Nintendo Wii U: Wii U Is Apparently In ‘Development Hell’

01net, the site that broke the news of a second Circle Pad for the Nintendo 3DS is now claiming that Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console is ‘stuck in development hell’. According an insider for the French site the Wii U tablet controllers Nintendo supplied to developers still don’t work properly leaving many developers frustrated.

“According to our source, it seems that the final architecture has been rushed through the door, with undesirable consequences.”

Those consequences allegedly include “inadequate” streaming and wireless functionality integral to the Wii U’s innovative design, the source continues, and speculation that the console’s main chip set “may be a tad too cheap.”

“So far, the wireless functions simply do not work at all,” it continues, claiming that as a result, developers are working with a tethered controller which apparently “still does not work properly”.

“Many developers are feeling lost, their progress impeded by a distinct lack of visibility, their working hours by the quasi-paced daily software updates.”


      1. It sounds like the modern day Nintendo, unfortunately.

        Same shit with the 3DS. Pushed out the door before it was “ready.”

        Come-on Nintendo…. Don’t let us down. You frustrate software developers early in the game, and we will be without games… Again.

        I’m sure as hell not buying a WiiU until I KNOW it has 1st and 3rd party games from the start.

        1. No this is called development. It’s just most third parties don’t get to see this level of r&d. There is a lot of trail and error.

          They fact that the controllers worked quit well at E3 proves it’s not the chip but maybe an update that has not been implemented correctly.

          More money does not fix this problem always and this level of wireless tech is leading edge. If I where this developer I would call around and hire out some ones else tech guy if I could because we are talking about millions here.

          Your best bet is to make a solid game using the normal controls first then patch it internally once the bugs are worked out.

          1. e3 and what developers get are practically completely different to each other, nintendo do this so that other companies don’t end up with fully working nintendo products to reverse engineer before they are released onto the market, it’s perfectly understandable but really frustrating for developers…

            1. reverse engineer, lol. theres something called copyright that outlawed reverse engineering years ago…

          2. Make a (solid) game that uses normal controls! That’s genius! And then they might even advertise it with ”Wii U: has touchscreen but we don’t use it (yet)”.
            No, Nintendo needs to solve this quickly (if true), and that’s it.

    1. It sounds like RECENT Nintendo. They’ve dropped the ball in a big way on the last year or two. They used to have a unblemished record (yeah yeah, the Virtual Boy, get over it) of doing things properly, now, I don’t know what’s going on.

      1. OH NO! problems with a system a year before its released!? Plus that story from 01net is a month old. get with it.

      2. It’s just the media, stuff like this probably happened all the time in the past and it didn’t mean there was anything wrong, it just happened but no one heard about it. Now you’ve got the internet and a website that’s getting inside information from the company, all these things you usually wouldn’t hear about get revealed.

    2. It’s 01net. Chances are it’s completely untrue.

      They got lucky with the second circle pad even though anyone could have predicted it.

    3. its funny how u guys think thats true when there was an interview about darksider 2 for the wii U and worked perfectly fine better than what they expected, plus they streamed the whole game to the controller in just 10 minutes, u guys need to research before making comments

  1. Considering the limitations we saw at E3. This is not outside the realm of possibilities. Not to say its true, but you would be foolish not to consider it a strong possibility. I have a feeling this report is accurate.

  2. Nintendo has always kept costs down console wise but maybe this time they’ve stretched the budget too far for WiiU? I guess they want to avoid another 3DS price disaster but if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work

  3. The site could, possibly, just be going with the fact that they got the circle pads right and are thus continuing on – full steam ahead – with trying to ‘predict’ more things based upon ‘sources’.

      1. This is the same source 01net no one else is saying this. This is probably ubisofts French devs which need the motion stuff for another let’s dance lol. I bet nintendo is not updating them on purpose lol. Ubisofts is partly the reason for the over casualization of the wii. They had one hardcore game red steel and after that no one trusted them.

        I’m sure this is happening because of system fanboys in the ranks of the devs also.

  4. The WiiU looked terrible anyway, I’d rather this didn’t get developed. I’d rather have a new but NON gimicky console.

    1. Actually it looks amazing! And considering it has a normal button layout, with just an added screen, I would hardly call it “gimicky”.

      1. Second.

        Because the controller without the screen and motion capabilities is otherwise a normal buttons-analog controller (or as some difficult individuals like to call it, “A FREAKING CONTROLLER” (yes, I’ve read those)), developers can obviously just make a game for all systems and not have a problem putting it on Wii U. That was a huge problem with the Wii, so it’s good to see that’s at least being resolved. Plus, you can play that on the controller, so that’s nice.

    2. Well, give the system a chance when it comes out BEFORE you call it gimmicky. Don’t dismiss it just yet. Who knows? Microsoft and/or Sony could be the next one(s) with non-hardcore stuff (doubtful, but anything’s possible).

  5. Meanwhile, THQ had Darksiders up and running without any problems in five weeks. Who shall we believe? Something straight from a developer, or something from a website that has got just as much wrong as it has right?

    1. Exactly! Nintendo would never get into a mess like this. Not to mention the remotes worked fine at E3, why would they change them so they no longer work. What a stupid lie.

      1. the trailers were from ps3/360 versions but the zelda demo wasnt, and i dont think i heard of any one saying the controller wasnt working, so this might justbe bs. Im still reservig judgement

  6. *sigh* I want back the Nintendo from the old 64 days, the guys who just made a damn good game without wanting to be different, they also made a platform which developers could make awesome games on like Rare.

    this is why I’m gaining a better trust towards Valve

    1. You’re saying Nintendo DIDN’T want to be different in the N64 days?

      That’s been their goal this ENTIRE time. The N64 was the first console with 64-bits, they rode that as a gimmick to get sales. It was also the first console with a control stick. Guess what that was seen as? A gimmick. Also the first console with rumble. You guessed it; gimmick. Nintendo has always used “gimmicks” to sell their systems.

        1. “Although it was promoted as the first 64-bit gaming system, the Jaguar proved to be a commercial failure and prompted Atari to leave the home video game console market.” -Wikipedia-

      1. Lol what? Since when has Sony ever used cheap chips? CONGRATULATIONS; You just made yourself look foolish on the internet! MAXIMUM POINTS.

        1. lol sony ALWAYS use cheap shit to get around things, look at the ps3 “OH YEAH, LET’S GIVE EVERYONE THE ABILITY TO PLAY PS2 GAMES… BUT ONLY ON THE 60GB CONSILE LULZ”

          Sony is such a douchebag company, it surpasses microsoft… but nowhere near as much as apple…

          1. The PSP, PS3 and Vita are powerful systems, so how does Sony use cheap shit? Nintendo are the cheapest… i seriously can’t believe you said that.

            1. Lol nintendo consoles as of late are the cheapest crap in the world. Still no hard drive. Lol my ps3 has 50 games on it not even including the actual disc in the console. Can your wii do that? No. Can your wii U do that? No.

              Like being able to play mag, resistance 3, infamous 2, assassins creed: B, prototype, dante’s inferno, borderlands, burnout paradise, warhawk, and prince of Persia (ps2 trilogy, and new PoP) without even having to so much as get up.

              1. Yea but my pc can run all that without a getup either, AND, has way better gpu, the ps3s gpu is a joke compared to what they had available at launch, in the future it will hold them back a long ways, and as for the wii-u not being able to do that, we have no confirmation about hard drive sapce/usage, but half the games u stated, are coming to wii-u =)

              2. “Can your Wii U do that?” Um, do you know someone who has a Wii U? Actually, I would rather pick up an external HD with 1tb + for $70, than pay Sony’s outrageous internal HD upgrade prices. And wow, you don’t have to get of your ass to change a game, you should feel special. You know, I’ve heard some people say they might actually stand up to play the boss battle sword fights in Skyward Sword; you’ll definitely want to avoid that game.

                1. Nah man external HD breaks to easily, it doesn’t feel safe putting all your data on it and one day… BOOM it’s dead and all your memory gone.

              3. My Wii has like 50 games on it as well. Actual fun games that are enjoyable.

                Games like Super Mario, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda….

                All on an awesome SD card.

                1. About Wii U:
                  It has been stated that Wii U will support external hard drives. Now why would you need a hard drive? Considering Nintendo it has to do with games, so it must be for saving full games to the system. And I would MUCH rather buy a cheap external hard drive than have a hard drive put in my system for a higher cost. Also, if your system needs repaired, you can keep the hard drive and keep your data safe. Don’t blindly make an assumption, use some common sense before you might say something wrong.

      1. No they wouldn’t. ALL COMPANIES WANT MAXIMUM PROFIT, Nintendo isnt any different and wont be as long as they have shareholders to please.

        And your exmaple is stupid the reason people were not happy to pay that much for the 3ds is because IT CLEARLY WASNT WORTH IT. The parts and features were nowhere near the amount they were charging, Iwata even said that the price was based on 3DS E3 hype.

        1. This Annoymous guy is so childish, he thinks Nintendo isn’t the blame for the 3DS slip up, and has a go at everyone and calls them a “Sony/Microsoft fanboy who doesn’t agree. Do you work for Nintendo Annoymous?

            1. Nintendo is known for not using the most expensive hardware and engines and chips in the market so as to keep the price much lower than competitors, but still offer an experience just as fun. The Wii proved this. It was slammed for not having HD, not having a lot of power, being such a small console, having so little memory, yet it still outsold the other 2 systems on the market due to its affordability. I don’t know if I’d call Nintendo cheap with the Wii U, as it looks like this will be a lot more expensive than the Wii, possibly $300-$500, but it will still probably be more affordable than Sony and MSoft’s next gen systems.

  7. Sounds like lies to me. Developers have been constantly talking about how that development is going fine for them, and even if this is true it’s not like it’s a big problem. It can be fixed very quickly and easily, and give developers plenty of time.

  8. Much as I don’t want to believe it, we have to face the possibility this could be true. That being said let’s not forget we’ve still got probably just over a year until the WiiU is released meaning there’s plenty of time to fix this solution.

  9. A non-gimmick console is worthless to me, as the PC is by far the superior gaming machine when it comes to non-gimmicky stuff like decent graphics and accurate controls. Let Wii U be developed at a higher price and longer time, and let’s have a good and unique product, please.

  10. Well, since it’s 01net I’m not gonna believe anything until Nintendo or someone else confirms this.
    01net are just a bunch of overconfident trolls who got 3 rumors right (out for those thousand wrong).

    Also, I don’t see even 1 developer complaining. Even more, every day you can read news how developer around the globe are praising the WiiU and the good work Nintendo is doing.

    On another related note, something in alpha not working as it should…. that’s really bad. I’ve never seen something that is already in alpha phase and doesn’t work perfectly fine and isn’t ready for sale. /sarcasm

    1. “Well, since it’s 01net I’m not gonna believe anything until Nintendo or someone else confirms this.
      01net are just a bunch of overconfident trolls who got 3 rumors right (out for those thousand wrong).”

      THANK YOU!!

  11. Innovation. Nowadays you can’t really tell if the gadget/technology will really work unless you tested it by yourself! I’ve been through one, the Nintendo DS. We thought touchscreen + physical button games will s*ck but no, it’s a total hit.

  12. Ok, please for the love of GOD, Nintendo, don’t make the same mistake multiple times in a row. I for one, would MUCH rather have the Wii U delayed, and wait the proper amount of time for it, so that Devs can get it 100% RIGHT than have a half-assed system released.

    For this reason, I will definitely not complain if it’s delayed. In fact, I’m hoping it is. Because that will tell me that they are actually working on these issues (if they even exist)

    1. Agreed!

      The only problem is wether there will be anything to curb us over for a while if it is delayed. Nintendo is pretty much leaving the Wii for dead once Skyward Sword and Return to Dreamland come out.

  13. ill reserve judgement till after tgs cause from what ive heard (correct me if im wrong) will see the wiiu in action there, itll be sad if its true though.

  14. I really dont like the look of the Wii U. It just looks so wrong. When I play games I want to be able to just hold the controller in my lap and play normally like I did with the consoles back in the early 90’s. I don’t want to be holding some tablet at arms length. Sure, the screen on the controller will probably work well, imagine in Zelda if you can access your inventory in real time from your controller screen without disturbing the game feed on your TV. However that is all that I can see good in the Wii U. It’s hard to explain in text but I’m sick of all these console developers trying to sell off motion control as the new thing. All this “You’re the controller” crap from microsoft etc, PISS OFF! I don’t wanna be the fucking controller I want to hold the controller like a normal gamer. Thats why I hate xbox. The Wii at the moment uses the wii remote in such a clever way. You can play normally with it like a controller in some games. In other games you can do a little waggle or controller shaking to do actions and some like the upcoming Skyward sword you can use your nunchuck as a shield and remote as a sword! Pretty impressive.
    This sounds really mean but I hope the Wii U fails like the Virtual Boy did and it sends a message to Nintendo to go back to the good old ways of holding a controller normally. The Wii at the moment is pretty spot on, if you want to do all the weird wii sports stuff you can do that, if you want to sit and play something normal with the wii remote and nunchuck you can do that too or if you want to just hold the wii remote sideways like an extra long NES controller you can do that or you can plug in the classic controller or gamecube and play with those. They give you a lot of variety in what controls you can use and its brilliant.
    Keep it simple yet creative Nintendo. Please.

    1. If the Wii U fails like the Virtual Boy did, Nintendo would shut down, or at least exit the hardware business. That would cause a catastrophic chain reaction in the video game market. Nintendo keeps balance in the market. They keep things from becoming stagnant. If the Wii U fails…. that would be a sad day for the 122-year-old company.

      1. If the Nintendo Wii U fails, Its Game Over Nintendo.

        Inmagen the tribute to nintendo. First starting making cards, then games.

        Nintendo only has the Wii U left, I’m supporting the Wii U by buying it.

        It also looks like no Game Over 3DS because of its sales.

    2. This doesn’t make any sense, if anything, the Wii U returns the “hold in your lap” controller.

      They have shown little use of motion, if anything you can play the game on that screen like a classic gameboy. It is basically an extra display. Sure there will be games where it’s required, but the Wii had those games that required full on motion. If anything, it looks like this is more of a classic gamer approach than anything. I see more games using it as your standard pause menu like a map, or inventory, than the whole throw the star from the tablet to the screen type of interaction.

      1. I do hope you’re right. I was maybe a little too pesmistic with my post and got carried away. When I saw the Wii U revealed at E3 skepticism just filled my mind. I really cant picture holding it comfortably and playing games. I suppose I feel this way just because its new and something I haven’t seen before and Nintendo are reknown for doing that, bringing new stuff to the table in the gaming world. They invented the dpad, they invented the thumbstick, they were the first to use motion control and the first to use 3D in a hand held. I just hope it comes out ok in the end.

        1. We do know little at this point in terms how games will use it. First initial ‘demo’ games make it seem like the screen is a private TV (which is Epic for 4 player at home games). The videos displayed those other methods, but we saw all sorts of methods for the Wii, some that were never used (or used well).

          The comfort topic was an issue of mine, but I’ve read nothing but good from people/reviews that actually held and played the thing.

          I do have faith in Nintendo, and I think they learned a lot with the Wii and 3DS launches. It is no surprise to me that this development is having serious issues, and in the end Nintendo will get it worked out and on the shelves. I’m still hoping for the 2012 release, and I’d rather wait then a have a system with defects.

    3. It’s important to remember that Wii U is 100% backward compatible with the Wii remote plus and nun-chuck. Pretty much every game developed for the system must incorporate this control scheme. Nintendo isn’t taking anything away, their just incorporating a touchscreen and dual analogue pads. I personally prefer the motion controls and think they control superiorly. If you don’t like the controller, don’t buy the system. There are two other systems that already have the controls you like; but they don’t have games like Mario or Zelda. Too bad for you; because this system was designed for people like me who are looking forward to something that we don’t already have.

  15. I’m sorry but isn’t this the same website that posted all those stories about Nintendo supposedly stealing there tech from other companies or something to that effect?

    Yeah I’m taking this with a heap of salt until other sites or Nintendo themselves confirm it.

  16. Didn’t this website already post this piece of shit rumor?

    Wasn’t it ALREADY debunked with Testimony from Vigil games saying the wireless transfer was one of the easiest things they got working?

  17. So apparently Nintendo is a bad company because supposedly the system has issues way before its release. Isn’t that called R&D? It’s better than having issues after the system releases *cough*xbox360*cough*. Also, a lot of developers made the Wii controller look like it didn’t work because of their lousy support, so I hope this is not the same.

  18. lets be honest, if the product isnt ready for release, it will be delayed. 01 have been rumouring development issues with the wii u for aages but reports from developers say differently. They report that the development is quick and refined (infact, the developers of darksiders 2 say that its as easy to develop for as the 360 is!)

    1. Always? This is probably the first time and not even true. THQ got Darksiders II running on the Wii in a few hours by a few, if not one person, people. I’m taking this with a grain of salt.

  19. Most certainly not true. Developers have said several times that it’s easy to develop for the Wii U and that also they have direct support from Nintendo. Also the demos at the past E3 were awesome.

  20. Oh whats this, a bets product not working? wow i thought beta/alpha products were supposed to be PERFECT.

    get real people ofc testing products break, that’s why, they’re there, to test. if the devs find the glitches that nintendo hasnt, (due to different development cycles, coding differences, and varying engine tech) then hurah we get a better system in the end.

  21. They had demos up at E3 that seemed to work perfectly fine, at least what I saw of it. So I don’t see how this could be true.
    I seriously doubt that Nintendo is going to be having problems with something as simple as streaming.
    I don’t really trust 01net anymore. Sure, the thing about the Wii U was true but I don’t believe everything they say is true. How would they even get this information? They really have no way of proving this is true, either.

  22. no sh*t they’ll have technical issues… every new system does, that’s why it’s called “development”. nintendo still has around a whole year to fix that.

  23. Nintendo better not rush the Wii U like the 3DS. The 3DS was rushed way to quick, Nintendo made only couple games in my region for launch.

    And for the Wii U i hope its not full of bugs and glitches. I’ve started saving up now to buy the Wii U with hopefully 2 games i want at launch, game developers say it’s easy to develop for Wii U, so Nintendo has less of a excuse for not making games for the Wii U launch.

    Resurrect the F-zero series Nintendo! Also Make a Starfox Reboot happen after waiting 6-7 years!

  24. Okay, when i read the title, I IMMEDIATELY thought of

    “Well done android. the enrichment center reminds you that Robot Hell, is a real place, where you WILL be sent at the first sign of defiance.”

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