant as well.

  8. Agreeing with a lot of people above. It’s great to be a Ninty fan, but wishing failure upon other companies (well, unless it’s relative failure) is just low. What ever happened to the humble Nintendo fan?

  9. Serves your ass right Sony. Next time, either don’t talk shit about the competition or keep your damn mouth shut.

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  11. It’s funny how none of these Nintendo fan boys realize that this is NOT a victory for Nintendo. It means people were so highly anticipating these games on the PS3 that when that time failed and was instead reverted to the Wii U, people stopped caring and the stock dropped. Tell me, did Nintendo’s stock go up?

  12. Well, it’s not surprising. SE’s stock fell because of the new announcement. Every time Nintendo announces new hardware, their stock falls. These are investors worried about the product even though they know nothing about gaming, only business. If I had to take a guess, then I would say it’s not that gamers don’t want DQX on a Nintendo system, most of them are on Nintendo games, but rather, it’s the thought of being connected to the Internet even while playing on your own that gets into gamer’s minds.

    Haters will just come here and say that it’s because it’s on a Nintendo system. Such ignorants.

  13. I’m going to say it’s due to the must have online part of DQX. People really don’t trust wii for online and be truthful, when you think of online gaming, you think PC, PS3, 360, not nintendo.

    Sony stock fell because it’s release day for R3 and everyone thinks it’s gonna flop because it’s an FPS in the era of CoD.

  14. I notice a lot of people above saying Nintendo won. In this case, nobody won today.

    Sony lost by not having DQX, Square Enix lost through their stock plummet, and Nintendo lost through the prejudices created by their record with online on the Wii.

    Wii U just needs to come out already so Nintendo can get respectability in that area.

  15. Ppl shouldn’t be weary of the online with Wii becuz if done right, it works very well jus like how monster hunter tri and Mario Kart was. They had the best online experiences on the Wii. It is different to have a need of constant internet connectivity though

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    1. The PlayStation has enough games, Nintendo systems really need them, and no more need them, than the Wii. Besides, PlayStation has been getting all the IP’s that used to be exclusive to Nintendo systems since the first one so Nintendo systems need games, and Nintendo shouldn’t be the only ones making games for their systems.

  17. I actually feel really bad for Square Enix. When they finally make stuff on systems that I like they hurt. I will buy DQX day one. Heck, I will probably buy both the Wii version and the Wii U version. Hopefully this won’t discourage Square Enix from making big profile games on Nintendo systems.

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    end sarcasm.

    thats how idiotic sony fanboys sounded

  20. The S.E. stock plummet isn’t good for me but the Sony stock plummet is important because this could mean people won’t buy PS3 and that mean more sales for Wii and even more importantly the Wii U

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