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Nintendo 3DS: Kid Icarus Uprising Wasn’t Originally Meant To Star Kid Icarus And Other Details

1up has conducted an interview with Kid Icarus Uprising project leader Masahiro Sakurai. The interview contains plenty of details about the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS game, but the most interesting thing is that the game wasn’t originally meant to star Kid Icarus but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata thought Pit would be a great match for the game.

“I developed a concept for a hybrid between an aerial shooter and a ground-based third-person shooter. Exploring that and talking with [Nintendo president Satoru] Iwata, we realized that Pit would be a good match for this. Not only Pit’s abilities and personality as a character, but also the entire world of Kid Icarus would fit well, too. So, from the very first day of development, we had the intent of this being a Kid Icarus game.”

38 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Kid Icarus Uprising Wasn’t Originally Meant To Star Kid Icarus And Other Details”

            1. No. Its basically Zelda and link. Link being the main character and Zelda being the name of the game. Jumpman was mario’s name before he was mario.

  1. So this was planned to be a hybrid game between air shooting and ground attacking, Then the kid icarus series was resurrected. I can’t wait for 2012 in Gaming, its just to long to wait. It’s going to long. Finaly Nintendo is doing well Resurrecting their game series once again, Next needs to be Earthbound and don’t release it like Japan only ok nintendo.

    We also need to resurrect the F-zero series and a Star fox Reboot needs to happen.

      1. Umm.. im talking about reboot. This is a remake. A reboot is when a series start all fresh and new ideas.

        After Star fox commands endings were all over the place. Star fox needs to be rebooted and start all fresh and new ideas.

        1. Apparently you missed the memo, if you WANT A REBOOT OF STAR FOX SERIES, then buy Star Fox 64 3D.

          I don’t want a reboot, nor Star Fox 64 3D, so I’m like you in the way of not supporting the future of the series.

          Iwata has PUBLICLY SAID that if fans want the series to reboot, then support this remake. No jokes here.

      1. We got one of those last year (Samus).

        Anyway, from what I see, I’m liking the acting so far. It doesn’t look like the game will take itself too seriously and there will be lots of witty banter between Pit and Palutena.

        1. And the general consensus is that Samus turned into a self-depreciating crybaby. I myself only rented the game and I wasn’t crazy about it at all, voice acting or gameplay.

          This game,however, sounds like it’ll be a blast. I think the voice acting is great and fits the character well.

      2. Remember all the Star fox characters speak fluent English.

        Samus has a voice we can hear now as of other M, before we could not hear her but she talked in Metroid Fusion.

        Remember Kirby can only say Hi and Before the Gamecube Characters Ness talked and many other game series protagonists. So Nintendo make sure you don’t make fans complain about their new voice, and Make Slippy a little less annoying! LOL

  2. Nintendo always does this… Kirby’s Epic Yarn wasn’t even supposed to star Kirby!

    It would have been nice to see what new character Sakurai could’ve come up with…

    Maybe they should’ve save Pit for Wii U…?

    1. I remembered when Nintendo said something about Kid icarus was originally a new Star fox game a while back, I’m not sure if it was true however.

      It’s true nintendo always does this, this happened with Star fox adventures, it was originally Dinosaur planet, but Nintendo wanted rare to make a Starfox game so Rare changed it into a Starfox game.

  3. that’s the same thing with star fox adventures. at first it was a n64 game staring a character that looked close to fox. miyamoto-san said to rareware they should make the character fox. the rest is history. also the snes super mario kart shares the same history. at first all the characters were no namers. an inside designer said to miyamoto-san that he shd make all the drivers charaters from the super mario franchise

  4. if any game needs a reboot its super mario rpg that game was good square did grate on that game that would be a cool game on the wii u in 3d hd
    but i can see where they r talking about Kid Icarus world is good for this concept

    1. Super Mario RPG got countless follow ups with the Mario & Luigi games, as well as the Paper Mario games. EarthBound has had one sequel in the last 16 years. It’s definitely the most neglected series Nintendo has.

    1. Only difference is, they’re reviving an old franchise most of use Nintendo fans wanted to see the return of for a long time.

  5. hoping really bad that this supports the 2nd analog stick attachment. otherwise I won’t get, because of the way you play on the touchscreen and the analog stick at the same time, that makes it nearly impossible for a lefty like me to play.

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