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Nintendo Wii U: Dragon Quest X On Wii And Wii U Has Been In Development For Six Years

Former Square Enix employee Takehko Hoashi, has Tweeted that the recently announced Dragon Quest X has been in development at Square Enix for a staggering six years. Hoashi wondered whether or not Square Enix will release the game in 2011 given the mixed online reactions the game has received thus far.

24 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Dragon Quest X On Wii And Wii U Has Been In Development For Six Years”

        1. Oh monster Hunter has paid online in Japan? I didn’t know that. I agree hopefully this game’s online doesn’t require payment in the west.

    1. Yeah, it’ll suck if we have to pay for online. I mean, for the Wii U version, who knows how much it will take just to buy the game, on top of the Wii U console itself.

      Then again, maybe more people will go for the Wii version in that case.

  1. i am really hoping for this game to be released. no matter what all the haters say. after hearing about it being developed for SIX YEARS has to tell them that square enix have worked their asses off to bring a bigger, more diverse world of dragon quest to the fans and to fans of the JRPG genre. i personally think that this game will be like an online version of DQXI with better graphics, better battle system, and a bigger world to explore that is probably bigger or maybe even exponentially bigger than DQXI’s over-world. i have to say that i may have to get both the wii and wii-u versions just turning in my wii version to get the other version. ;P

      1. not trying to say that haters don’t have opinions. just saying that square has been hard at work an they at least deserve praise for working 6 years to bring another DQ.

    1. that game wasnt rly in development for the 12-14 years it was more bounced from studio to studio cuz no one cared whoever released it was like w/e lets get it out there andhopfully make money

  2. I’m not surprised that they had been developing it for all this time. The Nintendo audience doesn’t exactly tolerate big name releases with tiny amounts of R&D put into them, especially if they are online (see: Final Fantasy 14).
    I wrote an article on how they could build on the strong points of DQIX for X and later sequels and spinoffs, not sure if I linked it here, but Nintendo seems to have taken some parts of a previous article of mine into account when they developed Pokémon Black and White, so this may be the place to register some input on the matter.

  3. That sounds awesome. However, having to forcefully play it online to finish it is something I don’t appreciate. If it was optional for people to play it offline on their own or online with friends, then that would be better; this is a big issue for me, and I’m anticipating this game like crazy. This goes, of course for any game out there.

    1. You read or understand it wrong its similar to dragon quest 9 you can beat the game but if you want to beat it fully 100 percent you had to go online to download extra quests to play

  4. I was never much of a DQ fan but it would be interesting to see how well fan loyalty will play in this one. Everyone at this point has an internet connection, so that should not be an issue for many What I want to know is how the online is going to be implemented to justify costs.

  5. I’m getting this game. No doubt about it. They worked on it for 6 years, which is pretty long (I knew that they were working on it for a while, but wow!). So, I’m anticipating that it’ll be awesome!

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  8. If it requires payment for Western play, then it would have World of Warcraft to compete with. If it’s free, then there’s virtually nothing (Maybe DDO of Flyff, but each of them has some kind of persistent income generation that is annoying to the player, such as ads or paid gameplay perks)

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